(Semi-Naked) Labor Day Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday, everyone! (did the title of my post intrigue you?? Read on for explanation)...
It's a rainy one here in DC, and sadly, it looks like it is going to rain for pretty much the next 10 days. Ohhhhh goody! Luckily it's a short week, so I'm hoping it goes by quickly so I can return to being a lazy butt on the weekend!

So my Labor Day plans were kind of a last minute thing. After some complications, my trip down south to the beach was cancelled, so instead I made the trek up north to Philadelphia to hang out with my friend (who used to also be my old supervisor when I was an intern in grad school). Since I hadn't seen his place or met his gf of 2 years yet, it seemed like an opportune time to take care of that, and escape my day to day "reality." Cooper came along for the ride. On the way up, he sat in my lap and made sure to wiggle for all of the toll booth attendants. On the way down, he spent most of the ride curled up on the passenger seat asleep, like this:

Saturday I got up to Philly around dinner time, so we headed out for some food and drinks, and then had an early night since my friend had to get up and run 20 miles in the morning (while he was massively productive, I sat on the couch and drank coffee and watched Bravo tv haha).

Then it was on to a day of eating and drinking at all kinds of pubs and bars around Philly. As we were walking around, we kept hearing that a "Naked Bike Ride" was happening (here's where the naked part comes in)... My friend had seen it last year and said it was traumatic, so around 7 we decided to head back to his place to shower, get ready for the night, and let poor Cooper out who had been home all by himself. We were hoping to leave before the naked bike ride began, but....JUST as we got to my car, the onslaught of nakedness caught up with us. They came directly down the street where my car was parked. And, boy, did I see more boobs and Peni$ in 15 minutes than I should have seen for the entire length of my life. Be forewarned, I am posting a picture (super small), just because you have to see it to believe it (and because misery loves company...I was traumatized by it and now I am sharing that trauma with you haha):

There was even a dude who wasn't even on a bike, just running beside the bikes, completely in the nude with his manhood (if you can call it that) just flopping about. (Yes, I have a picture of it. No, I'm not going to post it haha)

Seriously. I didn't know that this could happen in the US, and in broad daylight. But, it did. And it was an experience (albeit a kind of foul one).

The rest of the night was VERY low key compared to that, and the next morning we had breakfast and I hit the road. Made it back to DC in 2.5 hours and spent the rest of the evening dealing with life drama haha. At least I was able to escape for a little while, and spend time with a friend who cared about me!

All in all, it was a great weekend. Totally unexpected plans, not what I had anticipated, but it worked out well and I was happy to get away for a bit. 

Did you all get into anything fun? Hopefully it was fun/relaxing!

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  1. Wow I live right outside of Philly and have never heard of this. HOLY COW! So weird!


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