Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blog Awards

I have been MAJORLY slacking with responding to all of the amazing ladies who have nominated me for various blog awards, but I promise, I'm getting to it now! Forgive me!!!!

I was nominated by the following ladies for a Liebster award:

And these lovely ladies also nominated me for a One Lovely Blog Award:

The rules for each are different, so I'm gonna mish-mash them into one post.

7 Random Facts About Me:

1) Things I love (in no particular order): cheese, dolphins, puppies, reality tv, Pinterest, reading (on my Kindle), text messages with friends

2) My favorite color is purple! But I'm not obsessive with it like making sure every outfit I wear has something purple with it (that's how you end up looking mis-matched and tacky). But if I have a choice of getting something like a Kindle or iphone case, it will 100% have some purple on it!

3) I still wear a t-shirt I have from my 4th grade track team as a gym shirt. And it fits. Like, legit fits. (Given, it used to be ginormous when I was in 4th grade, but still...)

4) I love giving gifts. I get excited about the person's reaction and making someone else feel all warm and fuzzy. Sometimes giving gifts is better than getting them, especially when there's thought put into it!

5) I can crack my toes. Gross, I know (but it feels so good sometimes!)

6) As I'm writing this, I have 5,209 pins on Pinterest. That's a lot of Pins....and a lot of hours on Pinterest lol

7) My favorite movies from growing up are Mannequin (hello 80's Kim Cattrell!), and The Cutting Edge. I've probably watched each one at LEAST 100 times, and can pretty much quote the each movie throughout. Anyone else remember these movies??

Now, I'm gonna take one question from each of the bloggers who nominated me, rather than answering 400 questions and boring you all to death lol

From Emily@The Cozy Corner  What is your favorite smell? I'd have to say it's anything cinnamon apple scented. I love that smell and will buy candles all the time that are apple, or cinnamon apple. Yum!

From Mae@Endlessly Ever After  What got your blog started? I started reading blogs when my best friend told me about her sister's blog (hey Michelle!), and then I decided to start blogging when I read Casey's blog over at Poodleism--she was so funny and down to earth, and I loved how creative she was. I knew it would be a great outlet for me, as well!

From  Becky@Becky Boops If you could live in any book universe, where would you choose? I would probably choose Harry Potter, but in the world after Voldemort haha--I love all of the fun things that they can do with magic, all of the interesting/unique characters you meet while reading it. It's just a fun place!
And now I nominate the following 7 bloggers for the One Lovely Blog award to share 7 random facts about yourself and nominate some more bloggers!:

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Pamela@Sequins and Seabreezes

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Katie@Life Love and Pursuits of Katie


Happy Thursday!! :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

People You Meet in Life

In the spirit of being a better me, and with the year wrapping up rapidly, I've been mentally going through some of the things I've learned, specifically the past few years, and decided to document some of the pivotal people I've met who taught me lessons about myself, life and just overall about being a better human being.
There are tons of people you meet in your life: friends, lovers, bosses, etc. Some good, some not so good, but even with the not-so-good, you can learn important life lessons and can better yourself from them.
 Some of those people who I've met and learned things from are:

-The person who talks behind your back: 
Usually they are all sunshine and roses to your face, but then when it comes to something happy or exciting in your life, they put it/you down to others and have nothing nice to say. Also synonymous with "jealousy" because they want what you have, but don't have it yet and can't find happiness for others when they aren't among the ones who "have".

They teach you to follow your gut, and to cut unsupportive people out of your life. And to recognize the positive people who are there and excited for your joys, and supportive in your hardships.
-The turn-it-around-on-you person:
This person can't and won't admit their part or fault in anything, unless you give them cold hard proof, and even then they still try to turn things around on you or skirt the issue entirely. You'll likely never get an apology from this person because an apology means they can see their part in something (even if it was unintentional), and they feel badly about it. These people don't feel bad because they think they can do no wrong, and only other people can be at fault. 

These people teach us not to allow someone else to make your feelings count for less than they should. Everyone has a right to their feelings, including you. If you are upset, you deserve to be listened to, not made to feel guilty for your feelings.
  {here}       and      {here}

-The person who holds secrets close, until they drink
And the secrets spill and you find out the REAL truth about them, and the 'perfect' facade they've been putting up falls down. And then you're amazed at the things they've held back from you, other friends, and sometimes even their family. They make you wonder "if you can hold that in for so long, what else are you hiding?" and if they are truly happy since they feel like they have to keep secrets from everyone.

These people teach us to be open and honest with others, and that life isn't perfect--and it doesn't have to be! It's no fun holding on to secrets and pretending for your whole life. Be you and people will love you (and if they don't, they weren't meant for your life anyway). Be someone else, and you'll be acting and hiding for your whole life without any genuine connections.
-The person who can't let it go:
These people will continually bring up something that happened in the past, over and over and over again, despite it already being dealt with (and/or being apologized to for it). These people typically don't have anything else to stand on for their arguments, so they rely on a past event to make their case in any situation, even if it doesn't relate to the current one. Or, they bring it up to stir the pot even though the situation is LONG gone and should be over with.

These people teach us that holding on to things is not healthy. Who wants to relive the past over and over, especially if it's not a fun experience? Forgiveness is for you, not the other person, and this person teaches us to forgive and to MOVE ON.
-The person who projects their faults onto you
This person is the criticizer of the things you do, but when you look closely, they are really talking about their own actions, and are projecting them onto you. Think of the cheating boyfriend who is convinced that his girlfriend is cheating on him, when in actuality HE is the one cheating. Or the person who says nasty things about you, but when you look at their actions, they're exactly the ones the complainer is talking about.

These people teach us to look at ourselves and see the areas that WE need to work on, so that we don't project those insecurities and faults onto other people. Because, at the end of the day, that's just not fair, and we all have growing that we can do. And, let's be real: no one is perfect.
{via}                    and                   {via}

-The person who takes credit for things that you've done, that had nothing to do with them
This person is so miserable and has nothing of value going on in their own lives, so they focus in on you, and then take credit for things that you've done. This could be someone at work, or a personal situation, where you do something and someone takes the full on credit or does a number like "they did ____because of me". These people have one of two things going on: 1) they have no value or belief in themselves so they have to take credit for someone else's actions/ideas, or  2) think SO highly of themselves that they believe everyone else's actions are somehow related to them/what they're doing. 

These people teach us that you can be self-centered and selfish, or you can be happy. They don't go hand in hand. If someone is SO focused on you that they follow your every move and have a comment about it, or take credit for it, they have nothing positive going on in their lives to focus positive energy on. They teach us to focus on our own positive and still work hard and be ourselves, despite the annoyance of someone taking claim for it. Eventually people see who has the true character, and who is just an imitation. They also teach us that people who live in such a sad, selfish, self-centered way must be incredibly broken and miserable inside
-The person who is overly nice to every single person around you. But not to you.
This person goes out of their way to be sweet to or converse with and acknowledge others around you, maybe even does nice things for them, but makes it a point to not do those things for you, while simultaneously making sure that you're aware of it. They try to make you feel isolated, alone, unimportant. This is the quintessential "mean girl" move. They want you to feel ostracized and "less than" because then they feel bigger, badder and more secure in whatever they are doing.

These people teach us the valuable lesson of ignore ignore ignore. Moving away from toxic mean-spirited people like this is key to happiness. And realizing that your worth isn't determined by how someone else sees or treats you, even though it might be difficult to deal with. The best words of wisdom I ever got on this were from my MIL and she told me "How someone treats you is a reflection on THEM. Their actions DO NOT reflect on you as a person. It's on them."
To each of these people, and some who are a melting pot of all of these traits, who I have encountered in my life: Thank you. Thank you for teaching me the lessons I needed to learn in order to grow and become someone who CAN let things go, and doesn't let someone else take the blame for something that I may have done. Thank you for allowing me to be compassionate, but also willing to stand up for myself and what I feel is right. Thank you for allowing me to work on being better able to put myself in someone else's shoes. Thank you for making me a better person by making me grow and recognize the good and the bad parts of myself. The things I like and the things I want to change.  I forgive you for the hurt that was caused, because without your lessons, I wouldn't be the person I am today.
Have you met any of these people? What did you learn from the experience? How did you grow?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2014 Recap: {April, May, June}

This will probably be my favorite recap of 2014, because it has all things WEDDING and HONEYMOON in it!!!

-Celebrated my nugget's birthday 2 days before the wedding (in matching shirts, no less--which wasn't planned)

-Got pampered with my SIL's, bridesmaids (minus Trish) and nieces

-Oh you know....GOT MARRIED!!!

-Lynn became my bloggy to IRL friend after coming to DC for my wedding!

-Changed my name and marital status on Facebook the next day while waiting to leave for our honeymoon and looking through all of the amazing pictures our friends and family posted, because I was SO EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!  #FBO #aintnothingwrongwiththat

-Went on the most amazing Honeymoon to Antigua with the love of my life, right after our wedding (and just realized I never recapped that at all...I'll have to rectify that soon if you guys are still interested!)

-Went on some great excursions, and met some awesome couples who we're still in touch with today (even got some Christmas cards from them!)

-Went to my nugget's communion

-Closed on our house!!!!

-Subsequently pinned a ton of ideas for the house (many of which we've actually put to good use!)

-Got addicted to Orange is the New Black

-Attended the wedding drama couple's wedding (no cat fights, only rainbows)

-Attended MG's cousin's wedding

-Had all of our wedding gift thank you notes done within a month! #politeandtimely

-Moved my office at work, 3 weeks before the end of the school year
-Had a blate with Christy!

-Packed up our condo to get ready for moving day!

-Celebrated the anniversary of our engagement, along with Memorial Day weekend with friends before they moved :(

-Had things delivered to the house (washer/dryer, bed, etc) and moved things into the house slowly during the week before our official move in with the moving truck (made easier by Verizon shutting off our cable early #thanksalotverizon)

-Had a girls night with these two pretties and chatted the night away #sistersandwich

-Moving Day!!! MG's parents, my mom and our B-I-L came to help!

-Said good-bye to our old condo and our friends moved into it!

-Had our first house guest when my friend Nikki stayed over--we drank wine, gossiped a bunch and watched a favorite movie from growing up! 

-Had a girls night at the house, and enjoyed having a deck to relax on!

-School let out for the summer!!!!

-We stained/painted the deck, ordered a new office desk (since our movers broke it), and continued to get settled into the house

-Got a visit from my in-laws and my niece and nephew, followed by my SIL, her husband and their kids in the same weekend, at different times, so they could all see the house!
(it was SO nice having the space to have everyone stay with us and not need to get a room at a hotel)

Next up: July, August, and September! (aka, vacation months!!)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Highlights

Woohoo--last week of work before the holidays and 2 full, glorious weeks off! 
But before we get there, let's recap the weekend shall we?

My weekend highlights included:

-Friday night holiday party with some friends from work (MG is not pictured because he and the other guys were off talking about house stuff and whatever else boys talk about lol--so glad he gets along with my friends' husbands and boyfriends so easily tho!)

-A hubby-made breakfast, both mornings (he's the best)

-MG's work party Saturday afternoon where I got to meet a lot of the people who are in his new office (now I have faces to put with the names that I hear)--didn't take any pictures because I'm a bad blogger

-Wore my cute Toms booties and got several compliments ;)

-The family who rented our house from us before we moved in came by for a bit and we got to see their super cute girls who loved up on Cooper. They got to see all the stuff we've done to the house since the last time they came over and they were impressed :)

-Tried to have dinner at the newly opened YardHouse but the wait was insane #maybenexttime

-Sleeping in both mornings of the weekend

-Cooper had a boo-boo on his paw so he got a festive red wrap so he'd stop licking at it
#holidaypup ? lol
yes his leg is actually that skinny under all that fur lol
-Our realtor that we worked with for our house dropped off a pretty wreath for us

-Ran errands, picked up some last minute Christmas gifts for family (and splurged on these yummies):

-MG put part of his birthday gift to use making his much-desired Moscow Mule (it was delicious!)

-Watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

-Finished the book Wedding Night (review to come), and started reading The Andy Cohen Diaries immediately after.
-Watched the final episode of Newsroom. Bummed it's over.
Add caption

-Slipped into bed with the softest sheets ever

I hope your weekends were filled with holiday fun!

Linking up with these ladies today:
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I wanted to take a moment and pay my respect to the children and teachers who lost their lives two years ago yesterday at Sandy Hook. 
Please appreciate each and every day that you have, and make the most of your every-days. And don't forget these sweet faces. My thoughts and prayers go out to each of these innocent kiddos, the teachers who lost their lives protecting these little souls, and the families of all.
Focus on what's important this holiday season--family, love and friendship!

Friday, December 12, 2014

5 Favorites on Friday

I seriously can not believe how quickly this month is flying by! This time next week, I'll be wrapping things up at work and leaving for a 2 week break! Insane!!
Linking up with these ladies today!

{1} Inspiration
(it doesn't actually say MG)
I have a coworker right down the corridor from my office who is an older gentleman--very kind, smart and personable. He takes the time out of his day to say hello to me, and we share stories about the kids that we share, etc. He stopped by my office on Tuesday and said he read an inspiring story that morning, wanted to share it with someone, and thought of me. It's amazing what a little time and thoughtfulness can do to change your mood on a crummy, rainy day!

{2} New Ornament
MG and I are starting the tradition that I read about during the Blotgober link up, of getting a new ornament each year that symbolizes a big event from that year. Obviously we got married this year which was a HUGE event, but we already had a ton of ornaments from my bridal shower in January to commemorate that, so this year's ornament is to celebrate our first home together which is also a monumental occasion!

{3} Loft/ #ihaveaproblem
{all photos found here} See that free shipping sign?? It's like Big Foot--
You might see it once in a lifetime, but probably not twice!

The other day Amanda and I were emailing back and forth about various things, one of which was Loft, and we were complaining about how they never EVER have free shipping. And then that same day the free shipping fairies must have heard us because an email went out from Loft saying the next day would be free shipping.
Well, I took that opportunity to buy a crapload of stuff (at 50% off mind you) much so that I made two purchases in one day. Yes, I have a problem. (My closet being chock full of cute clothes will not be one of them, however!) 
 Take a look at some of my purchases this week (not counting the loot I got on Cyber Monday...seriously, Loft is my kryptonite)
P.S. that dress was only $48!!  #sorryimonlyalittlebitsorry

{4} Holiday Party
Tonight is my friend from work's holiday party at her house. She goes all out and has something like 7 trees fully decorated throughout her house (no joke, they are decorated to the nines)!! I seriously don't know how she does it!! It's always fun to hang out with work friends outside of work and this group is no exception! Should be a fun way to spend a Friday night :)

{5} 12-13-14
Did you realize that tomorrow's date is 12-13-14, and it's the last time that the month, day and year line up like this again until the 3000's? I'm a nerd and like fun facts like that. Don't judge me (but feel free to take that fun fact and share it!) :) #nerdyandiknowit

And on that nerdy but fun note, I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with all kinds of holiday cheer!

My little bit of holiday cheer today is: 
Receiving little holiday treats from my work friends. It's always so nice to get a little something from someone unexpectedly to make you feel special, and bring out the holiday spirit that much more. My work bestie made me these cookies and oreo chocolate balls the other day and put them in a cute little package for me (and then told me she has another gift to give me closer to our Winter Break)
I have a surprise in store for her as well--I can't wait to give it! I think I get more excited about giving gifts sometimes than getting them!