It's OK Thursday....

It's Thursday, which is one day closer to Friday and the weeeeeeekend!!! I also like Thursday cuz I can link up with Amber at Brunch with Amber for It's OK Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK....

....that I wanted to claim the yummy Pretzel Chicken (with mustard cheese sauce) as my own when I made it at MG's place last night. But, I didn't. It was REALLY yummy, and pretty darn easy to make! I really liked the pretzels as the "breading" added something different than the traditional breaded chicken does. This was our end result:

The breading was great, and the sauce was really yummy! Would totally make this again!
Here is the recipe, in case you want to make it, too. RECIPE!

....that it has taken this long for MG and I to have dinner with my parents. If you recall, or have followed for a bit, the last time we had this dinner scheduled, back in October, my dad had his heart attack the week before, and has been on the recovery road since. But, since he is feeling better and more strong, we are attempting a dinner out, so that they can finally meet for more than a few minutes! I'm looking forward to it :)

....that I'm excited that today is the last day this week with kids. We have parent conferences tomorrow, so this week has only been kid-packed for 3 days, and I LIKE IT! :)

....that it's taken us a bit to make a plan that sticks for our second BLATE, but Miss P!nky and I have a sushi/wine date planned for tomorrow night and I can't wait! Wooohoo!

....that I think brain freeze is entirely possible from the was SO freaking cold on my walk to work from the metro this morning that my head started to hurt, almost like a brain freeze. Call me crazy (and you might be right), but I think it's possible. Future Nobel Prize winner for this revelation??? :)

...that I skipped working out yesterday to do laundry and catch up on DVR. BAD, Jenn, BAD! I know. But, in all fairness, roommate wasn't home, I desperately needed to get laundry done, and it was calling to me. But, I will do it tonight if it kills me, I promise! 

....that MG doesn't like to watch The Bachelor, but the other day when we turned it over to that before he went to hop in the shower, it happened to be Ben's date where they went skiing in San bikinis. All of a sudden, MG didn't have a problem watching the show and wasn't in a rush to shower anymore! I wonder WHY! lol Totally made me laugh, silly boys...

....that I feel like I'm breaking out like a high schooler....I'm on new BC pills this month, and maybe thats why, but this week, particularly today, I felt like I fit the bill for "pizza face" quite strongly this morning. Ugh! Zits, zits, go away....I'm closer to thirty than I am twenty for cripe's sake!

....that I really enjoy blogging, and all of the cool people I've met and talked to by doing this. You guys are awesome, and I 100% mean that :)

What are YOU finding "ok" today? Go link up!!


  1. WOOOOOHOOOO BLATE!!! So excited we are FINALLY making it work (a la TIM GUNN!)

    Yay no roomie for the night, I totally feel you on that one!

    So excited for SUSHI!!!


  2. ugh i def know what that feels like being breaking out in high-school. im getting horrible pimps and cists and it's SO NOT COOL lol. we'll get through it girl :) xo

  3. It's ok that I'm NOT ok with my husband's hours at his new job at the local hospital. 2pm to midnight? uuuuuggghhhh

    It's ok that this weekend I am planning on sitting in my pjs, playing with my puppy and watching tv. That's it. And I'm ok with that.

    Glad you're done with kiddos for the week after today. I like having random days that are different. It's a nice relief from the regular monotony.

    Happy Thursday!

  4. We have a 3-day week too! Kids had Mon. and Tues. off, so the only thing getting me out of bed is that it's already Thursday :)

  5. That chicken looks SOOO good!! Pretzel breading sounds yummy! Have fun at dinner with your parents! I totally think it's possible to have a brain freeze from the outside, that wind can be brutal!

  6. SO glad the pretzel chicken was a success!! And too funny....I was going to try and claim that I whipped it up on my own for MVP!! But he got to my house earlier than I expected and caught me making it and following the recipe.

  7. Ok, I have never seen anyone do this before! I am stunned by the creativity with preztel breading! How awesome!! Great job girl!

    The Magnolia Pair


  8. OMG my man did the SAME THING when the skiing part of the Bachelor came on! hahaha boys will be boys! Love your blog!

  9. That looks so delicious! I love this idea of OK Thursday! I have so many little guilty pleasures :-)


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