Turkey day recap

Well, our Thanksgiving at my parents house was an eventful one to say the least.

I started out the morning in my bed, thinking, "Man, how am I ever going to know how to make a WHOLE Thanksgiving dinner whenever the day comes that I have to do such a thing?" I should have kept that stupid thought to myself. "Why?" you ask?

About 5 minutes into my mom prepping to make the delish squash casserole (I was fixing a quick bite to eat for breakfast before jumping in to help), she sliced her finger on the mandolin slicer. Bad. I hear "*gasp* I cut my finger. Bad. I'm gonna need to get stitches"....never a dull moment.

Not a hand ready for
So, I run into my room, throw on jeans and a shirt and haul a$$ to the car to drive my mom to the ER, leaving my dad and Cooper behind.

An hour and a half later, my mom got some kind of gel stuff to close up her wound and a HUGE bandage. It was at that point that the realization hit: I'm making Thanksgiving dinner! EEEEEP!

Luckily my mom was ok, able to laugh at the situation (after a few tears) and still able to help me some (we put a grocery bag over her hand to make sure it stayed clean and dry, which was funny in and of itself). Usually I help with making things anyway, and would have had to help more this year since my dad is still out of commission in terms of that stuff (and many other things), but never did I think that that would involve hacking away at a turkey. I swear, you guys, I might be a vegetarian after that non-sense. No one should ever have to look inside of a dead animal like that. Ughhhh.

Yes, I am a wuss. I admit it. And I'm totally ok with it. I texted MG after the horrifying experience and informed him that if we ever had to make a Thanksgiving dinner together, that HE was in charge of the turkey. Not my thing. At all.

After all of the hard work, though, the food turned out pretty good, and I was more proud of everything because I did a lot of it. So, yay for that! And, I didn't OVERLY stuff myself...and I even went for a run today since the weather here is insanely unseasonal (low 60's)...of which, I have ZERO complaints!

It's been nice being home and spending time with my parents. My dad's been having a rough day today, with fluid getting back into his lungs, and is getting really discouraged. I'm trying to keep him positive but it's hard. I know he's frustrated with the recurring symptoms and his loss of appetite. It's just hard. But I'm glad I was here. I got a chance to see one of my friends for lunch (yay Trish!) and my other friend's new place that she just bought.
And Cooper got a haircut today...and he looks darling! (I think so, anyway, but I'm a littttttle bit biased):
Coop showing off his new haircut to the neighborhood
Look at that face!!! I melt...
Tomorrow I'm off to Philly to meet the rest of MG's family and celebrate his 30th bday a week early with all of them. Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly!! :)

Hope you all have wonderful and relaxing weekends! And don't get too stuffed on all of the leftovers!!! hehe


  1. HOLY MOLY JENNJENN!!! So sorry to hear about your mama, I hope she is ok. Glad that you were able to get her taken care of!

    I bet your dinner was delish!!!!

    Good luck at MG's party, I know you will have a blast!


    ps.com feel lucky you are my FIRST comment with my NEW MACBOOK!!!

  2. he is so cute i can hardly stand it!


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