I think it knows!!!

I am having one of the best hair days I've had, perhaps ever! And it's happened for the second day in a row!!! There are several potential reasons for this which include:
1) Extra Garnier Fructise goop in the hair than usual
2) Changing my condition (to Dove, from Tresemme--thank you Sale at Target!)
3) A change in the weather--warmer temperatures are coming. Not sure it actually has anything to do with it, but I haven't gotten shocked when I shut my car door in the last few days, so we'll add it to the list as a possibility.
....and the one I think is the most likely contributor:
4) my hair knows that I was thinking of getting a haircut!
This has happened before--I am getting sick of my hair, it's too long, not doing anything I want it to, and I contemplate making an appt with my hair dresser (who is amazing!!). And then I have good hair days for a few days in a row. HOW DOES IT KNOW?????

In any event, no matter what the reason, I'm happy with good hair day #2, and am praying diligently that it continues for the next week plus before I am to make the long distance trek to St. Louis to visit the boyfriend and go out with his parents (eep!)
Here's to good hair days galore (and maybe a good hair day hat-trick???)!!

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