Book Review: Divergent

Peeps. Do I have a book for you!

Did you like Hunger Games? Oh, you did? Well, you need to check out the book Divergent by Veronica Roth:

It is reeeeeally good. I don't know if it was because I was reading it on my Kindle, but I read this book SO fast (I started it on Tuesday and finished it early this morning). 

It's a similar genre as Hunger Games, but it's different. The book is about an America that is now divided into "factions" (groups), and at the age of 16 kids choose which group they are going to belong to (having been raised by one of these factions). The main character has a choice...which faction to choose? And once chosen, where do her allegiances really lie. 

It's about discovering who you are in the midst of what people expect you to be.

Like always, I don't want to give too much away, but this story has it all: overcoming fears, discovering self, and a bit of romantical-ness :)

Oh, and another fun fact that I learned, the author was only 22. I am impressed (and I also feel like I am completely unaccomplished haha)

If you have some free time over the weekend, I TOTALLY recommend this book. My friend Trish recommended it to me, and I'm SO glad that she did! (I am waiting with anticipation for the sequel to come out in APRIL....gaaaaaahhh!)

A+ from me!


  1. I loved Divergent!!! So so good!!! I can't wait for Insurgent to come out!!!

  2. I love book recommendations! I have been considering revisiting hunger games so maybe I will have to check this one out instead!!

  3. Loved Hunger Games, Loved Divergent! :) Can't wait to find the next book I can get lost in! :)

  4. Loved this book. Recently finished Insurgent....just as good! Can't wait for the 3rd!


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