Pinterest: not just a good waste of time

Hey, lovies! Happy Thursday to ya! Only one more day until the glorious weekend and I can not wait! :)

So, as many of you are aware, Pinterest is kind of addicting. And by kind of, I mean INSANELY. When I have some down time at work, or just need a break from whatever I'm doing, I'll peruse the site for a little bit and I always find something that I enjoy.

Yesterday proved to be my most productive Pinterest day, yet! I found SO many cute ideas for my office at work, AND I found a really yummy looking recipe that I wanted to try. I copied the link, and sent it to MP in an email, who quickly replied and said "Let's make it tonight!!"  All of these things made me feel completely justified in spending almost every second some my "office set up" time searching through the Pinterest depths!

Let's revisit what I found:
I loved this idea, but printing it out on a single sheet of paper looked small, and I wanted something more.
So, I used my handy picasa skills, and cut out each square, saved them as their own files, and then inserted each onto their own page in Word. Printed them out and am now waiting for the laminator at my school to get film so I can laminate and hang them above my white-board!

My second find was this:

It'sa friend tree! A-dor-a-ble! So, I went to Google, and found a blank tree with only trunk and limbs (no leaves), and printed it out:
Once I start seeing my kiddos, I'll have them ink up and fingerprint themselves onto our own Speech Room Friend Tree. Once done, I'll get it framed and hang it on the wall in my room! Love it!

My last find had nothing to do with work, but made my stomach growl just looking at it. It's Tomato, shrimp, and feta, baked: 
Omg, I'm drooling again. 
So, I emailed the site to MP and he was all over it. He picked me up from the metro, grabbed my overnight bag and my pup, went by the grocery store for all of the stuff we needed (and we added baby spinach to the recipe as well,which was a good choice) and went to his place to make it. OMG, SOOOOO good. The recipe says to serve it with crunchy bread, and I highly recommend it. It's like shrimp bruschetta. It's SUPER light, you don't end up feeling like a fat cow when you're done eating, and it's really not that bad for you! Along with a nice glass of red wine (or two, hehe), it was perfect and really really easy! This is what ours looked like:

So, I continue my love affair with Pinterest, especially since it has made itself an awesome resource for things for work, which means I can totally justify being on the site AT work! haha

What's YOUR favorite thing about Pinterest?? I have sooooo many! :)


  1. Pinterest is my favorite... i love all the cute crafting ideas, love the funny quotes people find, love all the wedding inspiration im getting, and love all the outfits! there are days where i just can't stop pinning!

  2. I am just in love with pintrest and there are so many cute school ideas on there. The down side? Most of them are for elementary school. I teach middle school. WHOMP WHOMP. Fortunately I've found a few on there that I think I can kind of modify into something of my own. We shall see!

  3. Loving your Pinterest finds. Happy almost-Friday!

  4. I love that you have already used things you've found on Pinterest! I haven't used anything yet, but I have plans to make some of the desserts I've found on there. And I've been inspired by the fashion I've found. And some of the craft ideas are really great!

  5. Love your ideas for the classroom and that Tree how cute! Love that idea!

  6. I definitely have had that recipe pinned. It looks so good. Glad to hear it turned out well. :)

  7. yummmmmmm! And I love that idea about the thumb prints :)

  8. I love finding new recipes too!

  9. I think pinterest is the best/worst thing to happen to my life!! I can't wait to try out some of the things I've found on there!

  10. I have been wondering about Pinterest. You found some GREAT stuff. I def need to check it out.
    Stopping by from Mingle Monday :)


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