WILW and Oh, How Pinteresting!

Happy middle of the week, friends! Thanks goodness we're at the halfway point! I dunno about you all, but I could use a 3-day weekend something fierce!

But, in the meantime, I'm linking up with Jamie at this kind of love for What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm loving the weather since the hurricane. Gooooooooness, it has been absolutely beautiful! Do I have to wear a light sweater in the mornings? Yes. Do I care? No, because when I leave work in the afternoon (after being stuck inside all day), it is heavenly out. It's like someone took out all of the humidity and left a little bit of warmth and I am in heaven!

I'm loving that there is a 3-day weekend coming up. I've been back at school for something like 6 or 7 weeks now, 4 or 5 of those with children. Crazy children. And I could use a break from the chaos that is work. An extra day to be lazy, do whatever I want, get some sun (hopefully), and be a bum! 

I'm loving that I'm hopefully going to be visiting my buddy Genna in VA Beach this weekend....Though, in order for that to happen, girl's gonna need to call me back (Genna, CALL ME!!! lol). The weather is supposed to continue to be nice this weekend, and it is a welcome change after the hurricane stuff this past weekend.

I'm  loving that I bit the bullet and bought the sewing machine I had talked about earlier this week. I'm excited to try something new and potentially start a new hobby. This year at work is already stressful and I am becoming more and more aware that I need some other hobbies to do something productive with (sitting on the couch every evening just isn't cutting it anymore I suppose). It should be coming next week sometime, and I'm excited to start trying it all out! I'm also kind of loving how ridiculously child-like and girly the machine is. Altho,  when if I mess up, I might feel like an even bigger idiot given the same parameters! :)

I'm also loving that it's time for Oh, How Pinteresting! with Michelle at The Vintage Apple!  I have been finding all kinds of goodies on Pinterest this past week. Some pics, some quotes, some yummy looking food. So, let's get started with the sharing!


All images via www.Pinterest.com

Totally right...all about perspective!

S'more's Bars....I am drooling!

I love purple, and I love this mirror!

Cuz who hasn't had a day where you felt like this?? He's ready for the 3-day weekend, too!

Snow Globe gift card idea for your teachers!!! Such a cute idea!

Salmon with Avocado Mango Salsa....sounds super yummy, I might need to try!

Simply because this is freakin' adorable!!!! 

I hope you're loving and Pinning some awesome things this week! Link up with the cool chicks above and show us what ya got goin' on! :)

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Loove the puppy pin and the cute duckies.
    I used to have a pet duck but he never swam in my sink... smart thinkin!
    Have a good day!

  2. New to your blog! Love the Pinterest pics. I am so addicted. I spend way too much time on there. The snow globe gift is really neat.

  3. the ducks...the ducks....my heart is melting!

  4. I'm stealing that first pin and applying it to my life. love that! Don't be surprised if you see it on my FB later :)

    Trish @ Tales from ...

  5. I have that Hello Kitty sewing machine! I love it! Happy Wednesday!

  6. i wish i had the space for a mirror like that it is so beautiful and fun! love the pins :)

  7. So jealous you got a sewing machine!!!!

  8. I love those smores bars! They look so delicious! Happy sewing too! :)

  9. Good luck with the sewing :) I love the machine since I'm a big Hello Kitty fan, but I'm afraid sewing is just not my forte. Love the ducks though. Completely adorable. Definitely my "AWWWW" moment for the day :)

  10. Haha I definitely felt like that puppy yesterday....andddd today. And I love salmon, that recipe sounds amazing!

  11. Oh! I love it! I love pinterest!

  12. I am loving this weather too. And I bought a sewing machine a few months ago and I've only made one thing so I hope you are way more productive than me LOL

  13. Our weather has been absolutely AWESOME since the hurricane as well! It wasn't bad here, so I'll take a few more if it means we get weather like this for a while ;) And, that sewing machine is SUPER cute! So glad you got it too :)

  14. I am SO on the same page as you with the whole work/life ratio. It seems so much time is spent at work that at home I sit on my butt and watch bad tv! Thanks for the motivation to start a new hobby!!

  15. How exciting! I've been talking about getting a sewing machine for awhile now. I really want to learn how to sew!

  16. I love the puppy and ducklings pins! I'm a sucker for cute animals :)


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