It's the AWESOME and AMAZING Trish!!!

Hey! It's MEEEEE - world famous Trish from Tales at Trish.'m not SOO much world famous. know.  Maybe one day...

I'm guest blogging for Jenn while her and Mr. MG are traveling back from Punta Cana, and
I'll admit it -- I'm TOTALLY jealous. 

I mean - who gets 2 weeks off in the middle of October AND gets to go to Dominican?! Jenn! Lucky Girl! 

I know when she gets back she's going to post all these beautiful photos of the resort, and of sunsets, sand and blue skies ... so I thought I'd do the opposite ... I'm posting some misery that we'll probably be seeing soon in the MD/VA/DC area in the next couple months:

ok...ok. I went nice. I posted cutesy pictures of snow. Because I HEART Jenn despite my jealously :).

Her and I go waaaaay back to our college years -- freshmen orientation as a matter of fact. And we spent two (was it two?) GLORIOUS years living together. We have lots of memories and lots of good times and she's totally my BFF. 

So that's all for now! Maybe she'll let me guest blog for her again one day (on her Spring Break) and I'll tell you all her dirty secrets. Wouldn't you love that?!


Anyhoo - I Can't wait to hear all about her fantastical and magical trip!
Happy Monday


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