Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Faves

Happy Friday, and happy 3-day weekend!!

This week was a busy one, where I was a little absent for a bit because of summer school busy-ness etc, but that doesn't mean the week wasn't filled with some great stuff!
Let's talk about my favorites this week:

{1}-House Update
MG's dad came into town Monday night to help us install the bathroom vanity, lights, toilet, etc. You'll be happy to know that there is no longer a toilet sitting in a box in my living room. It's been happily installed in the guest bathroom, along with everything else. Things look SO much different in there. There's still some touch ups to do, installing the mirror, and the side-splashes but here's a pic I snapped Tuesday night:
And in case you forgot what it looked like before:
Quite a difference!! We are super pleased with the transformation, even though it has been a TON of work! Welcome to the 2010's, bathroom. Say good-bye to the 90s!
{2}-Our New Grill
I'm probably not nearly as excited about this as EJ is, but it's still pretty cool. We got this mega-grill this week when MG's dad came down. It will be replacing our previous grill, which looks puny next to this behemoth! And just in time for cook-outs with friends during the summer. 
I've nicknamed it Monster :)

Not just any babies, but my friends' babies. And getting sent pictures of their cute little bodies in the onesies I sent to them before their little girls were even born. They are adorable, and I love seeing them in those cute little clothes!

{4} Long Weekend Plans
Not only am I happy that it's a long weekend, but we're gonna get to see my in-laws this weekend, too. My SIL and I are planning to go see Magic Mike XXL together today, and then spending family time on the 4th around their pool. Holiday weekends are great. Holiday weekends that involve family is even better!

{5}- Funnies
When that light goes on in your car...
When you're working Summer School as a teacher:
I hope your 4th of July weekend is fun-filled and fantastic!!
Catch you next week, lovies!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

TV Talk

Sorry for being a little M.I.A. the last couple of days. Starting summer school and dealing with bathroom reno stuff just left me wiped the last couple of days so I didn't have the energy to devote to this space.

But, I'm back! And I'm here to talk TV...namely Bachelorette, Real Housewives of OC and a celeb couple.

First up, Bachelorette:
This week was basically a week of consternation, fear, regrets, and a whole bunch of worried faces:
As much as I love to recap everything that happened in the episode, it was kind of a snoozefest of worry this week. Kaitlyn worried about the guys finding out about her sleeping with Nick.
Shawn worried about how Kaitlyn is feeling about him, after apparently telling him one night that he was the one.
The other guys worrying about why Kaitlyn is worrying.
Nick worrying about whether Kaitlyn regrets sleeping with him.

And then there were some dates mixed in there in Ireland. Here's an Instagram photo from Nick:
I do have a couple of thoughts/revelations:
-Joe's hair looked slightly less like Sonic the Hedgehog this week, which was a good thing.

-Ben H looks like a cross between Seth MacFarlane and previous Bachelor Jason Mesnick:

-Even ridiculously good looking Ryan Gosling look-alikes sleep with their mouths open on bus trips:

-The Bachelor producers love leaving people stranded places once they get dumped. Especially on 2:1 dates. Last season it was leaving Kelsey and Ashley I in the desert. This season JJ gets left on an island while Kaitlyn and Joe sail off in a boat and Cupcake gets left on a cliff while Kaitlyn flies away in a helicopter.
At least she left Cupcake with the rest of the picnic. And the blanket to dry his man-tears.
The big take aways:
JJ, Ben Z, Tanner and Cupcake are dunzo. (I kinda forgot about Tanner until he got the boot).
I had read in Us Weekly that Ben Z was not there "for the right reasons" and had been waiting for that information to come out this season, but it didn't. He actually broke my heart when he left, along with his heartfelt, super sweet comments about Kaitlyn. (Clint and Ian--take note. That is how a real man behaves. #futurebachelor)
They are changing the overnight dates/hometown dates. The hometowns dates are only happening with the final two men now, instead of the final 4. And now Kaitlyn is narrowing it down to 3 guys (from what I understood), instead of the usual 4. But we have to wait for that next week of course.

We'll see what next week entails!
Real Housewives of OC:
My main comment has to do with how things were handled by Meghan with Shannon. 

The Backstory:

Meghan called Shannon out of the blue to ask for help with a charity she was doing. Shannon didn't know/understand who was calling her and was busy with her kids in the car, so she was short with Meghan. Meghan also used her maiden name when she identified who she was, which was confusing. Meghan confronts Shannon about it on a weekend trip and goes a little nuts on Shannon. Shannon responds by going a little nuts on Meghan.
What we didn't see in the show, according to Shannon's social media, is that Meghan says to Shannon, during their argument: "You think you're famous? You're not that famous. My husband is famous"
Ew. Just ew.
Meghan then decides that she isn't going to invite Shannon to the charity event, even with several people telling her she should reconsider. I thought it was mean. I didn't like it. 
I DID like how Vicki said she wasn't going to go if Shannon was being excluded, and then took Shannon out to dinner so she wouldn't be the only one not going to the event.
And, I liked how all of the other women showed up afterwards to hang out, too.

As a side note, I'm not a fan of how Meghan's husband talks to her and/or treats her. Vicki has shared (on WWHL) that he talks to Meghan like a child. But that's neither here nor there for this issue, just an observation.
Im curious to see how Meghan fares during the rest of the season. And as Jim Edmunds' third wife.
I have to take a minute and say how sad I was when I saw that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are getting a divorce. I know there have been rumors going around for a bit about that, but I'd hoped it was just that: rumors. 
I've read that the primary cause is Ben's gambling. Whatever the reason is, I'm extremely sad. I loved them as a couple--they always seemed so down to earth. I'm so bummed :(

Those are my thoughts on some of the tv shows and happenings so far this week. 
What do you think about any/all of these shows and topics?

Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Highlights

Despite some pretty terrible weather, this weekend was pretty great. Unfortunately I'm officially back to work on Tuesday this week, but I have to go in today to "strategize" with my boss about meeting with a parent tomorrow morning. So, my last day off kinda went out the window. Oh well...
This weekend's highlights included:

~A massage on Friday which was heavenly

~Spent time with my friend at her place. Sangria may have been involved.

~Enjoyed a monumental day in our country's history:

~Date night with MG with this deliciousness:

~Finished Orange is the New Black

~Early Saturday drive to IKEA, in the crummy, rainy weather
~Bought a new duvet for the guest bedroom downstairs, and a tv console for the basement
Still need some accent pillows, but we're getting there!
~Put together the console (aka, provided emotional support while MG did it :)

~Went to our friends' house for a big group get together/cookout. Ended up staying there till 11 at night.

~Sunday errands; picked up some pretty ceramic citronella holders for the deck
We also bought a new toilet for the guest bathroom--so there's a toilet, in a box, sitting in our dining room currently. Nothing says sexy more than that ;) 

~Finished doing touch ups and painting the ceiling in our guest bathroom (which should be finished this week since our vanity and countertop are finally in!)

~Made a delicious turkey wrap and ate lunch with MG on our deck, al fresco since the weather was so nice (which was a nice change after the icky mega rainy day before)

~Saw Jurassic World (Chris Pratt just gets hotter and hotter...oh, and the movie was good too ;)
{via} He could sic his velociraptors on me any day ;)
~Had yummy Noodles for dinner and relaxed with the hubs and Coop for the night

I hope your weekend was fun, and you didn't get hit with the storm on Saturday!
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Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Faves!

Happy Friday, pretty friends!!
Hopefully your week's been nice and easy, and if it hasn't, it's almost over now so you can enjoy the weekend ahead!
My favorites this week included:
{1} Happy Hour with some fellow SLP friends
I rarely do happy hours during the week unless it's on a Thursday or Friday. I can't handle feeling tired or drained the rest of the week, so it was nice to get to hang out with some work friends without worrying about that. We also tried out a new restaurant/bar which has a great view of the waterfront, some good happy hour deals, and a really cool interior (which is hard to see in this photo since it was so bright outside):

{2} Pool Days
Wednesday was the most gorgeous day we've had in a while--there was no humidity, the sun was shining, temps were in the was perfect! I had a pool date with my friend Bree, and today my other friend from work and I are hanging out at the pool again! #gimmethesunshine

{3} Massage
I'm getting a massage this morning. Even though the stresses have been low this week (altho somehow I'm still dealing with a crazy parent from work, even on my vacation), it's still a good time to get all of the end of the year knots out of my shoulders, neck and back. Remember last week when I said I needed a haircut, pedicure and massage? Two out of three checked off so far!

{4} Sale! Sale! Sale!
You know I love a good deal! I went to the mall yesterday to return some things to Loft and on my way out, walked past NY&Co. Typically I don't shop here because their stuff rarely fits me well, but they were having a sale: 50% off everything in the store!! I'm so glad I stopped in because I got these two beauties for $50 total:
I'm obsessed with the first one, and the second one has pockets--love a cute dress for a steal!
{5} Funny Video
Qwest Love and Tyreke from The Roots reenact the scene from the Bachelorette this week with Ian. Hilarious!

Hope your Friday is easy breezy, and your weekend is fantastic!
Catch you on Monday, loves!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

It's already Thursday-the week is flying by, but that typically happens when you have time off and are just enjoying yourself.

With downtime comes random thoughts:

~Countess Luann from RHONY has a new single called "Girl Code (Don't be So Uncool)". She performed it on Watch What Happens Live.
It was.....uhhh....I'm still trying to figure out what I felt about it

~Pedicures in the middle of the day are the best

~I feel bad for the husband of the woman who helped those two prisoners escape. Not only does he have to deal with the fact that there are rumors that his wife wanted these guys to kill her husband (likely true), he's now in the lime-light with interviews on tv. He doesn't come across as the smartest guy. I just feel bad for him.
~Pretty skies after mega rain and thunderstorms are incredible

~I love closet organization photos. I don't love that they show 7 shirts in each section of a closet. Sure, my closet could look amazing if I only put 5 shirts in there, too. Where do the other 200 go??? 

~No matter what your political affiliation is, I think we can all agree on this:
~All of the shows on Bravo lend themselves to some of the most amazing gifs. I just wish I knew how to make gifs so I could use all of the great clips I see on the shows, here!

~"It's 5'clock somewhere" is one of the best quotes. Especially for Summer time. Or Spring time. Or a Thursday.

What are some of your thoughts this Thursday?

Thoughts for Thursday

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bachelorette Talk

So much dramatic stuff happening in Bachelorette this season. But, kinda not really. Let's talk about what's been going down or should I say WHO has been going down? ;)
This week's episode started off with another cliffhanger from last week (seriously, ABC, this is getting old) with balding Ian confronting Kaitlyn because his ego was bruised that she wasn't into him. He goes on to insult her intelligence, and say (in an interview) that his last girlfriend was way hotter than Kaitlyn), he brags about going to Princeton and makes claim that girls would be clamoring to date him if he was the Bachelor.
News Flash, Ian: NO THEY WONT.
He leaves on his high horse, stating, after everything he just said about being educated and super amazing, "I need to get laid." Toodles, Ian!

Nick swoops in to make Kaitlyn feel better.
Shawn continues to stew about not liking Nick. The circle of Bachelorette life continues.

At the rose ceremony, Matt Damon look-alike and Josh (who still has the janked up haircut Kaitlyn gave him--why didn't he get that cut and managed so he didn't look like a psych-ward escapee?) get sent home.
The gang sets off to Dublin Ireland, and Nick gets the one-on-one date, much to all of the guys' chagrin. Jared and Shawn have a long heart felt convo about it while Nick is off walking the streets with Kaitlyn. Kissing Kaitlyn. Drinking with Kaitlyn. Kissing and manhandling Kaitlyn. Walking some more with Kaitlyn. Biting Kaitlyn's lip. Did I mention they were kissing??
(Look up the definition of "tonsil hockey" in the dictionary and you'd see a gif of Kaitlyn and Nick's date).

They have a night date at a church where the mauling, make out fest continues. Which seems slightly inappropriate given the background, but hey, who am I to judge. Oh wait...I'm here TO judge. 
I'm judging.

They go back to Kaitlyn's room to "hang out"...and little does Nick know that it's going to be with his "wang out". 
We hear the moans and groans as they go into her bedroom. At this point, Kaitlyn should have taken some advice from Heather Dubrow:
(In case you can't hear, she says: "my fancy vag*na is staying in my fancy pants, thank you very much")
Kaitlyn wakes up the next morning saying she doesn't regret what happened, but then has a full on conversation (seemingly with herself) on the balcony about her mistake, saying she will kill Nick if he tells the other guys what happens.
Nick makes his way back and no one seems to be aware that he was gone for the whole night.  He tells the guys he was invited back to Kaitlyns room just to "hang out" (he left out the "wang out" part) and Shawn is visibly pissed because he was invited back to Kaitlyn's room on their one-on-one, too. (No moans and groans were caught on that date tho).

The guys go on their group date which is kind of morbid--an Irish funeral for Kaitlyn who is laying in a coffin when the guys get there. Admittedly she is laughing and drinking  from a flask during it all, but still. The guys tell funny anecdotes/rhymes about her, the way she died, etc, but Shawn wins by saying that he doesn't blame her for committing suicide because he would have done the same if he'd had to spend the day with Nick (little does he know what they did during that time)...
It's also kinda weird that she had Ben Z on this date given his openness to her about his mom's death. But, let's be real, the casket thing is just weird in general.

After several heart-to-hearts with the guys during the night portion of the group date, Kaitlyn gives the rose to Jared. They go off to have a private dance while being serenaded by The Cranberries (whose lead singer looks strangely murderous as she's singing to them...awwwwwkwaaaard).

Meanwhile, Shawn is freaking out about not getting the rose, and is later seen going to Kaitlyn's room to talk to her. This is kind of how he feels about her:
She thinks it's about her nighttime tryst with Nick and is freaking out. And that's where we are left. Another cliff hanger.
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