It's been a LONG time since I've done a confessions post (or, let's be honest, any post not on a Wednesday), so I wanted to get back on the train and do one!

I confess that....

....since my work took away my access to blogs, it's made it really hard for me to read anything in any free time that I have at work, or draft posts. So that's why I've been MIA a lot. And when I've gotten home lately, I have minimal to no energy to write a post, I just want to veg out and watch tv or read my Kindle. best friend announced her pregnancy a couple of weeks ago and I'm over the moon excited for her and her husband. And the fact that they're having a girl so Ella will have a mini bestie in Virginia Beach!
.....I can't resist buying cute clothes for Ella. And I always seem to think she has less than she actually does, until I go to put away the new stuff and remember all of the other stuff she actually does have.
Her new Fall/Winter coat is the cutest thing ever!
.....speaking of Ella's clothes, I'm sad that she's growing out of some of her cute summer outfits (and the weather isn't allowing it anymore). There's something about seeing that little body in the cute clothes that just gives me the warm fuzzies.

.....Ella's kisses are my fave.

....Loft pissed me off by changing their return window to 30 days from 45 days. It used to be 90 then 45 and randomly now it's 30 days. So I got half of my money back for a shirt that I didn't want because I returned it on day 43. Jerks.

....I was pleasantly surprised to get a note from my principal in my work mailbox, praising me. In addition to a compliment she gave me in front of parents, and thanking me for a good meeting. It's a wonderful feeling to feel appreciated and valued, something I haven't felt by my admin for a while.

....the most recent findings about climate change from the U.N. scientists terrifies the hell out of me. And the appropriate response isn't "well, it's too late now, so we may as well keep doing what we're doing." I wish our elected officials would start doing things to protect us and our future as opposed to undoing everything for corporate greed.

What are you confessing?

{WHW}: Lately....

Lately I'm....

Reading: Beneath a Scarlet Sky and really enjoying it so far!

Eating: Soups! With temps in the 50s and 60s this week, we've got soup on the menu twice. Broccoli Cheddar and Cauliflower "baked potato" soup! Alllllll the yum!

Drinking: Smoothies. More yum!

Thankful: for my tribe

Grateful: that a day off of work yesterday happened to get me out of a tough IEP meeting, for the time being 

Feeling: hopeful and loved

Excited: for our annual trip to Minnesota coming up, seeing our friends, and the Vikings game of course!

Dreading: flying with an 18 month old. (Also feeling like I may not be above whipping out an iPad to entertain her for the flight for our sanity and everyone else's. No judgement.)

Watching: Suits...we are just burning through the seasons. And Poldark is back!

Enjoying: that Ella now gives me kisses when I drop her off at preschool by leaning in and going "mmmmm" and then blows me kisses too. #ohmymamaheart

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{WHW}: He's Back!!

Happy Wednesday friends! 
Last Friday was a really exciting day for us because MG got home from being in Thailand for 10 days. It was tough being a single mom for that long (praise all of you single moms, and moms with husbands who travel a ton or work insane hours), but we made it through. The evenings of nicely prepared, healthy meals were kinda thrown out the window for fast and easy (and still semi-healthy) because cooking with a 17 month old is just not easy.

So this past weekend we enjoyed having MG home. Ella's face when she saw her daddy NOT on FaceTime was priceless!
We ate in Friday night and went to the park in our neighborhood. Saturday morning we went for a walk since it felt like a crisp Fall morning, and by afternoon it was a hot summer day again. We headed over to our friends' house for a Fall party, and Ella enjoyed devouring Doritos, running around their backyard, and making friends with another little girl named Ellie. Our friends got the most amazing BBQ, and had cider sangria (it was so yum!) and other delicious eats. So we gorged and then went home to tuck our little busy body into bed. 
Sunday morning we just ran errands and Sunday afternoon we met up with friends at our local produce place because they have a great section for kids and tons of pumpkins. It felt anything but Fall standing in the sun, sweating our tails off, but Ella loved seeing her boys for the first time in a while.
Afterwards, we went to dinner at Yardhouse and the kids had a blast being together complete with jumping on the booth seats, hugging and giggling. At the end, our oldest friend Jude said "I love you so much Ella" was the sweetest.
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{WHW}: Weeks Are So Long

Hey friends...
Is it me or is the week dragging? I actually feel like every week is really long this school year. Maybe it's still adjusting to the schedule, etc, but by the end of some weeks, if I try and think about something that happened earlier, I have a hard time remembering if it happened this week or the week before. 

It probably doesn't help that Ella's got another runny nose, that apparently made it hard for her to nap yesterday at preschool. As in, she didn't nap. At all. So early to bed for her last night, and I started feeling a scratchy throat on Monday night and ended up going to bed early that night myself because I was just beat. Hoping we can keep the full blown sickies away!

I'm already looking forward to the weekend (which, at this rate, will probably happen in about 2 months haha) for a ton of reasons. 
It's a short one today because honestly, I'm just tired.  Hoping your week is going faster than mine! 
Here's a pic of my sick cutie pie from this weekend, because I can't resist :)
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{WHW}: It's Falllllllll

Happy WHW, friends!

It's been a really busy start to the week (something that seems to keep happening) so I'm recapping the weekend way late, as usual.

Friday after work, MG and I had planned to go out to dinner with Ella, but she had a pretty epic meltdown as we were getting into the car, so we scrapped the plan and ordered pizza in instead. She was kind of cranky and fussy the rest of the evening off and on, so bedtime was very welcome when it came.
In the meantime, we play with milk cartons...because toys are just boring
Saturday was Clarendon Day in Arlington, so after a trip to Costco (because that's a Saturday activity when you're in your 30s), we headed over to meet up with our friends and their twins and check everything out. Luckily the weather held out for the most part, with a couple of sprinkles. The kids got some of the street food (they eat better than we do I swear!) and Ella enjoyed stopping and dancing to the music at some of the booths. 
We snapped a picture of the three amigos before we headed home for nap time.
That afternoon it was still nice out, and the first day of Fall so we took Ella to a nearby playground. Apparently every other family in the area had the same idea and it was way crowded, so we went off on one of the paths nearby and had a little Ella photo shoot before heading home and having dinner.
Sunday we ran errands in the rain just to get out of the house for a bit, and then settled in for an indoor day, and football. 
My fantasy football team is pretty terrible this year, which sucks after winning last year.

Other random updates:
MG and I have also started watching Suits and are totally into it.
Ella has started saying 'snack' (she says "nat"), and my name has now moved from "mama" to "mommy". Also, "mommy" apparently also means "give it to me" lol.
If you saw my Insta-story, you know that Ella also enjoys playing "night night" where she lays on the floor, we put a blanket over her and she says "night night". This kid. I love her to pieces.

Anyway, that's whats been going on here, with a TON of rain to accompany things since Sunday which has made for a pretty dreary week so far. 
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Round Two

I'm kind of writing this stream of consciousness, so forgive me if it doesn't make sense.

If you missed it, the other week we went to our fertility doctor and decided that if I got my period, we'd be moving forward with the process, which I did get.

So I'm back to trips to the doctors' office for bloodwork and ultrasounds (thankfully, far fewer than a regular IVF cycle), talking out financials with their adviser, ordering medications and shots (ughhh the dreaded shots)...planning my life and work around these appointments. Despite having gone through this, or something similar before, it's not easy. All of it is emotional, and draining, nerve-wracking, etc.

I've reached out to a few people who I went through everything with before and even some friends who haven't, but were there for me through the experience the last time and for the most part, everyone has been really supportive, empathetic and compassionate which is all helpful, even in the smallest way. Does it fix this for me? No. But it does make me feel just that tiniest bit better, supported, and ultimately loved.

In the face of someone dealing with this, just be supportive. Lend a listening ear, arms for a hug, comforting words.

I know I've written a post about the things TO do, and things NOT to do when dealing with a friend who is going through infertility, but I'll mention this:
The appropriate response to someone telling you they're going through this is never "I'm pregnant" or "The process is awful" (two actual responses I got). Even if you're pregnant, there are better times to share that information. And we all know the process is not the easiest, most comfortable or fun...but no one needs to hear that "it's awful." Thankfully I have other friends who have gone through this and have shared how NOT awful it is, which is helping to rest my fears and lessen my anxiety. They're both still there, trust, but I'm doing my best to focus on the positive. Because the scary, "awful" thoughts are already there.

Knowing that we got beautiful Ella from this process gives me hope.
Seeing my friends go through this process and have their babies gives me hope.
Having support and love from friends who have and have not gone through it gives me hope.
Looking towards the positive, while working through my feelings of fear and worry.

Anyway, if you've read this far, thank you. I promise all of my blog posts will not be fertility related, but given this season I'm in, it's definitely been at the forefront. I look forward to the day where I can put the fertility thoughts in a box, shut the lid and put it on a shelf in my brain for memories. Until then, one day at a time....

{WHW}: Weekend of Twins!

Happy Wednesday--once again I'm recapping our weekend way late, because I just can't get my act together to do it earlier sometimes (most of the time!)
Anyway, our weekend was one that had no plans and ended up being packed full of plans. I kind of like it when that happens.
I got home from work on Friday to what I "lovingly" have dubbed my 'baby making kit'...aka the meds for our next fertility cycle. There were way too many needles in there for my liking.
Our friends Gary and Hanna came over and brought pizza Friday night from a place near their house and it was SO good! Ella ate an entire slice of pizza herself and then carried the crust around the dining room, taking nibbles out. She also decided to move from my lap, onto the dining room table and do a dance. Lord, let this not be a sign of things to come in my daughter's future hahah.
waiting for our friends to arrive
Saturday morning I spent 2.5 hours at a Labcorp waiting to have my blood taken. Let me tell you, this is NOT how anyone should spend their Saturday morning. If you saw my Instagram stories, you saw the lovely (sarcasm) gentleman next to me who decided to pick his nose with his index finger and flick it on the floor. I'm lucky I didn't vomit right then.

MG took Ella to an indoor soft playground and they had a blast while I was being tortured. The cute picture updates helped ease my torture. Slightly.

That night our friends with 2.5 year old twins came over and we grilled up hamburgers and chicken. Ella loved having two older friends to watch, run after and play with! I will say, it is an incredible feat how quickly three children can ransack toys and create utter mayhem, but it was fun to watch. 

Sunday morning Ella started getting another runny nose (our third for the daycare season so far!). We ran errands, had lunch and watched some football while she napped, and then I FINALLY got to meet up with Rachel of Cubicle Couture, her husband, and twins who were in town for a wedding. Luckily the weather was amazing (considering it was supposed to be pouring all weekend) and we grabbed coffee, walked down to the water front and let the kids run around. We got lots of questions about whether they were twins/triplets because they were all dressed in similar colors.
It was really fun to see these three together since we went through the IVF process together, and Rachel had her babies 5 days before I had Ella. And for all of the talking and texting we did through the process, it was great to finally meet face to face, with our little miracles in tow.
Prior to it being taken out, Ella rocked one of her big southern girl bows that she got from Jess@The Newly--finally hair long enough to support this haha
One of my new fave pics of her
So, our weekend of twins was complete! We picked up Chipotle for dinner on the way home, and had  a quiet night in, getting ready for the week ahead. 

Hoping your weekend, and your week so far, have been good, too! Link up with Jessi and I to share what's hap-"pinning" with you!