Tom ta-Tom Tom Tommmmms!

(that was to the tune of the Tums commercial, in case you didn't pick up my wacky-ness)

Happy Tuesday!! Hopefully your weeks are off to a good start, ready to charge through to the much-anticipated weekend relaxation! I spent part of my morning working on my schedule and preparing a presentation for my fellow teachers on things to consider and implement for their speech and language kids in the classroom! I think, so far, I have some good stuff, but I'm definitely nervous to present to all of my coworkers!

After I worked on that, I decided to take a little online shopping break and purchase my first and very own pair of TOMS!
After being in a school where everybody and their mother (ok, not really) is wearing Toms, I thought it might be time to bite the bullet and purchase a pair. I've heard they are uber comfy and Ive seen them worn with a variety of clothes so I thought it was a good purchase. And, if nothing else, at least I helped someone else get a pair of shoes somewhere in the world, right??

if only this was the view outside
 of my office window

Meanwhile, from my new office window (from which I was able to see the massive storm that brought us a respite from this awful Heat Dome yesterday), I am seeing construction and feeling the floor shake from jack-hammering. Never a really good thing when you feel like the floor could cave in at any moment....but, at least I can SEE what is happening now!! :)

Alright, it's time for this slacker to get back to work, making sure the youth of America (and those who teach them) are educated properly in Speech and Language ideas!


  1. ummmm...i don't know how i feel about those Toms. I think CROCS look cuter :). You'll have to take a picture of you wearing them so i can get the full effect ...or affect...effect? or affect? you decide.


  2. I totally want a pair of TOMS, just have to decide what kind!! Hope the construction stops soon!

  3. My first pair of Toms were the gray ones too! I love how comfortable they are.

  4. You'll have to let us know how the Toms are. I have yet to get a pair, but everyone has them.

  5. Hey there! Stopping by from Mingle Monday...I think I have seen your blog before (probably through MM). the Toms...might have to get a pair myself. I am also an SLP-in a pediatric clinic. Good luck with the school year!


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