Application: Nightmare!

Hey all--happy almost end to the week! I'm love love love'ing the awesome weather we're having here in D.C. My spirits have been high, and that is a very very good thing since I have been in the middle of application mayhem!

The bad news: in order to apply to work at a school in Missouri, you need to sign/fill out 900 million papers....some of which, I'm sure involved my signing away custody to my first born child. AND, I had to take a personality test. Really??? I thought getting my board certification there was rough (and it was) and now I have to get my work applications in along with ANOTHER teaching license application.


Swimming. In. Paperwork.

I think my undergrad and graduate schools are going to be annoyed with the amount of transcripts I am having to have them send out (luckily my undergrad school is nice and doesn't charge!)

The good news: ALL WORK APPLICATIONS ARE SUBMITTED!!!!! Now, I sit and wait, and keep every body part crossed that I'm able to cross.


So, here's me, sending out some positive vibes into the universe (and in the direction of St. Louis), that all goes well and someone realizes how badly they want me to work in their school system!

Hope you all are having happy, productive days!

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