Three Things I'm Thankful for Thursday

Hey all, happy Thursday! Just one more day til the long-awaited for weekend to arrive!

So, as I've said in my other posts, sometimes it helps to take a second and look at the positive things going on in our lives. It's really easy to get caught up in the crap-tasticness of a day, but looking out for positive things can really help to either turn that feeling around completely, or just make it feel a little less sucky. So here you have my 3 things that I'm tankful for today:

Oh Shel Silverstein! How I love thee...

1) I am thankful for my students that I work with, especially one little peanut in particular who is in 4th grade and I get to see every day. This week has been the first time that we haven't gotten to see each other every morning first thing because we have been doing district-wide testing and she has had to be in class during the times I would normally see her. So, today her classroom teacher told me: "T has been really missing you. She asks me every day where Miss Z is." Melt my heart. Then I saw her later in the afternoon and she came barreling into my office to give me a 10 minute long squeeze-tastic hug! It feels so good to be loved by the kiddos.

2) I am thankful that kids can be kind to one another. In so many instances I see kids being hateful and just downright mean to one another and it sucks. Today, in one of the classrooms I was wandering into today, the kids were all on the floor watching a movie. And I saw one girl nicely rubbing another girl's back with her fingertips (it was sweet and innocent--don't make it dirty). Both totally engaged in the movie. I pointed to them and nod at the teacher and she smiled and said "Yeah, all of my kids do that for each other. It's really sweet." Which made me think how nice it is to have friends who willingly do nice things for you. And I'm glad to see those things still shine through in school.

3) I am thankful for our local Tapas restaurant , La Tasca, for having Half Priced pitchers of Sangria today. Mmmmmm. I'm also thankful that today it is in the 70's and absolutely sunny and beautiful. And that this is the weather in which I will partake in my sangria-consumption :)  (If you're ever in the DC area, La Tasca is a great place to get some sangria!)

So, on that note, I am off to meet up with my friend to celebrate a beautiful Spring day in the city! What's NOT to be thankful for there??? :)

Happy Thursday, peeps!!!

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