Miscellaneous Monday!

Happy Monday, all! Hopefully you're awake and ready for the week. I'm telling myself that I am, and am thankful that here in DC we have sunshine (following a weekend of beautiful weather) since all of last week was spent in clouds, rain and funk! (Sorry, the beginning part of this post is lacking pics...)

This weekend was particularly nice because I wasn't travelling anywhere (other than to Maryland for the day to see my parents but that's only about 30 minutes away), the weather was beautiful, I got to be a total bum all day yesterday (a major win in my book), and I spent some time with Match guy

Friday night I went to my newlywed friends Emily and Steve's house for an amazing dinner that Emily whipped up. This delish salad (with kind of a southwest flair), some salmon and tuna made with pesto, and risotto. As well as a pink lemonade sangria. Oh. Em. Geeee was it good. I am gonna get the recipe from her and post it here cuz, let's face it, it was amazeballs! Match Guy came with me and met the lovely couple, and we all had a really nice time just relaxing, shooting the breeze and enjoying an adult-style hangout at the end of the week!

Saturday I went home to see my parents and Cooper, my mini-poodle (who is going to be three in less than a month!) got a hair cut. Poor little guy was hardly able to see he had so much hair in his eyes! Although I think he is incredibly cute when he is fluffy, shaggy and has fur in his eyes, I DO want my little guy to be able to see clearly! So, to the groomer we went, and $76 later (ouch), my pup is still cute, smells good, and has regained his ability to see without fur in his eyes:
Right after we picked him up from the groomer's...he had a bit of a handle bar 'stache going on
which I promptly took care of with some scissors. No 70's style cowboy porn star pup here!

After a long day of grooming, visiting the grandparents, etc, my pup passed out.
And apparently left a little drool on the bed as well lol
Saturday night, after returning from my parent's house, I was in more of a mood to go out than I originally had thought I would be, so I took Match Guy up on a previous offer to go to a birthday surprise party (that ended up turning into an engagement party) with a group of his friends. They were all SO nice, and super fun, and like 3 of Match Guy's female friends (who were all married) told me what a great guy he is, how he will treat a girl he is with like queen, etc. At one point I asked him if he had paid them to talk him up like that lol. (Fun fact about the engagement....earlier in the week when Match Guy and I were out, we ran into his friend who said he was meeting up with his gf's dad. We both gave him "the look" like "oooooh" and he said "no no, it's not what you think." Once he left, he texted Match Guy and said "Ok it IS what you think, but you can't say anything!") So, overall I really liked his friends, was impressed I got the invite out to meet ALL of them, and apparently I got the stamp of approval from his friends as well.

And yesterday was ended with some of this yummy pasta that I made again (courtesy of Pinterest), some white wine (hey, it was needed in the recipe! Who am I to let a bottle go to waste!), quality time with the roommate, and a Redskins football win. Against the Giants. And the Skins actually looked GOOD! Now, not getting my hopes up for the entire season, but, it's nice to have the Skins with a winning record for once, even if it IS 1-0! :)

So, that's it for me. I'm back to another work week (altho only 4 of the days this week are with kids because we are having professional development/data day on Friday, so no kiddos!!!!) Already looking forward to next weekend which will be my friend Emily's Wedding Reception in Delaware which is definitely going to be a good time! Did you all have good weekends??

Here's to a quick, and easy, week!


  1. pink lemonade sangria?!! YES PLEASE!

  2. Aw, Cooper is too cute, and that pasta looks delicious!

  3. Mmmmmm that sangria sounds delish for sure! Love your puppy, and yay for making progress with Match guy!

  4. so adorable!
    my son loves dog.

    By the way, I'm your newest follower via GFC from the Monday Blog Hop.
    Please feel free to visit my blog. Looking forward to seeing you there, and hope you follow me back. Thanks!


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  6. Hi, just stopping by from Mingle Monday! Looks like you had a great weekend! And your puppy is so cute! It's awesome that Match Guy's friends talked him up so much, and that you all got along! Sounds like a winner!

    Have a great day!


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