Tuesday, September 2, 2014

LDW Weekend Highlights

It's the official first day of school today which means that "summer" is over. Boo hiss.

But, before we get into that, I wanted to share my weekend highlights.
This weekend's highlights included:

-impromptu Friday evening painting of the living room 
The back wall is hard to photograph with the windows/sunlight coming in.
The wall behind the desk will eventually have a couple photo ledges with frames, etc 
-mini-date night in between while we waited for the first coat of paint to dry

-Saturday morning surprise chocolate croissant from MG when he got back from a bike ride

-Shopping with my buddy Bree for last minute wedding supplies for her wedding
I found her the PERFECT wedding day accessory....heheheh
-MG taking on the task of cleaning the carpets and rugs in the house (end result: clean and yummy smelling carpets and rugs!)

-Saturday double date with one of our favorite couple friends
-A waiter who gave us seemingly endless free shots of saki (fuji apple is amaaaaaazing)

-Sunday errands

-Buying a basil plant (of which, I'm a little too excited about)
smells soooooo good
-Picking up more house decor
thank you, Home Goods!
-Seeing Guardians of the Galaxy 

-Sunday dinner with my parents

-Getting wedding photo canvases (a present from my mom--love her!!), one of which has already taken up residence in our living room
-Finishing the gallery wall in the kitchen (tutorial on this coming soon--sooo easy!)

-Top Golf with our friend Kurt on Monday

-Dinner date with our friends Ricky and Suzanne in DC Monday night

-Watch Louis CK stand-up on HBO to unwind for the night

So, as you can see, it was a productive, fun- and friend/family-filled weekend. 
The house is really feeling like it's coming together now, which I absolutely love.
This long weekend actually felt like a long weekend which was really nice.

And now that the nostalgia of the weekend has been relived, I guess I should get to seeing my kiddies for the first day of school :)
Happy Tuesday, friends!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Oh Hey Friday Favorites!

I'm suuuuuper pumped that it's Friday because that means I made it through my first week of work!
Ready for some Friday Faves?

{1}-Favorite Surprise of the Week
I already mentioned it the other day, but getting surprise flowers from MG at work on Monday was the sweetest surprise, and brightened up my first day of work. Major brownie points for him!

{2}-Favorite Work Moments
Going to my second school (yes, I have two this year), and having my own mailbox, a school t-shirt, and a special sign being made for the office that I'll share there (every teacher in the building gets a special sign made by an outside company with the school's mascot) . Most of the time when you're a part time person at a school, you get zero recognition. This second school has gone above and beyond to make me feel part of their staff, even though I will only be there one day a week. Plus I get to work with my friend at this school, so it makes a not-so-great situation a lot better.
And my other work favorite was a super fun happy hour with my friends from my current school after our Open House yesterday:

{3}-Favorite Cooper Moment
When I came around the corner from the kitchen to see Cooper lounging on the couch like this:

{4}-Favorite Pin this Week
The House Hunters Drinking Game....
Too funny, and SO true. You could easily get hammered in ONE episode (and then go do some home improvement projects! haha)

{5}-Favorite Weekend Plan
Saturday, MG and I have plans with one of our favorite couple friends. We're not entirely sure what we're going to do yet (we've got several options), but when we hang with these two, it's always a good time. I'm pumped for a LONG WEEKEND of friends, BBQ's, relaxation, and maybe a house project :)

Hope you have a happy long weekend!!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

In the News:Vaccines and Autism

I'm busy getting ready for our Open House today, but I saw this article while at a training yesterday, and I felt I had to share.

Parents, especially of those 3 year and under, please read this article about a potential cover-up in a study about the link between the MMR vaccinations and Autism.

Basically, it is alleged that there was a study done about MMR vaccinations in African American boys, that looked at the link between the vaccines and Autism. The study found that there was no link. NOW we are hearing that the study was altered in terms of the individuals involved (apparently some were taken out of the study for various reasons which altered or skewed the results), and that there may really have been a link between the two, but that it was covered up.

I don't have the answers and am still not entirely sure what to think or believe, but since I read about this the other day, I've been keeping an eye on it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday Confessions

Back to School (work) Edition:

I confess that....

.....I had a pit in my stomach on the first day of work on Monday. I don't know why since it's my 3rd year at this school, but I did.

......even though I could have come in to work at whatever time I wanted yesterday, I still got here before my contract hours 

......I have not been drinking enough water this week. Too busy unpacking and setting up my office, talking with coworkers, or at meetings, and all of a sudden I've barely drank anything.

.....I love that my principals got all of the staff shirts as a back-to-school gift

......it is going to stink wearing BLACK, LONG SLEEVE SHIRTS and jeans on Thursday for the Open House when it's gonna be mid 90s and humid.

......MG made my week, and my first day back at work by sending me flowers at work on Monday. Love him :)

.....as you read this, Im stuck at an all-day training. Pity me.
Happy Wednesday! :)
Vodka and Soda

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Am.....I Am Not

I saw the idea for this post over at A. Liz Adventure's blog and I couldn't help but thief her idea!

I Am....

....sensitive. Sometimes my feelings get hurt more easily than others or I take things personally when they aren't meant that way.

.....sarcastic. Sometimes you need a little sarcasm to make it through the days (without losing your mind).
.....a people pleaser, and therefore someone who usually is easy to forgive, unless you push me and push me and push me. And even then, sometimes I forgive again.
.....a planner. I like knowing what to expect, so change is harder for me, especially when it's last minute.

.....a reality tv junkie. Duh.

....a puppy lover!

.....someone who finds puns funny. The more stupid, the better :)

I Am Not....

...ticklish. My nieces and nephew find this confusing, and attempt to tickle me almost every time they see me (and continue to be shocked each time that I'm still not ticklish).
.....the life of the party. I'm sociable, but I can be shy when in a group of people, especially new people. This is unlike MG who can be dropped into the middle of a room and be friends with 90% of the people by the end of a night. Or after 5 minutes.

.....a fan of unloading the dishwasher. Or folding laundry.
.....perfect. I can admit my mistakes when I make them, and try to grow from them.
......high maintenance, on most levels. I'm easy-to-please as long as people are nice and treat me with respect, and I can usually get myself ready for something in 15 minutes or less (if I don't have to shower). MG has always been impressed and commented on my non-high maintenance-ness (yes I just made up that word) :)

What about you??

Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekend Highlights

It's not only Monday, but it's my first day back to work for the new school year. Which means meetings, unpacking and setting up my office, scheduling a parent meeting (since I already had one asking for her kid to be evaluated--LAST WEEK!), etc etc etc. No more lounging and enjoying Summer, back to work!
Instead of dwelling on that, I'm gonna focus on the highlights from the weekend.

My weekend highlights included:

-MG's friend as a houseguest Friday night

-Friday night impromptu get together at our house with a bunch of MG's friends who hadn't seen the house yet

-Several bags of trash filled with beer bottles

-Girl time with the wife and girlfriend of two of the guys

-A rainy Saturday, with a trip to Kohls where I found these gems for my wardrobe and for our house decor:
Especially loving the white mirror (will look great once we paint that wall), and the love birds artwork will be an awesome anchor/focal point for the gallery wall I want to do in our living room!
-Saturday girls night dinner with my friend Jackie

-After-dinner wine at Circa

-picking up our guys after their fantasy football draft (we are now both officially fantasy football widows until the end of the football season)

-Sunday morning errands

-Hanging with my buddy Emily on her new patio
how sick is this fire pit area??
-Wine spritzers (and various other snackies)

-Having a doggy play date with our pups (Cooper is the small man in this relationship)

-Surprising MG's parents on their anniversary trip in NYC with a dinner reservation at  Del Frisco's and dinner on us

-Sunday dinner date with MG

-Early to bed, with the alarm set (boo!)

-Waking up for WORK....bye bye Summer Vacay!

I hope you had a relaxing pre-Labor Day weekend full of fun, relaxation or whatever your heart desired :)

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Oh Hey Friday Favorites!

Hey Friday! Welcome! So glad that you could join us!

{1} Favorite Picture of the Week
My sister-in-law, Annie, sent me this pic from last weekend along with a sweet text that they missed us. I love these guys just as much as if I'd been around when they were all newborn babies. SO lucky to be their aunt :)

{2} Favorite Relaxing Moment of the Week
Besides getting in some more good reading time, I was able to schedule a massage yesterday to work out all the knots from that kitchen facelift (and a kinky neck from sleeping funny last weekend). My massage therapist that I've grown to know, love, and depend on, left for Atlanta, which forced me to try a new Massage Envy by my house. It turned out great!
Looking forward to many more massages, super close by!

{3} Favorite Back to School Video
Can't say that actually going back to work is a favorite, but this video makes it stink a little less.
I can't believe that I'm going back to work next week. The paycheck will be oh-so-nice, but I can't believe how fast the Summer went by. Even though I didn't officially "work" this summer, mine was filled with house projects, trips etc and I just feel like it flew by in a flash. Come Monday I'll be back at work, to start another school year. My 8th year! Crazy.

{4} Favorite Weekend Activity
Saturday I get to spend time with one of my favorite friends in the area, Emily, who also happens to live right around the corner from us. I get to see her and her husband's new patio/backyard (which looks sick in the pictures I've seen), hang out and enjoy her sarcasm. She's one of the most easy going people I know, (but also a super planner--she helped me SO much with wedding stuff by giving me vendor names etc, not just asking me what I hadn't done yet), and my stomach always hurts after hanging with her from laughing so much. We have plans for some quality girl time and I'm pretty jazzed about it :)

{5} Favorite Song Getting Stuck in My Head
Taylor Swift's Shake It Off--I love the video, too, since her dorkiness is right up my alley, but I also like the song. And the lyrics about shaking off the haters and the people who have nothing but negative stuff to say about you. Shake it (and them) off!!
"Cuz the haters gonna hate hate hate hate...."

And on that note, have fun jamming and grooving into the weekend.
I'm off to soak up the last few hours of my freedom!
Later, lovies!