The Little Things

Happy Monday, all! I hope you guys had relaxing, fun-filled weekends, are re-charged and ready to take on another week! For me, this work week is only 4 days and then I'm off on Spring Break from the 15th-25th, and spending the 15th-24th with Boyfriend in St. Louis. So, you could say I'm excited for this week to go by quickly!


Yesterday I was out running some errands and I was at a stop light next to a couple on a motorcycle. I noticed that as they were sitting there, with her arms wrapped around his waist, that he reached back and rubbed her leg pretty much the entire time they were at the light (and it was a long one). She, in turn, started to give him a nice little back massage. And then he did the same at the next light (they followed me for a litle bit). It just made me re-remember how little gestures can mean so much. And that was an example of it staring me right in the face.

We, as girls, always say how important the little things are, and I truly
believe that we are creatures of doing and appreciating the little things. And I feel like, because guys are just totally different entities than we are (I realized this even more thanks to the book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus--amazing book, and highly recommended!), doing those things just doesn't come as naturally to them. (I know that I need to remind myself of this repeatedly, especially when I get disappointed about something Boyfriend has said or not said.) So when they DO do those things, we really need to recognize it--It makes them feel good, and in turn, makes them want to do it more. And then we become even happier ladies! I have done this many times with Boyfriend--letting him know how much the little things he does makes me smile and feel good, and I notice that he does them more and more.

Not only in relationships have I found this to be important, but in day-to-day stuff. Looking out for the little things that are positive can keep a so-so day from going into a death spiral of doom and destruction! (And if those little things happen to come from your guy on that icky day, so much the better!)

So, I'm starting off this week with a positive outlook, looking for the small, everyday things that make my day just a tad bit brighter! What are the little things that make you smile?

Hoping you all have a great start to the week!  Stop on over at Life of Meg for Mingle Monday!
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