Beginning of my Vacay

Happy Tuesday, all. I hope that your week has started off nicely. I, myself, am on my 2-week break from work and BOY can I say that I am enjoying being lazy. It's just nice to be able to wake up without an alarm (altho I did this morning bc I stayed over at MG's place and he has to work), catch up on DVR shows during the day, stop by the bank, get my car serviced. All of the crap that I never really feel like I have enough time to do during the work week.
It's the little things in life, I tell you.

So, this weekend I was finally able to get away from day-to-day life, get out of town, and visit my old roomie/bestie, Genna over the weekend. It's been a few months since she moved out (and subsequently since I have seen her) and it was JUST like old times...something I think is a true sign of friendship. No matter how long you are apart, as soon as you see one another, it's like you were always together. Love it!

Since this weekend was Yom Kippur, and Genna is Jewish, I celebrated and broke fast with the family (even tho I hadnt been fasting). It was awesome to see Genna and her family, and spend some time with them, also seeing the traditions that they have as a family. I found irony in the fact that I'm no longer dating a Jewish guy anymore, and yet still found myself celebrating the holidays :) That night we went out and had some drinks (how many? I'm not sure lol) with her bf, bro and sis-in-law which was a ton of fun. Sadly there were only two pictures taken this weekend and one of them was this one:

This should be a sign of how the evening went lol

Sunday was spent lounging/relaxing for the most part, gossiping and girl-talking, eating some yummy food from a cute place in VA Beach called Taste Unlimited (so delish!) and watching our reality tv shows. And we did so in the same couch-position that we did when we lived together. Some things never change :)

Monday I drove back home and picked MG up at the airport after being gone in Minnesota visiting friends (his friend works for the Minnesota Vikings, so they got to go "behind the scenes," watch the game with the players' families, see the players and coaches, and basically have a kick A time. Didn't hurt that the Vikings actually pulled out a W (which is more than I can say for MG's Eagles HAH!). The weather here yesterday was phenomenal so we went to Roosevelt Island, did a nice walk/jog around the island and then along the Potomac and had a relaxing night in with a dinner of wraps and smoothies. Can't beat it!

I have no funny kid stories and no gripes about how much I hate work. Right now Im just enjoying the time off, getting caught up on things, and preparing for our trip to the Dominican that we leave for bright and early on Friday morning. And BOY do I mean early. (Our flight leaves at 6am!)

I hope your weeks are going well. I'm off to get some laundry done and watch some more tv, read, and pretty much, whatever the heck else that I want. Wooohooo for breaks from work!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Enjoy your time off. Lucky girl. :)

  2. Enjoy your two weeks off! Sounds like you're off to a good start ;)

  3. Didn't know that MG was an Eagles fan!! Although all of us Eagles fans aren't really advertising that fact at the moment...

  4. Sounds great! Hope you keep enjoying your vacation :)


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