Blogger Blitz DC Recap!

Happy Monday, lovies!

I'm here, still getting over this stupid cold with my scratchy voice (not so awesome) after a really fun night meeting a ton of cool chicas at the DC Blogger Blitz meet-up, hosted by {av} at {long distance loving}!

It was complete with glittery name tags, a blogger directory, beautiful ladies, some drinks and lots of good conversation!

There were a lot of girls there--some whose blogs I read on a regular basis, and others I hadn't seen before, which made me happy because I met some really nice people and now I have new blogs to follow!

Before the official meet-up, Ms. Pinky and I decided to meet at the metro and ride into DC together. We've been emailing and such for the past couple of months and it was SO great to finally meet her. She is awesome, and you should go check out her blog. Especially if you like pink. And glitter. :)

I was really excited to learn that there are several lady bloggers who live right near me, too! You should check out their blogs as well!

The whole meetup was really fun, and I wish I had gotten a chance to talk to more of the ladies there, but hopefully there will be another chance for a DC blogger meetup again sometime soon! I know I'll be there!

To the lady bloggers at the Blogger Blitz: It was SO great to meet all of you ladies, even if we didn't get a chance to chat. It was awesome to see so many people who are in the area, blogging, and letting their creativity flow! You are all inspiring and I can't wait to follow along with your blogs!

Hope everyone has a happy Monday!


  1. How awesome! I so wish I could meet some awesome bloggers like that :) Glad you had a good time!!


    I had a great time standing in Starbucks...pshaw who needs a table, not us?!?!

    Can't wait to meet up again!


  3. Sounds like an awesome time! :)

  4. Looks so fun!! I love blogger meetups. :)

  5. Even if we didn't get a chance to chat, I totally agree- such a fun experience and so great to meet so many lovely blogger ladies in DC! Love your photos! :)

  6. that is so awesome -- how fun!!! I think I would love to go to one of those in the future -- I absolutely LOVE finding new blogs to read. I can't believe how many awesome people I'm following, including you:)

  7. Love love loved meeting you last night! You and Pinky are such a fun duo - can't wait to do it again! You have fabulous photos, by the way!

  8. Love the pics!! So much fun last night. Look forward to the next get together!

  9. Great recap of last night! I wish we had had a chance to say hi, but I never made it to the other end of the room :)

  10. Jen! I can't thank you enough for this incredible post--it was soooo wonderful to meet you! Can't wait to do it again soon! xoxo {av}

  11. Jenn, it was wonderful meeting you. I enjoyed our conversation. I had a great time at the Blogger Blitz.

  12. so great to meet you jenn! you are such a sweet heart :] i am really looking forward to this wine shindig we were talking about -- i think it would be so much fun & a great way for all of us to stay in contact.

    hope you are having a lovely week!

    "my unrehearsed life"

  13. Love this! Wish there was something like this close to me.


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