Weekend Recap

Hey all! Happy Monday! This post is coming to you from my bed. Why? Because I'm sick, and even managed to lose my voice in the process. Bah! Today's gonna be spent with cough medicine, tea, and soup for me.

Other than getting sick, my weekend was both fun and scary. Confused? Let me explain...

Friday was MG's 30th birthday party which I had been looking forward to/planning for months. I rushed home on Friday after work and MG picked me up at the metro (what a good boyfriend!), and then dropped me off at my place to get showered and ready. But not before asking me if he could take Cooper, my cuddly loveable pup, with him while I did my thing (I love that he loves my dog!) So, after getting ready I headed over and we ate some pizza and then headed to his friend's going away happy hour for a little bit before making our way to MG's party. The HH was a lot of fun, and nice to catch up with some people--and all of MG's buddies started trying to get him drinks and shots.

I had had MG promise to remain sober-ish until around 10 because, if you remember, I had a surprise for him: his two friends from back home (who now live in Jersey and NY) were coming down to celebrate, after having told him they weren't coming (teehee!) To be honest, this was the part that I was looking forward to most--seeing MG's face when his friends came in, and let me tell you...it was SO great! He was surprised and really happy that they were there with him.
MG and some of his friends

I also loved that some of my friends showed up (all friends who have met/hung out with MG) including my friend Em and her husband Steve (whose wedding was MG's and my first trip "away" together), my friend Trish and her beau (from Tales from Trish, and another friend from around here. We had SUCH a good time, and I loved that all of my friends, who are from completely separate parts of my life, all got along SO well! It was so much fun!

After all of the partying, we all went home, and MG's two buddies (and one's gf) came back to MG's place where we blew up an air mattress and somehow ended up staying up until well past 4am. (Could be the reason why I'm sick today. Boo!) Saturday was spent in recovery once the guys and gf left.  By late afternoon, MG and I made it out to get food and went to see The Descendants, the new Clooney movie. It was really good! I recommend it!

Sunday morning started off with a scare, though. While making coffee in the kitchen, Cooper came into the room on his stomach...kind of crawling, but down on the ground, his back legs behind him. He was shaking and apparently, was having a seizure! He'd never had a seizure before (at least not that I'm aware of), and he was completely stiff, shaking and I felt totally helpless to help him. While it was happening I called the emergency number of the vet and the doctor on call said to make an appointment with the vet once they opened at 10 to get Coop checked out (luckily at this point he seemed ok...was just confused and staying close in my lap). We took him to the vet, and she said he looked good neurologically, and seemed to be acting normally (Cooper was wiggling, and sooooo happy--he loves the vet). We are going to wait and hope that it was a one-time thing. If it happens again we'll probably have to get him an MRI and contemplate seizure meds. Hopefully my little guy will be ok and never have to deal with it again.

I always knew how much I loved my Cooper, but it became even more clear when all of this happened. He's a big bright spot in my life, and so many other people's. He's the dog that will make people who don't like animals, love him. He's great with kids and SUCH a people person. He's got the sweetest disposition I've ever seen in a dog. And he's my little lovebug. I'm glad that he's ok, and I hope that it stays that way, because my life, and several other people's, just wouldn't be the same as it is with him and his little wiggle-butt in it!

So, that was my weekend. Now I'm gonna go make some tea, try to stop coughing, and get my voice back. And spend a lot of cuddle time with my little Coop monster! Hope you have a good start to the week!


  1. Oh that is such a scary thing when dogs get sick like that!! I'm glad he's ok for now and I really hope that won't happen again. And it looks like MG's party was a success!!

    And I really have to thank you, because I've been single for over a year and I was on eHarmony for a bit over the summer but didn't have any luck. I decided to join Match because of your success, and others I had heard about, and not expecting anything right away, I ended up meeting a guy about a week after signing up, and now he is my boyfriend :) So thank you for posting so openly about online dating...it really helped me go out of my comfort zone and now I couldn't be happier! :)

  2. Friday was fun! i hate that picture of me tho. can you block my face out?

  3. Yay so glad this weekend went well. Way bummer you are sick. I'm kind of with you though, this week and weekend was insane and I'm dragging. Thankfully I get to sleep in since I'm at work late the next few days.

    OH NO! Hope Coopaloop stays better! no bueno for a worried mama!

    Feel better sweetie pie!


  4. I'm so glad the party went well and that he was surprised! Sorry that you're sick:( What a bummer, but maybe it will give you some much needed rest to recover from the weekend. Your poor little Cooper!! That is so, so scary. I remember one time we had to take Annie to the emergency vet and it scared me to death. I totally understand and hope it never happens again! Love you:)

  5. I'm so sorry about Cooper! It's so scary when your pet gets sick and you're not sure what's wrong. I'm also sorry about you being sick. I'm sick today too so we can be sick together.

  6. oh man, poor little coop! glad he seems to be ok now! that is SO scary...

    glad MG's bday was a success, looks like you had a blast!

  7. Feel better! And I'm so glad that Cooper is OK.


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