Monday Miscellany!

Hey y'all!! Happy Monday! Today's post is all over the place, so just hang on for the randomness ride!

Today I'm going to share another delicious recipe with you (like ooh-la-la yummy), and the best news: it's relatively light and healthy! Now, I bet those of you who read my blog on the regular will not be surprised when I tell you how I made the crock pot. Recipe courtesy of the amazing crock pot lady over at A Year of Slow Cooking. It's Pesto Chicken and Sweet Potatoes. Crock pot lady has a recipe for pesto...but I'm lazy so I just bought a small jar from the grocery store (and used most of it), 4 chicken breast halves, mozzarella cheese slices (I also added mushrooms in mine cuz I like them), and then 3-4 sweet potatoes (or regular ones if you don't like the sweet ones, but I think they will need to cook longer). Make sure you poke holes in the potatoes!!! We don't want potato bombs going off in your kitchen!
In a 6qt. crock, put the chicken on the bottom (raw or frozen), then cheese, mushrooms, and pesto. Put some tin foil on top and then lay the sweet potatoes (with holes poked!!!) on top. Turn on for 4-5 hours on High, or 6-7 on Low. Maybe a little longer with bigger potatoes and/or frozen chicken. So yummy!
{via crock pot lady's website}

My lunch today, in my tupperware. The "weird" looking stuff on top is just the mushrooms and really melted cheese which looks funny but tastes aaaaaamazing!
 All of mine are now portioned out into rubbermaid containers for the week (I love not having to cook during the week and worry about what I'm going to bring for lunch!)

Ready for a random topic change? Cuz here's one....

Also this weekend, I made a fab find at Target (my most favoritest store in the whole wide world!): comfy wedges!! See?

Aren't they super cute (minus the icky string that keeps them together at the store that I lazily left on before taking the picture)? I think they are cuter on feet than in the picture. And for serious, they are mega comfy (and I am really sensitive in the foot/shoe department). Best part? $24.99!! Winning!

Wait for it....another topic change to something completely unrelated....

{via} seriously, how are her lower abs soooo flat?!?!

Ok, now I have a question to pose to all of you....I was doing my Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones DVD yesterday (sore butt and abs today) and the whole time when doing ab exercises she says to keep the belly button pulled in, and not to have your lower abs pushed out. I try. And I try. But, I can't figure out HOW to make it NOT stick out (and, you know, still be able to breathe, etc)?!?!? I am confused! Any thoughts, tips, explanations, etc would be welcome! haha

Alright, my post of all kinds of miscellaneous ish is now complete! Hope you all have a kick-butt start to the week!!


  1. Over from Mingle Monday! Love the shoes, way cute :)

  2. I'm here from mingle monday. You can pull your abs in but if it sticks out that's okay. It doesn't have to be pulled in super tight. Just enough to support your core muscles. I hope that helps.

  3. Cute blog!! The chicken and sweet potato recipe sounds very delicious!!! I'm definitely trying it soon! :)

  4. Happy mingle Monday!

    Jillian kicks ass. At least she kicks mine. :-)

  5. Love those shoes! I saw them when I was there last week and almost bought them - but ended up with another pair. I really like the red!

  6. I just bought those same shoes to wear to my brother's colleg graduation last weekend and LOVED them!


  7. Those shoes are CUUUTE!! I am having serious Target withdrawals - going on week 6 of bedrest with these babies - the other day I rode along just to see Target and had to wait in the car while my hubby shopped. It was SO not the same - haha!!

    Good luck with your upcoming move! You will quickly make it your new home and love it. Thanks for stopping by from Mingle Monday! New follower :)


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