Our last days in St. Augustine

Tuesday morning we went to Marine Land to see the dolphins, sharks, sea turtles and fish. The views from there were beautiful too, so while we waited for our tour to begin, we got some cute shots up on the cliff.  
My dolphin-loving heart was happy to get to see the dolphins playing in the tanks, and Ella was pretty into them too. The tour itself kept Ella's attention for the most part, but I think goldfish snacks are always a highlight for her haha
We stopped at a store, grabbed lunch and then made our way back to the hotel for Ella's nap. Afterwards, we got our pool time in, and ran into our friends again. Ella loved hanging with their daughter Lena, drinking ice out of a cup like a big girl, and eating lemons (because she's a weirdo :). 
We headed back to get changed and to meet up with Rachel, her husband, and their twins who are 5 days older than Ella. They picked a delicious spot, MangoMangos, that was totally kid friendly, and the adults managed to chat a little too haha.
We had to get some shots of these cuties together and luckily managed a few successful ones!
Happy birthday to the twins today!!!! 
Wednesday morning we decided to go into Old St. Augustine again and take the trolley around. We went past the Fountain of Youth, and then decided to do a tour at the old jail. 
This is my new favorite pic of my sweet girl
Our tour guide was fully into character, and the tour was good, but probably a little more than Ella could handle. We tried to get the trolley back to where our car was, but didn't realize the trolley only goes in one direction and the rest of the ride was an hour! Luckily one of the trolley guides helped us out, and got us a shuttle ride back to our car. They were so so friendly (and took pity on our stupidity haha). We ate lunch at Harry's which was SO delicious! I definitely recommend it if you're in the area.
During Ella's nap, I went down and read outside and it was so peaceful and relaxing. Nice to get some solo mom time in (thanks MG!) 
After nap time we hit up the pool for the last day and ended up making friends with another couple with two kids. The mom and I went to neighboring highschools, and were a year apart. They live in Charlotte, NC now, but what a small world. We had adult beverages poolside, the kids played, and we all chatted. Love making friends like that!
We had dinner at Salt Life that night and the food was good. Ella discovered that she likes lettuce (and a lot of it haha), and then we made our way back to the hotel, played on the grounds a little bit, and then got littles down for bed.
Thursday we left the hotel around 9am, drove the hour to the airport, and our flight was supposed to be at 2. During lunch we got a text saying our flight was delayed, and it ended up being delayed 2.5 hours. We got upgraded to first class which was awesome (Ella's second first class flight in her under 2 years of life!), but we didn't get on the plane until 4:20 with a toddler who hadn't napped all day. Luckily she was good for most of the flight minus a 5-10 min span where she lost it. Apparently a mid 50's woman behind us was holding her ears like a child (MG saw this, I didn't) which just annoys me. No one likes a crying kid on a plane--I certainly didn't enjoy it--but have a little compassion.
We made it home that night by 7pm, and got Ella a bath and into jammies ASAP since she hadn't slept the entire day. 
We did a quick turn around of laundry and re-packing so we could head up to PA for Easter weekend the next morning!

{WHW}: St. Augustine #1

Hey all--I'm back from a long absence on the blog because we were traveling for my Spring Break. 
We headed to St. Augustine on Sunday morning at 5:45 am (not the most ideal with a toddler, but she was excited for the change in our routine and the adventure). 
We made it there without incident and had an hour drive from Jacksonville, where Ella took a much needed nap. 
We were staying at the Embassy Suites in St. Augustine which was recently updated, right on the beach, and beautiful. It was ideal to have a separate bedroom and living area so we had somewhere to hang once Ella went to bed at night.

Unfortunately it took about 3 hours for our room to be ready, so we had lunch and drove around killing time. Eventually we got into the room, changed,  and made our way down to the pool area and the grounds to check it out and then the complementary hotel happy hour.
Ready to enjoy the sunshine!
They have a great "grassy" area that has huge games of Jenga , Connect Four, corn hole, badminton and other games
We ended up running into an old friend of MG's, his wife and three kids. The youngest was 5 and adored Ella, and we ended up staying and hanging out until Ella's bedtime.

The next morning we decided to go to Gatorland and it was actually much cooler than I thought it would be. They had gators, monkeys, a bird sanctuary, vultures, etc. Ella was engaged the whole time and learned the word "gator" and "dinosaur". It was crazy how LOUD the alligators are when they are talking to one another. Scary loud!
After that we drove into Old St. Augustine to explore and grab lunch. There are so many cool little streets to wander down, shop at and get lost in. We did that for a while and then grabbed lunch and ate outside because the weather was beautiful.
Afterwards we headed back to the hotel so Ella could nap, and then hit up the pool for a few hours and saw our friends from the night before again. Ella was adorable in her little sunhat and swimsuit (thanks Lynn for the suits and cover-up!!)
We decided to drive back into Old St. Augustine that night for dinner and found a quiet place to eat outside, with a view of the fort. Unfortunately it took over 45 minutes to get our food which meant Ella was losing it by the end, so we made a quick exit to get littles back home and into bed as she had woken up early that day, took a crummy nap and was just ready to go to bed. Mom and Dad enjoyed wine that night while unwinding from the day and putting an overtired toddler to bed.

So I don't photo overload you, I'll recap the rest tomorrow!
In the meantime, share with us what's hap-"pinning" with you:

5 Years on Friday

Happy Friday, friends! It's been a bit since I've posted on a Friday but this one's pretty special since it's MG's and my 5 year anniversary today. 
I'm so thankful for finding this man. It may have been later than the timeline that I had in my head, but looking back on it, it was perfect timing for us.
We've gone through a lot together. Loss of my dad, infertility, a miscarriage. Although those aren't the things that highlight a marriage, how we've navigated these times and made it out on the other side makes me proud of us as a couple. I know I can rely on him when times get tough, not just on the good days.
He's such a great dad that I've fallen in love with a different side of him than I did when we first got together. My mom has commented how hands on he is. Ella loves her daddy, and I love that his love for her is so obvious.
One of the biggest things that I love about us is that we can laugh and our communication.  We're goofy and stupid on a daily basis.  Even when things are stressful, we try and talk about it so that it doesn't overwhelm or become bigger than us. Does that mean every day is sunshine and roses? Um, no. Especially since becoming parents--it adds another level of stress to your relationship. But we're figuring it out together.

I've loved our last 5 years together. Sometimes it feels like it's been so much longer and other times I can't believe how quickly time has flown by. Who those kids were back in 2011 who met and started dating...

But I'm excited for what adventures the next 5, 10, 50 years will bring, and I'm thankful to be doing life with this guy.
Cheers to 5 years!

{WHW}: Spring has Sprung

Reading....I'm Fine and Neither Are You. Got this one as one of the KindleFirst reads and it's not what I expected. To be determined if it's a winner or not.

Eating...take out. Because MG was out of the country for work again from Saturday to Tuesday morning so ordering out was on the docket Sunday and Monday, and dinner at our friends' house on Saturday.
(She loves her boys, and she adores their dad too)
Ready for...Spring Break. As in time off from work. I'm NOT ready as in packed and prepared to leave for St. Augustine, but if we could teleport there, I'd be totally down. Meeting up with Rachel from Cubicle Couture and her kiddos while we're there--any other FL friends nearby? Ready to explore the city, spend some time at the beach, and enjoy the time together.
Prepping....for Ella's tube surgery tomorrow morning. Hoping this gives our girl some relief from ear infections (and the need for antibiotics), but I am a little nervous for the anesthesia, and her not being able to eat when she wakes up until the surgery, bc she's always hungry first thing in the morning! Fingers crossed all goes smoothly!
Buying....a new living room rug. After some doggy accidents on the carpet that wouldn't come out, we were tired of the old rug and got this great one from Costco for a great price. It's shag, and blends well with our ottoman 
{via} (not our living room)
Loving...the warm weather lately (70s and 80s), and spending lots of time outside, especially this weekend. We celebrated a neighbor's daughter's 2nd birthday at our playground, and spent lots of time on "rock walks" (Ella's latest obsession). 
In awe....that Friday is MG's and my 5th anniversary. How it's already been 5 years is mind boggling. I'm so thankful for this man by my side. He's an amazing husband, and hands on dad and even though life can be stressful, he's always able to make me laugh. Thankful we get to spend a week together next week, with our littlest love.
(throwback to our first selfie together)
Annoyed....by the lack of communication from Ella's preschool. I adore her school, the teachers, etc but the lack of communication drives me nuts. Just got an email yesterday that we need to have pre-filled eggs for Thursday and Friday, which only gives a one day turn around to get this stuff. They are supposed to send out a weekly newsletter and we havent gotten one in 2 months. Just frustrating with the last minute notice on stuff.

Watching....we watched the second season of OA (super out there show, but engrossing), and now we're on the hunt for another series to binge on. Looking forward to Game of Thrones coming back, too!

What's been hap-"pinning" with you?