Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Faves

Happy Friday, loves! We made it through another week and I survived my first full week back to work after Snowzilla happened!

{1} Movie
The book Me Before You is coming out as a movie!!! I absolutely LOVED this book--it gave me all the feels (if you haven't read it yet, do it!), so I'm so excited to see it in movie form. Plus it has Danaerys from Game of Thrones, Mister Bates from Downton and Finnick from Hunger Games in it!
My friend sent me the trailer yesterday!

{2} Favorite Recipe
Just look at all of the cheesy goodness in these delicious tacos. I would eat these in a heartbeat!
{3} Favorite Song
I heard this last week on Ellen and I was instantly humming it. Troye Sivan-Youth

{4} Surprise!
That my blog-to-IRL friend Lynn is coming into town this weekend! Her sweet hubby surprised her with a weekend getaway and I'll get to see her while she's in town! It's been too long since I've seen her pretty face, so this was a very pleasant surprise to get this week!

{5} Funnies
When you work with a middle aged woman who is rude to you for no reason every time she sees you

How I'd like to react to that pointlessly rude woman:
When the girl scout cookie orders start arriving
How I felt when the groundhog didn't see his shadow, predicting an early Spring:
{via} Thank you, Mr. Groundhog!
Hope you have a quick Friday and a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday Confessions {gif style}

I miss doing confessions every week, so I thought I'd do another round of them today. You know, cleanse the soul....something like that anyway :)
I confess that.... January kind of went out the window when I bought a new car (but I dont make a payment on it until March so....does it still count?) 

....driving to work is slightly less painful doing so in my new car. There are so many fun features that it has, and I learn something new every day! friend texted me while I was driving the other day, so I had my car read it to me--because it does that--and the robot voice definitely said "peen" (now don't ask why that was in a text message--that's a story for another day lol) I was cracking up in my car :)

.....this Zika virus 'outbreak' gives me the heeby-jeebies
...during Grease Live I totally may have belted out all of the songs from the original movie. There may have been some dance moves too. Especially during the closing number #shoobopshewallawalla
.....MG may have been entertained by my Broadway-ish skills--we'll call them that anyway...(he was laughing at least!)

.....MG's group of friends got a superbowl/housewarming invite from a friend a couple weeks ago and some people said they would go. Then a few days ago another friend in the group--who was also invited to the original party--decided to have a superbowl party, too, inviting everyone to his. And the friends who said yes to the first party changed their responses to "no" to the original friend. And I think that's SUPER rude! Where did these people learn their manners from?? #nowhere
....the same day that I worked out, I had potato chips and onion dip at night for a snack #sorryimnotsorry
....we're 3 months away from our Aruba vacay and I can't wait!!!
What are some of your confessions this week? Don't make me feel like I'm the only one....:)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesday {#27}

Happy Wednesday! I've somehow survived the first few days back to work and am getting back into the swing of things. Funny enough, by the end of the day on Monday, it didn't feel like I'd had any time off at all (oh how quickly reality sets in!)

Now it's time to get into what's hap-"pinning"--you can link up about anything going on with you, it doesn't have to be Pinterest related!
Remember on Monday when I showed you that amazing Target display of all the cute home decor and home goods they had? That got me perusing their website and I found some more things that I'm having trouble resisting!
{via} $17.50                                                         {via} $16.99
I love both of these! I actually got the one on the right when I was at Target. If I'd seen the one on the left I probably would have snagged it, too!
{via} $14                                                               {via} $56.00
This rug has so many fun colors--perfect for a Spring facelift (or Winter!) and this end table--loving the industrial feel to it with the mix of wood and metal.

 I'm obsessed with how chic this chair looks, and the mirror is such a soft and pretty accent:

 {via} $210                                                                           {via} $33.99
 These look fun and unique, too to add some character to a space:
{via} $35
Basically, if you let me loose with an endless budget in Target, I'd come away with a seriously insanely beautiful house to show for it! These are just some of the gems I saw while perusing--there's plenty more to get you in trouble!
(This post was not sponsored, and no affiliate links--this is just me looking through a website and sharing my finds with you).

Now it's your turn to share what's hap-"pinning" with you!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Let's Get Nakd!

Did that catch your attention???

The lovely people over at the Natural Balance Foods contacted me to review their mixed box of Nakd bars, which are healthy cereal bars.

The bars came in this cute packaging and even had a couple of other goodies with them:
There were so many different flavors to try, and luckily we got the box right before the blizzard hit, so I knew we had some snack material if we needed it!
I haven't tried all of the bars yet, but my favorite was definitely the Cocoa Crisp, and MG really liked the Ginger Bread bar, too. He even asked if he could take a few to work (I definitely let him have the banana flavored one since Jenn and bananas dont mix!) #husbandwin

They are gluten free, wheat free, and dairy free, so it's a perfect go-to for anyone with those dietary restrictions. These are NOT nut free.
I like the fact that these are all natural, made out of good stuff, and hold good values for proteins. I had one of them before I went out to shovel and had a good amount of energy to get through it, so I think the bar definitely helped give me the extra boost I needed.

Do these taste like candy bars? No. 
Do they taste bad? No. But I don't think you can go into eating them thinking they're gonna taste like a regular old chocolate bar. Because they wont. They take on more of a fruit taste, which makes sense since they're usually made with dates as part of the base.

I think they're a good snack option to have if you're looking for something that's healthy and has natural ingredients in it. I'm looking forward to finishing up my box and trying out the rest of the flavors!

*I was given a box of these bars to try for free. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own*

Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekending Highlights

Happy Monday and first day of February, friends! We're semi-melted out here in VA, but somehow still got a delay this morning--not a bad way to ease back into work after being off for 7 days.
We had a relaxing, but fun weekend--my highlights included:

~Attempted dinner at Cheesetique (was craving their mac and cheese), but the wait was too long, so we went for pizza instead at our favorite spot

~Stopped at Cheesetique to pick up two of our favorite cheeses for snacking--so yum!

~Had a low key night in, but stayed up to watch the Dateline special on Making a Murderer since they kept saying they had new info. They didn't. #liars

~Cleaned up the house Saturday morning from all of the snow and other crap that got tracked into the house; prepared for MG's best friend and fiance to visit

~Gave myself a mani with Essie's Bahama Mama

~Got a massage which was heavenly and much needed after all of that shoveling last week

~Gave Cooper a bath so he was nice and fluffy and smelled oh-so-nice

~Picked up our friends and headed to dinner at Virtue in Old Town; had some pre-dinner drinks at the bar and then ordered the amazing crab dip, and all got burgers. So good!

~Stopped for a photo op with all of the pretty lights
~Spent the night hanging out and catching up; always a good time when we're with these two!

~Sunday morning breakfast of blueberry pancakes, hash browns and bacon courtesy of MG

~Dropped our friends off and ran errands; we stopped at a Target we don't normally go to and saw the most beautiful display--I wanted everything
~Couldnt resist a new pillow for our downstairs couch and cute placements for our dining room table
~Went for a 4 mile walk around the neighborhood since it was in the 50s (you saw my excitement if you follow me on snapchat)...still a lot of snow around tho!
~Worked on our 1500 piece puzzle some more--getting so close!
~Thai food take out for dinner and the most gorgeous sunset
~Did some reading, and relaxed before getting back into "work mode" and watched Grease Live and Downton Abbey before bed!

What did you get into this weekend? Hopefully it was fun and relaxing!
Linking up with Biana and Meghan today for Weekending

Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Faves

Happy Friday loves! This post somehow got deleted in the middle of me writing it, so this is my second attempt...let's hope Blogger cooperates this time!
Hope you've had an easy week, and if not, at least the weekend is right around the corner!
{1} My New Car
I know I shared this yesterday but it's obviously the biggest news of the week. After several weeks of researching and test-driving cars (and negotiating, ugh), I finally decided on the 2016 Nissan Rogue. It has basically every feature I could ever want (including that kick *** sunroof I shared on my snapchat Wednesday), so I'm super happy. And after Jonas the other weekend, the AWD option definitely has me feeling safer if we get anymore snow!
Not to mention, my parking skills have gotten much better, too!
(yes, that is the pile of snow I park next to in the left view of my car...)

{2} Snow Days
I've now had 7 days off from school due to snow. Luckily we've been able to get out and about, but the buses can't get through single-lane roads and kids have nowhere to walk to school than in the street which just isn't safe. I've enjoyed the time off to get some doctor's appointments taken care of, catching up on DVR (and other shows I never needed to watch) and reading, and getting in some snuggles with Cooper.
(my very own pillow pet :)
 Plus, MG had off 2.5 of those days which was the best part of the blizzard--some extra QT with my husband!

{3} Favorite TV show (this week)
This week, I looooooved watching Teen Mom OG with Caitlynn and Tyler's wedding. I feel like Ive watched them grow up through the tv series, and it was so touching to get to watch them say their vows. And speaking of vows...Tyler's were incredible-he gets major brownie points!

{4} Favorite Video
You may have seen this between yesterday and today, but if you haven't, you're in for a treat. If you didn't love Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell before, you probably will after this amazing video they made when they went to Africa (and have this awesome song stuck in your head like I've had all day).
Stephanie, this totally made me think of you on your recent Africa travels!

{5} Funnies

When you're off work for a week, you run out of tv shows on your DVR and all that's left to watch is Real Housewives of Potomac
When your entire neighborhood is outside trying to help one another shovel out, and one family (of all adults) chooses to only dig themselves out:
When you have to go back to work on Monday after a week of puppy snuggles
How it feels peeling off all of the layers of clothes when you come in from shoveling or playing in the snow
Hope your weekend is awesome! 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Currently....{the one with the new car}

I'm linking up with Christy today for a round of 'Currently.'
Reading ...
Thanks to the recommendation from Sarah, I downloaded The 5th Wave which is one of those kind of post-apocalyptic novels, but it's different because it's what happens if aliens invaded and took over. Sounds a little weird, but it's kept me entertained so far! I heard the movie isn't that good tho...womp womp

Listening to...
the guys from Home Depot FINALLY installing our storm/screen doors. After 2.5 months, it was about freaking time! (this pretty much guarantees that we won't have any more nice weather for a long time tho now that we have the screens to use haha)

Watching ...

Oh my gosh, so much stuff on my DVR. This week I've watched Bachelor and Bachelor Live, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Girlfriend's Guide, Married at First Sight....the list goes on and on haha.
P.S. Olivia is still a nut job. You can't be in love with someone you haven't even gone on a date with. The end.

I finally got to get back to cooking last night after a few days of scrounging together meals since the weekend. We tried going to get groceries on Monday but the stores still looked like there was a zombie apocalypse so, we missed out there. Luckily the store was almost fully stocked again yesterday (minus milk), so I'm gonna make my Sriracha Meatball Rice Bowl tonight and it will be ahhhhh-mazing!

Looking forward to ... 
MG's best friend and fiance coming down from NY this weekend! Can't wait to see them and spend some time together--last time we saw them was right after Christmas so it'll be nice to see them again so soon!

my dad a very happy birthday!! I'm so happy we get to celebrate another year together, and I'm glad that his health is stable right now!

Enjoying ...
all of the snow days we've had off this week (MG works for the federal govt and they had off through Tuesday)--and we just got word yesterday that we're out today and Friday as well. Luckily we've been able to get out since Monday morning so we haven't been stuck in the house, but the roads where buses have to go haven't been plowed well enough to get buses through, or have kids not walking in the streets to get to buses or school. Winter Break Part 2 has been awesome!

MY NEW CAR!!!!!!!! MG and I took advantage of the snow day for schools and the federal govt on Tuesday and pulled the trigger on my beautiful 2016 Nissan Rogue. I know a bunch of you told me you have them and love the Rogues which was even more reassuring. I'm absolutely smitten with my car...and it has AWD so the snow is no longer an issue for me in the future!

Wanting ...
to drive my car...all the time...everywhere---isn't it funny how that's the case when you get a new car?

Wearing ...
what I've called my "snow day attire" which include leggings (my Zella ones here are so amazingly comfortable) and warm, comfy tops. Sensing a theme of comfort here? :)
Add caption
Feeling ... 
glad that MG and I were able to make it over to our friends' house on Tuesday morning. They're a couple of days away from the birth of their twins, so we went over to help them move some things around and get their tv mounted on the wall. It was great getting to see them just days before their two little loves arrive (and was crazy saying bye to them, knowing the next time we see them will be as a family of 4)!

Grateful For...
so many things! I've been keeping a gratitude journal which has really given me some time each day to reflect on all of the blessings and positive things from that day.

Don't forget to link up what you're up to currently!
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