It's Ok....

It's OK....that I'm linking up with Amber at Brunch with Amber for It's OK Thursday!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK....

.....that it's Thursday and I'm really wishing that it was Friday instead (just ONE more day til long weekend!)....

.....that I have been one or two people away from 150 followers for a few WEEKS now. Every time I get close, someone decides to un-follow me, which makes me sad :( But, IT'S OK--know why? Cuz I have some AWESOME followers, and I love you all to pieces! wish someone would spank my roommate (in a parental way, not a dirty way) and teach her some manners. GRR!

....that I want sunshine, and warm weather. We've had a pretty mild Winter here so far, but I want warmth and sunshine, and to put my winter coat away in the closet! be really excited to try out a new restaurant, Art and Soul, in DC for Restaurant Week with a good couple friend of mine and MG's, Emily and Steve (you may remember theirs was the wedding MG and I attended verrrrrry shortly after we started to date). The menu looks amazingly yummy and I can't wait! have stuck to the plan of doing my Yoga DVD after work yesterday, despite REEEEALLY not wanting to, but when my wrist started killing me part way through, I quit. I finished up by doing some ab work but I dont really feel like I actually worked out. At least I tried?? (Side note: this wrist thing happened the last few times I did this video...anyone else have this problem? I know I have tiny wrists, so maybe it's just me?) already be dreading the boyfriend's work trip that's in 2 weeks, which has turned from 8 days into 2 weeks all of a sudden, and all of which will be out of the country. Boo. I'm hoping he'll have internet access so we can Skype, otherwise this will be one sad chica. have seen this on Pinterest, and immediately think of the hilarity that would ensue if my friends and  I got our hands on them:
Pinky, Trish....I'm talking to YOU! hahaha send out happy wishes and congrats to Michelle at Virginia Beach Housewife (who is the sister of one of my besties), on her newborn baby boy last week! I can't wait to see the cuteness in person whenever I make my way back to VA Beach! In the meantime, cute photos will have to suffice! :)

Happy Thursday, friends!! Here's to hoping the next two days go by UBER fast! :)


  1. MVP and I went to Art and Soul for Rest. Week this summer. You will LOVE it, so so good. And during the summer, they also did a special restaurant week wine menu with reduced price glasses, which I thought was pretty awesome of them. MVP still talks about the fried chicken and wants to go back ;)

  2. I know hilarity would ensue if I got my hands on one of those!! I haven't gotten the hang of yoga, I need to try it though. I plan on trying to do a workout dvd in the morning or go to the gym.

  3. Ummm, you KNOW we would have a blast with those...errr ba...okay not finishing that sentence.

    I think we should wear them to the next blogger meet up?!!? YES!

    Let me know how the restaurant is!



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