Friday, August 26, 2016

One Friday Fave!

Happy Friday, lovies! Hopefully your week has been quick and easy. If you need me, I'll be relaxing at the beach, celebrating my in-laws anniversary, and enjoying the last few moments of summer vacation before it's back to the four letter word on Monday....WORK!
Hope your weekend is fun-filled!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday Thoughts and Hashtags

Happy Thursday friends! I'm back, blogging for two days in a row (insert shocked gasps here)! Sharing some thoughts this Thursday!

~There's a man in my neighborhood (I think he lives here anyway) and I've encountered him twice on my walks with Cooper. Both times, he's felt it appropriate to tell me "that thing is so small it barely counts for a dog". Thank you, random gentleman, for not only insulting me and my dog once, but feeling it appropriate to do so twice. Also, it wasn't funny the first time, and it still wasn't the second time. Maybe get a new schtick because the rude one ain't working for ya! "Good day sir. I said GOOD DAY!" #rudedude
~Cooper is over 7.5 years old now and his vet sent me an email saying he needed to come in for his "senior wellness check up". Um, what? Cooper is NOT a senior citizen. He hasn't gotten his AARP card in the mail, and he's not on Medicare. What the heck?!?! I still call Cooper my puppy, and he always will be. #cooperisntold
~The weather here has been SO nice lately. The humidity has been almost non existant, and the temps have been in the 80s. I walk Coop in the morning and it's actually chilly. I'll take it after so many sweltering days, because it made it not fun to do anything outside. #adioshumidity
~School starts for me on Monday (the district decided to make our first contract day Friday for some reason this year but I took it off--because nothing boosts morale like ruining the last weekend of summer vacation) and I can't believe that summer vacation is coming to a close. We did a lot this summer, but I feel like the last month has been consumed by IVF stuff. I'm thankful I had the time off to get that done though #byebyesummervacay
~Since MG and I got back from Greece in mid July I've seen SO MANY celebs making their way there (a lot of them my Bravo-lebrities; Bethenny Frankel and Fredrik Eklund are there right now)  and it just makes me wish I was there again, too. It would have been cool to run into one of them while we'd been there, but I'd settle for the views again! #Greece'dLightning
~Did any of you Bachelor in Paradise fans notice that the convo between Caila and Ashley on Tuesday night (the confrontation where Caila says she wonders when Jared will trust her over Ashley--the one where I pointed out Caila's bad mani lol) was totally taken from last week? Way to reuse footage, ABC....#lame
~On the BIP front, I watch the Live After Show on Tuesdays and I enjoy it, but it is SO awkward how they talk about the people who are sitting RIGHT THERE. There are so many awkward moments on the after show. I still like it though #bringontheawkwardness

That's it for me today--what are you thinkin'?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

WHW {#55}: Currently

Hi friends--sorry for my absence. I've been keeping low key at home after some complications after my egg retrieval last week so I took a blog break. But I'm back today because it's Wednesday and you know what that means: time to talk about what's hap-"pinning"!

Reading ...
All the books! Ok, not all of them, but I've spent a lot of my last few days of Summer reading a bunch. Most recent was a recommendation from my friend Trish called The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes which has been awesome! That review, and ones from the others I've been reading coming soon!

Watching ...
Bachelor in Paradise (love that dramatic show), and RHOC. I have to admit, it was interesting seeing Meghan's IVF journey as it coincided a lot with my own (as it airs anyway). I will also say that Jim Edmonds' reaction (and lack of participation in ANY part of the process) on Monday night at Shannon's dinner when Meghan said she was hopefully carrying two babies, and he put a finger-gun to his head...was appalling. I wanted to crawl through the screen and smack him. This process is difficult to go through on every level. I can't imagine going through it virtually alone, and with an a-hole by my side. Ew, just ew.


This weekend MG and I went out to dinner with a friend of ours and tried out a new restaurant near us. I had the MAXX burger which has their special sauce, some delicious pickles (something was different about them) and onion rings on top. When I tell you this burger was mouth-wateringly delicious, it's an understatement. SO good!
Looking forward to ... 
Spending my last weekend of freedom at the beach house with MG and the fam. Give me my last dose of Vitamin D, Vitamin Sea, and Vitamin Beach :)

I could take Cooper and his little snuggly self back to work with me next week. I'm not sure how either of us will make it through the day without all of the cuddles!
Enjoying ...
the cooler weather we've been getting around here. And by cooler I mean the 80's and low to no humidity. I've spent two afternoons just reading on the deck in our zero gravity chairs, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. It's perfection.
last week, it was ALLLLLL the Gatorade I could get in my body. After my egg retrieval I had some mild-moderate symptoms of hyper stimulation which caused a lot of fluid build up in my stomach area. I was so bloated that the skin around my stomach was stretched and hurt, and it hurt for me to walk. Luckily the symptoms subsided into the weekend with my Gatorade and protein attack, but it was not a pleasant time.

all of my friends for checking in on me with every step of our IVF process. And the friends who noticed my absence and sent me messages checking to make sure that I was ok! I've said it a million times and I'll say it again...I wouldn't have been able to get through this without the support of friends and family.

Wanting ... 

lots of positivity in the coming weeks!

Wearing ...
I'll show you my cool-kid outfit pre-egg retrieval last week. I've decided that blue hair caps are the new thing, and will be sporting mine all the time ;)
Add caption
Grateful For...
signs from my dad that he's around. It's been a while since I've really felt the pull that it's him, but when I was on the deck on Monday, I stopped reading and looked up at the sky and started thinking about my dad. When I looked away and looked back, there was a solid heart shape in the clouds. I tried getting a picture of it, but it started to dissipate by the time I unlocked my phone. 
Following that was another cloud that legit looked like an angel. Perhaps it was my imagination, but I truly feel like it was my dad's way of letting me know he's here and looking over me.

Now it's your turn to share what's hap-"pinning" with you! Remember, it can be about anything, it doesn't have to be from Pinterest!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

It's Thursday and that means it's time for one of my favorite posts of the week--a brain dump of all the random thoughts rattling around in my brain, mixed with some confessions!

~My biggest thought today is to thank all of you for your well wishes on Tuesday! It was so nice to read them before my procedure, and then afterwards. Everything went really well and I'm feeling back to myself today. Keep us (and our growing embryos) in your thoughts and prayers for a few days more if you have room!

~I can't watch The Goldbergs anymore because the youngest brother's voice drives me absolutely insane. Does he actually talk like that or is it for the show? Either way, it's like nails on a chalkboard to me.
~Watching the after show of Bachelor in Paradise, I finally figured out one way that Caila isn't perfect.
Those nails, girl! Oh my gosh it looks like a blind person did them!
I'll still take her hair though :)

~Speaking of reality tv, Kelly on RHOC is a nut job. I really think she is unbalanced and/or has some kind of MAJOR emotional thing going on. And she drinks too much. She and her husband have quite the past, too.
~I cry after anesthesia. It happened when I was 16, and it happened on Tuesday. I have no idea why but apparently I'm not the only one since my nurse said she calls them "anesthesia tears" lol

~I love the USA Gymnastics team girls. They are just so darn adorable! In general, and also did you see their reaction when Zac Efron surprised them?? (Check this out) These girls just seem so down to Earth and I just adore them.
That's it! A quick one for this Thursday!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

WHW {#54}: Beach Edition

Happy Wednesday! It's time to link up with Jessi and I and share What's Hap-"Pinning" with you!!
Today I wanted to share some of the events and photos from our week down the shore in OC New Jersey!

We made it to OC Sunday afternoon after having a doc appointment. We went down to the beach for a little bit that afternoon and then got ready to go out to dinner for my MIL's birthday.

Before that, though, one of my SIL's best friends was having their family reunion at a local outside bar, La Costa, so we went to meet up with them for a bit before dinner. We all partook in the Titos Lemonade drinks served in mason jars, listened to the live band, and had a great time!
We went to dinner at a BYOB we obviously showed up with two coolers filled with beer and wine. (I love how my in-laws roll lol). We all had delicious dinners, and celebrated my MIL with some cake.
yes, that's cake on her nose, courtesy of my niece
We had a LOT of laughs this night :)

It only rained on Monday morning for a little while. The rest of the week was really nice and perfect beach weather. The mornings were filled with lots of laziness, coffee on the lower deck, shopping, and some mornings going out for breakfast.
The afternoons were spent on the beach. We had pizza taste tests with the family (Manco&Manco versus Preps). Afternoon iced coffees from the boardwalk.
MG and I made the Baked Queso Tacos for the group which were a HUGE hit (and so was the leftover taco filling in the next days)! 
And the sunsets...
My one niece decided to use her phone projector to project a movie on the side of the shore house, so one night we sat on the top deck and watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, outside!
Some nights had funnel cakes...delicious gourmet-like funnel cakes.
And some nights involved a trip to the arcade for some air hockey and skee-ball!

And every day and night was filled with kid shenanigans that kept us all laughing:
meet baby squash, in a wheel
and baby squash at the beach! 
All in all, the days went by way too fast, as always. Hoping to get back there the last weekend before school starts for one last hurrah with everyone!

Now it's your turn to share what's hap-"pinning" with you, below!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Retrieval Day: aka Leggo My Eggos

Yeah, I've been holding on to that title for the last week or so :)
 The longer title was "Leggo My Eggos so I can get Preggo".
Today (this morning) is retrieval day! Hoping for an easy surgical procedure, with some good results at the end, and in the coming days! Send us some positive vibes, thoughts, prayers, juju...whatever you've got and are willing to send our way, we'll take!

And before I go, I wanted to share the text of this article that my friend shared online yesterday.

"An Open Letter to the TTC Sisterhood

If you’re reading this because it’s addressed to you, I’m sorry.
I’m sorry that even though you make it your mission to stay positive and grateful, you wake up every day with an ache in your heart that never seems to go away.
I’m sorry that people can be so unrelenting and naïve about your struggle with infertility.
“When are you having kids?”
“You just need to relax, and it’ll happen!”
“Have you tried tracking your cycle?”
“You should really just adopt.”
“Maybe your body is trying to tell you something.”
I’m sorry that when people are so unrelenting and naïve, you have to calm the lump in your throat before it turns into sobs, the anger in your heart before it turns into rage, and answer with dignity and grace when it feels like all you can muster is something far less becoming.
I’m sorry that you have to walk by that unfinished “guest room” every day and be reminded it was supposed to be a nursery a long time ago.
I’m sorry your relationship has been tested to the limits by everything you’ve had to endure together.
I’m sorry opening every baby shower invitation brings tears to your eyes when it should bring happiness to your heart.
I’m sorry you’ve been unable to make your parents grandparents when you know they’d be the best grandparents ever. I’m sorry you feel guilty because of it.
I’m sorry you have to watch the world go on around you when it feels like your whole world is falling apart.
I’m sorry that the emotional burden is not the only one you carry.
I’m sorry you have to put yourself into debt just to create the family you’ve always dreamed you’d have.
I’m sorry a diaper commercial can make you cry because you’ve held it together just long enough to get through the day without anyone knowing the sadness you carry.
I’m sorry you feel like your body has failed you.
I’m sorry you feel like you’re in this struggle alone.
But you’re not. I’m here with you.
The truth is, you don’t need me to tell you all the reasons why I’m sorry to be a part of this TTC sisterhood — you live it every day. You carry the same heartache and torment that I do. Right now, maybe what you need are all the reasons why I’m notsorry.
I’m not sorry you have learned to love yourself for your strength and courage. This journey is not easy, but you still get up every morning and find your inner strength even when it feels like there is none left.
I’m not sorry you have learned to be vulnerable with those whom you love. Sharing a private struggle like infertility can be terrifying, but vulnerability is not a weakness; it is heroic.
I’m not sorry this struggle will make you an even better mom someday. You have learned patience and compassion and gained a gentleness that can only be created through a heartache like this one.
I’m not sorry that your pain has helped you to find a voice to help others when they feel alone.
I’m not sorry that you’ve found the real meaning of friendship by learning to let some relationships go while growing others that are more fulfilling.
I’m not sorry you have learned how to really be there for your partner when they need you. I’m not sorry you’ve learned to let this heartache bring you closer instead of letting it tear you apart.
I’m not sorry you have had to learn how to put yourself first, placing your own needs before the needs of others.
I’m not sorry you have had to learn how to put all of your faith into something that carries no certainty, no guarantees but have learned to appreciate that there’s always a chance — always.
I’m not sorry that your infertility struggle has forced you to be grateful for all you do have in this life, and I’m not sorry that it’s taught you to appreciate the small things.
I’m not sorry that we’re all in this together.
Hundreds or even thousands of miles apart, we are all living the same story. So even if it’s just for today or even just in this moment, try not to be sorry you are a part of our sisterhood. We are some of the strongest women I know, and we’re all in this together."
Thank you to each one of you who has shown me support through our journey. Thank you for those of you who have reached out to me privately to send positive messages, reach out and share how my story has touched you and made you feel less alone. Thank you for the ladies who have gone through this before me, and been my support network along the way, and for those going through it alongside me. The support I've gotten here has helped make me feel strong enough to get through this, and have faith. Faith in friendship among strangers, faith in medical professionals, and faith in the future.
I'm filled with so much faith, love and hope today.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekending Highlights

Happy Monday! It's somehow already the middle of August (whaaaaaatttt??) and it's also been hot as balls here in VA. Like real feel temps around 115. No thank you.

Despite the heat, the weekend had some highlights:

~finished the book I was reading; and played with Cooper a bit downstairs since we've been less active than usual
~MG brought home pizza on the way home from work on Friday since I wasn't up to go out

~We started watching Stranger Things on Netflix in between watching Olympics at night. It's good...and also weird...but I kind of love that it takes place in the 80s. 

~Had another early morning doc appt (4th morning in a row) Saturday morning

~Had some breakfast and then went to Bed Bath and Beyond for some stuff. Picked up a bathroom cabinet organizer in the process and organized the cabinet and all of the drawers in our bathroom. Hey, if you can't work out and it's too hot outside to do anything, you may as well organize, right??
~gave myself a mani with Essie's blanc again (love it)

~since it was hotter than Hades out, spent most of the rest of the day inside reading, playing with Coop, watching Olympics, and Stranger Things. And MG made watermelon slushies for us, too--they were SO good!
~Got ready to meet up with our friends for dinner, and decided to bust out my romper
~took my last night of stim shots! (and a celebratory selfie!)
~Met up with our friends for dinner. We haven't seen them since before we went to Greece so we got caught up on that, and everything else that's been going on. 2 hours passed by so fast, and we would have stayed longer but the restaurant was super hot and we were all sweating at the table, so we called it a night.
~Woke up early for my 5th morning in a row at the doc. Unfortunately when we got there, all of the nurses were waiting outside because their key fobs hadn't worked on the door. My appointment was at 7am, I got there at 645, and the fobs finally worked after 7. 
~Ran errands, and picked up a rug for our living room area. Cooper was a fan immediately. Within 2 minutes of unrolling it....
(we are actually going to take it back since it doesn't go with our living room stuff which is a bummer because I actually really liked the pattern)

~had a momentary freak out about my meds (thinking I didn't have enough) for the night. Was calmed down by a good, new friend who had my back :)

~MG grilled up some jalapeño monterrey jack burgers for dinner and some corn on the cob which were amazing 
~watched a couple more episodes of Stranger Things

~took my last shot!!!! before bed

This morning I'm back at the doc's for blood work (again). My retrieval surgery is scheduled for Tuesday morning, so if you could send me some prayers for everything to go well, and that we get some happy, healthy eggs out of it, I'd appreciate it!

Hoping you're surviving the heat wherever you are!
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