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Happy Thursday, and three-days-til-Christmas, bloggie friends! I'm getting excited for Christmas--I kind of already know my "big" present from my parents (a Kindle Touch) and I'm getting anxious to get it, so that I can add some books on there and get reading. However, I don't know what MG's getting me, but I'll be finding out tonight.

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Its Ok Thursdays

Today, it's ok....

.....that I am reeeeeeally curious what MG is getting me for Christmas this year. He's told two of his female friends, both of whom told him that what he got was good...I just wanna know! look forward to the weekend so that I can see my parents and spend some time with them, but also to be a little sad that I wont be seeing MG for 4-5 days. How I did long distance for 2 years, I have NO idea... STILL be annoyed at what a messy, inconsiderate person my roommate is. I came home this morning to yet ANOTHER half empty wine bottle on the counter (we're up to 7 that have been collecting on the counter since AUGUST!) Don't get me wrong--I love my wine as much as the next girl. But, I FINISH my wine, one...and two, I clean up after myself.

Oh, and the two glasses of wine that were on the end table from her over the weekend are STILL on the end table. It's Thursday. Ridiculous! love having time off of work to sprawl out on the couch in the mornings with a cup of coffee, to read blogs (and write some), all while watching The Today Show. It's my adult guilty pleasure, and I'm totally loving it! be really excited for MG and my Christmas dinner date out tonight! We are exchanging presents before dinner (yay!) and then heading out to Old Ebbitt Grill for dinner (mega yum!) and if the weather is nice (which is iffy at this point) we're heading to look at the National Christmas tree and all of the baby state trees. We'll probably head back to his place and have a bottle of wine and make googly eyes at each other for the rest of the night haha. like warm weather, but be a little bummed that it's 60 today, in DC, which makes it really hard to feel like it's Xmas.... be SUPER excited that I finally found a replacement for the earrings that I lost one stupid night out (I remember it because it was the night of a HORRID fight with MP....the joker I dated this summer). I've been searching for exactly what I wanted and I finally found it on Anthropologie (through Pinterest). And I bought them! Wooohooo! (Merry Xmas to meeeee!) be glad that I got all of my Xmas shopping done yesterday. Everything is wrapped and ready to go! Wooohoooo!


  1. HOOOORAY boyfriend dinner and present exchange!!! Can't wait to hear all about your fabulous gifts!

    Crossing my fingers the weather holds out for you guys! xoxo

  2. you need to put the recycling bin right outside your roommies door ...maybe she'll take a hit.

  3. i meant hint* but she could probably use a hit too...

  4. Umm, why dont you just toss the bottles? thats what i would do. theyve been collecting there empty or half finished, id simply say i thought they were trash. what else are you supposed to think?
    And if she keeps up the weekend shenanigans AND makes a mess she dsnt wanna clean, why dont you show her what its like? On a Friday night, invite a girlfriend over for a slumber party and suprise the roomie! ha! and leave a few wine glasses the next day. Im just curious to see what she'd say. Im pretty sure shed understand the point your trying to get across. all i nkow, is that i wouldnt let her continue to be an annoying messy roommate. somethings gotta give hun!
    have fun tonight!
    xoxo Inna :)


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