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Happy Thursday, all! I dunno about you all, but this week has been DRAGGING! On Tuesday night, I felt like it was Thursday. And now that it's Thursday, I'm totally ready for the weekend!

This weekend comes with it my friend's Bachelorette party in D.C. We were requested to wear Little Black Dresses out for the night. I took this opportunity to decide that none of my "black dresses" were cute enough for my liking, so I turned to the interwebs. I don't know if you all know about this site called Body Central ( but it has some pretty fantastically cute things at really good prices. Let me show you what I purchased on Saturday, that is now hanging in my closet, screaming to be worn!

First, exhibit A:

I nervously ordered the Small, and when it arrived yesterday, I tried it on and it fits! I might not be able to eat a ton of food, buuuut it looks HOT as hell. And, really, that's all that matters. (Perhaps, And, how much was this hot and sexy find, you ask? Oh, only $29.80! 

What really brought me to the site (from the catalogue) was this adorable shirt that, when it arrived, I swoooooned over. I picture it with a pair of dark skinny jeans and I am content. Here is exhibit B:

How freaking pretty and romantic is this??? I LOVE it!!! And this little piece was only $19.50. Would it make you laugh at me if I told you that I hung it on the handle of the door of my closet, just so I could look at it when I woke up this morning?  Go ahead, laugh if you want. I'm so in love with this shirt, I don't even care! hehe
Maybe I shouldn't have shared my cute website because now all of the awesome things on there will fly off the shelves like hot-cakes. BUUUUT, I thought I'd be nice and share it anyway, just cuz I love you all! :)

The clothes are pretty good quality, too. Definitely better quality than something from Forever 21. I've ordered things from them before, and I have yet to be disappointed!

So, there is my fashion find for you all. If you're bored, go check out the site! You won't be disappointed (at least, I don't think you will be!)

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  1. I LOVE that top! It is so perfect for literally everything!!!


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