Monday Miscellany

Hey, bloggie friends!! Happy Monday!

Today is the first day of school for our students, so the school is abuzz with the sound of kiddos returning to the world of learning (and I think there might be some groans and grumbles in there too....and I'm sure NONE of them are from the teachers! hehe)

So, before getting back into the regular school year swing of things, MP and I decided to take a day trip to Ocean City, MD. I hadn't been back there since I was in High School I believe (I used to just go to the Outer Banks where it was a little more relaxing, and a little less "tourist"). We ended up leaving about an hour later than we had planned (sleepy heads...that was us), and hit some traffic along the way but made it to the beach by 12:30 and had a day filled with beach, ocean, boardwalk, fries, and margaritas! We attempted to get some crabs on our way home but the restaurant was packed with people outside and there was a tour bus pulling in in front of us. All of these things spelled out "long wait" so we went home crab-less!

Sunday was a day of relaxation and some Top Golf. I dont know if Top Golf is a nation-wide thing, but basically it's a driving range but there are different areas that you try and aim for and you get points based on where you hit. You can play games against others to see who can get the most points. This is where MP and I went on our first date and where he taught me how to not suck completely at golf swing a club and have the ball go somewhere in the general vicinity of where I wanted it to go.
MP...making it look easy
I look like I'm putt-putt I swear my form is
better when  I'm not being forced to take a picture!!
And, now, it's back to work. And that dreaded schedule I still need to make! Dang it! At least I had a good weekend to look back on while I'm "in the weeds" of schedule-making and a new school year!

Hope you all had great weekends and an awesome start to the week!


  1. Looks like you had a great time!

    Nice pic of you two...


  2. What a fun time! I've never heard of Top Golf, but I'm also a horrible golfer so I know I wouldn't be that good at it lol. Hope the school year starts off well!

  3. Putt-Putt golf makes me rage out. It pisses me off sooooooo bad. I can't imagine the FIT I would have if I ever went to Top Golf. I'd probably end up in jail...

  4. Sounds fun! We don't have top golf here, but I wish we did! Maybe I wouldn't avoid golfing with my husband! Something about the driving range just bores me after about 10 minutes!

  5. Wow you start school early huh? I think our local schools don't start til late August, and Chicago Public schools don't start until after Labor Day!

  6. sounds like a LOVELY weekend...they totally fly too quickly don't they??

  7. Saying hi from Mingle Monday. One-- cute layout! Two-- Good luck with the school year starting up but it looks like you had a fun weekend!

  8. Stopping by from Mingle back in school already??? Is this a year round school?


  9. Visiting from Mingle Monday. That looks like a super fun weekend! And I can't believe ya'll are back to school already.

  10. Stopping by from Mingle Monday...the kids go back August 1st?? When do you let out?

    Do work in elementary or middle/high school? Do you already have your caseload or are you in testing mode? (i work in 0-3 and neurodev, so i'm just really curious about the school district side of things!)

    p.s. love your background art!

  11. I did pass through Northern Va on my road trip. I hope the first day of school, with kids, went wonderfully. Happy Monday!


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