It's OK!

Happy Thursday, peeps! Im SO glad it is getting closer to the weekend, you have no idea. Suffering with a cough through the work week (and not feeling 100%) just plain sucks. Especially when you have meetings like every day of the week! Ugh!

Anyway, I'm linking up with Neely at A Complete Waste of Makeup for It's Ok, Thursday, cuz sometimes you just need to tell yourself that it's "ok"!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK.... think your roommate is a complete weirdo because she comes home and stays in her room. All night. I seriously haven't seen the girl's face since the Monday right after Thanksgiving! wish there was a magical cure for coughing and getting all of the nasty gunk out of your lungs without hacking all day long! be super excited that there are only 7 more actual days of work before I get three AMAZEBALLS weeks off from work! have NO plans for those three weeks off (and be kind of bummed that there isn't some fun trip planned to somewhere fun and/or warm) go back and forth as to whether you want a Kindle Touch or a Kindle Fire. I can't make up my mind!!! wake up in the middle of the night, thinking it's Saturday, only to realize it's Wednesday night, and you still have two more work days ahead of you. Womp womp! be excited for the DC blogger meet up this Sunday! I can't wait to meet some of the local girlies! (just pardon my cough when I meet you--I swear I'm not contagious!) have bought a new Coach bag, got it a week ago, and still have it in the clear wrap. I haven't had a reason to use it yet (first world problems), and I don't want it to get messed up until I DO need it. So in the meantime, it's sitting pretty in it's plastic wrap! be completely glad that the monsoon downpour of the last two days here has stopped, but be a little shocked at how cold it got all of a sudden. It's typical December weather for us, but we haven't had typical weather at all this season. My body can't adjust (hence, the cold...and coughing. Bah!) have gotten a Groupon for kick boxing classes with a friend, and be a little concerned that you're gonna look like a big P in the middle of the whole class. love getting texts from the boyfriend that end with "love you"'s the little things :)

I have to get my butt back to work and get ready for a slew of meetings! I hope you all have awesome Thursdays! Only one more work day til the weekend!!!


  1. Maybe you'll end up going on a spontaneous trip somewhere when you're off! Have fun at the blogger meet up, so jealous! I feel like our weather here in Cleveland is the same--poured for days and went back and forth being warm and cold, and now it's bitter and waiting for snow. Little things are the best :) Happy Thursday!

  2. Ahhh, three whole weeks off!! That does sound amazing!

  3. oooh. I Love you Texts -- awesome!

  4. Really like your layout! And it's always the little things that mean the most =)

  5. How lucky to have 3 weeks off!!! I get 3 days of, but hey, at least it's something! xox


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