{WHW}: Post Vacay Blues

Happy hump day, friends!
Sorry for the short blog posts the last two weeks--I didn't bring my computer, as I was trying to fully engage in our family vacation.

We got back on Sunday and I haven't had much time to upload my photos from the two weeks we were away, but I wanted to share a few highlight photos before I do a recap post (eventually).

In the meantime, we are all definitely experiencing some post vacation blues. It was incredible having MG with us every day for 2 full weeks. Spending time with our friends and their baby for a week was a ton of fun, and definitely a new experience. And then getting a week with family was the best cherry on top! So many people to love on Ella, and help out with her, let MG and I relax a little bit and really sink into vacation mode.

Our sweet pea took to the beach like a champ--her first sight of the beach and the waves, while walking up with my holding her in my arms, she said "wowwwwwwwwww" which was so cute to see the awe on her face.

Ok, for now here are some highlight photos from the 2 weeks!

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{WHW}: Week Two

It's August!!! Which means only a few more days (a couple of weeks) until I'm back to the grind of work every day.
For now, we are living the dream and going on our second week of vacation at the beach, this week with my in-laws for our annual week at the shore. 
Tons of pictures and things to catch you up on when I return, but for now, I'm soaking up the last few days of family and beach time!

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{WHW}: Beach-ing

Happy Wednesday friends! MG and I are currently enjoying time at the beach with our friends and their baby. Will catch you up upon our return, but for now, link up and share what's hap-"pinning" with you!

{WHW}: Lately

Happy middle of the week, friends!
We're back with another WHW so I can get all caught up on what's been hap-"pinning" around these parts!
~A local produce/flower/plant place had their ice cream social event on Saturday so MG and I went in the afternoon with Ella and ran into our friends there. The ice cream was yummy and the company was sweet!
~Since this weekend, Ella has had a case of the whines. I'm pretty sure it's because she's at the age where she can't express herself yet, but wants and NEEEEEEEDS everything. And she doesn't understand "no" other than it's not getting her what she wants. It's frustrating for all of us, but I know this too shall pass. In the meantime, wine.
~Soft play rooms are amazing, especially on insanely hot days 
~We are gearing up to leave for the beach this weekend and the amount of things we are bringing with us feels slightly insane and overwhelming. 
One thing that's super cute includes babe in a beach/camp chair:
~Looking forward to another beach blogger-date (blate)!

~Cooper got the royal treatment this weekend with a nice grooming sesh, complete with a bow tie! Handsome guy :)
~We have a climber. And a get-into-everything-er.
~I actually read and finished a book in less than a month! Nap time reading is my jam!! Feeling like I may actually be able to pull together a post for Show Us Your Books next round!

~A wonderful reminder that I saw from Shauna Niequist #inspiration

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{WHW}: It's been a while...

Hey lovies! Sorry for the MIA last week but with it being the 4th, we were busy doing family stuff, and I figured everyone else would be too, so there was no link up on this end.
But I'm back! And I want to catch up on everything that we've been getting into!
We had our friends from Minnesota come into town during our mega heat wave here. It was SO much fun having our house full of little feet (4 sets), and our good friends. We grilled out, karaoke'd, stayed up late, toured DC a bit (pushed Ella through her morning nap, successfully), had lunch and said our good byes. It was a whirlwind, but always a great reminder of how easy it is to be with friends who feel like family, even when it's been a while since you've been together.
I also went out the other weekend for my friend Stacy's bachelorette party which was a lot of fun! We hit the town, bar hopped, and the next day I was up at 6:50 with a baby. No rest for the weary....or the hungover moms haha.
We spent the 4th of July afternoon at my friend MK's house with her daughter, and two of our coworker friends, plus her neighbor. There were 6 kids there--all of them girls! What are the chances? 
I got the chance to meet my coworkers baby, and got the opportunity to put her cute little to sleep that night when she was being fussy for mom and dad. It takes a village, people, and I was more than happy to snuggle that baby to sleep!

Summer Fun:
We've been taking advantage of the gorgeous weather that swooped in after the heat wave and spent a ton of time on the deck--Ella is loving her little kiddie pool, and a local splash pad with all of Ella's friends from daycare (also, the splash pad is free! How great is that??)
Look at the sassy leg! hahah
The weather Saturday was spectacular (low 80s, no humidity, sunny skies), so we went to Bull Run Winery with our friends who have twins and had a picnic dinner, let the kids run around outside, and just enjoyed ourselves. This is by far my favorite winery as the views are awesome, and they have a dedicated family area--plus some amazing photo opportunities. It was the perfect evening, and our friend captured my new favorite photo of the three of us.

We closed on our condo last Monday. The renter is out (one the very last day of his lease, of course), and moved...the keys are turned over, and it's no longer ours. ALLY the praise hands! Unfortunately due to the holiday, we still got hit with another bi-weekly mortgage charge and the condo fees on it, which we have to wait 30 days to get back, but it's done and no longer a worry. A great thing, too, because there are 3 other units that are just sitting on the market and have been for over a month!

Speaking of houses, MG and I have been looking at houses up in PA, and it pains me at what we could get up there for the cost of our townhouse here. And then I look at houses here, and 600K gets you a house that needs fixing up. 600!!!! To that end, there have been a lot more discussions about potentially moving in the next year or 2. Which is exciting, but also overwhelming thinking about both of us getting new jobs, the process of moving, leaving an area I've known basically my whole life...so we will see what happens, but feelers have been put out.

I guess technically Ella isn't a "baby" anymore, and more to that end, she's finally been getting rid of the bottle. Probably something we should have done a while ago, but I wasn't messing with it while I was working, and now that we've been home, it's been a pretty easy transition. Yesterday she didn't flinch when I gave her a sip cup instead of her bottle at any of her nap times, so we tried during bedtime and, despite a minor meltdown, it was a success!
My little big girl!

I tried out ordering some swimsuits on Amazon, originally looking for some CupShe suits (since they don't have free returns on their actual website) and came away with these two beauties for super cheap (not CupShe):
{via} $23
The back on this one is really cute, with strings like the sides of the bottoms
{via} $25
I tried the high waisted trend and it just didn't work for me. I wanted to love it, but it just didn't feel comfortable when I tried it on. But I'm sticking with the two above. No affiliate links, just things I found and like!

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{WHW}: Summer Edition

Hi friends and happy Wednesday! I'm sorry for my long absence--the end of the school year was crazy, and since that ended early last week, I've just been enjoying my time with my girl at home.
So, let's dive into what's been hap-"pinning"!
This past weekend my friend Hanna got married to her perfect match, and MG and I got a night out to get dressed up and celebrate two great people! It was so fun spending the night with our other friends, and making friends with the other couples at our table. 
Since I'm home this Summer, I've also had more time during the week to get together with friends and have playdates. I think Ella and I both appreciate the time since I'm not nearly as entertaining as her friends are! Monday we went to the mall play-place, last week we went to a playground and rode the carousel, and today we're meeting up with the boys from her daycare for some fun and pool time.
Ella is growing and chatting up a storm, and also been verrrrrry fussy these past few days. I think she's teething and it's been "special" lol. The Baltic amber teething necklace that I got her way back when has seemed to be helping during the day, and I'm SO thankful for that because a miserable baby is no fun for anyone.
Even with the fussiness, she's cuter than ever, in my completely biased opinion :)

So, last Friday our dishwasher decided to start backing up and pouring out all over our kitchen floor. Picture me trying to clean that mess up, with a dryvac and a baby desperately wanting to be held. #chaos
Unfortunately the water leaked under the dishwasher and went into the ceiling in the basement. Luckily not severe damage, and we have a new dishwasher being installed on Thursday (along with a new microwave because Best Buy had a deal...) The joys of home ownership, I tell ya!

MG also has spent a TON of time re-painting (DeckOver'ing) our top deck, and staining the bottom deck. This weekend, he also replaced some boards that had been worn out over the years and just need to be stained. God bless that man and his handiness! And now the deck is even nicer to enjoy during the days, and the evenings after dinner!
Next up: re-vamping our back area and updating a stone path to the fence.

Healthy Me:
Now that I'm home and can take advantage of nap times (praise!) I've been jumping back into reading consistently, AND working out! 
Last week I re-did my Beach Body onDemand membership and did an ab workout one day, and a 21 day Fix the next. And then the next day I was hurting SO badly because as much as I chase after Ella, and hold her/lift her every day, it's not the same muscles used in these workouts. It feels good to get back into it and I'm hoping if I build some consistency this Summer, it'll be easier to incorporate a few times a week once I get back to work. 

Bachelorette which continues to be ho-hum. With the exception of crazy outfits like this:
Below Deck is entertaining and since we finished binge-ing Outlander, we moved on to Billions and are getting caught up on Season 2.

I think that during the Summer I'm going to just scale back to blogging on Wednesdays. I want to soak up as much time as I can with Ella this summer, and I know there's a big slump that happens in blog world during the summer, so I'm going to be putting most of my time and effort into my kid, and my health, but I'll still be here on Wednesdays so I hope I'll still hear from you all!

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Weekly Wins: School's Out For Summer!

I did it!!! I made it through my first school year as a working mom!! Some days were easier than others, and some were incredibly challenging, but I did it!
Kids get dismissed early today and then it's end of the year wrap up stuff, "checking out" next week and then sweet sweet Summer!!!

If that wasn't enough of a win, my week had several others:

~I survived my 6+ meetings this week and managed to avoid getting dragged into another contentious one (for now...I have a feeling I will be next year).

~Our condo's appraisal went well, and we only have a couple of minor things to fix up ourselves before we go to settlement on the 2nd of July!

~Sweet notes (and gift cards/certificates) from parents and students I teach. This one was super sweet and when I emailed the parents to thank them for the gift and let them know how proud I was of their son for all of his progress this year, the mom wrote back and said "{His} great progress is because of you!"
~We have plans to go see our friends' new baby this weekend who was born on Tuesday night! She's the cutest little peanut and I can't wait to see them all!!

~Massage scheduled this weekend! Get out all of those end of the year stress knots!

~And, of course, these two are always a win for me every week. MG gets to celebrate his second Father's Day on Sunday and we have plans to spoil him :)

Hoping your Friday is quick, and your weekend is fun-filled!