Weekend Review

Happy Monday, pretties (and handsomes, if there are any dudes reading)! I hope you're having a good start to the week.
Today is my professional development day at work which means I have lots of time to get work done (and blog)!
So I thought I'd give you a little recap of my weekend:
 this pic made me laugh (and it's in PINK, p!nky)
Friday night I went to dinner with Miss p!nky for our second ever BLATE, and it was so awesome! I had been telling her about this delish sushi place near where we both live, so we hit that up and had some yummies for dinner along with a glass of vino! P!nky and I talk daily via gchat, but it was fun to be out, hanging out, and continuing to talk about all of the stuff we talk about online! All in all, great fun and I can't wait til we get our men together for a double-blate haha

After dinner I met up with MG and some friends, one of whom is going away for training for a few months, so it was kind of a "last hoorah" type of thing. We had a good time at the bar, and next thing we knew, we looked outside and it was SNOWING. Like, sticking to the ground snowing. And then we were all like "no wonder the bar cleared out"....(observant ones we are)...
So, after finishing our drinks we headed into a cab, which proceeded to fishtail and do a 180 within about 1 minute of getting in. Luckily, we made it home in one piece!

Saturday we ended up not having dinner with my parents--they didn't want us to drive if everything was supposed to freeze up again that night. The roads near us were ok, but we didn't know what they were like between us and my parents, so we all thought it better to put it off til another, safer, time. Super bummed, but MG said he would try and see if he could do it before he leaves for work out of the country (next week), which was nice. I know he knows this is important to me, so it was nice that he's trying. Stupid weather!

Sunday we watched the football games with a few friends at Hard Times Cafe--MG and I didn't really care who won what game since both of our teams suck aren't in the playoffs. It was fun to hang out with friends, tho, and eat yummy wings! Mmmmm....

And today I'm at work, despite it being nasty weather outside, and having the government open at 11am. Did DC Public Schools, where the government actually IS, shut down? Nope! So, guess who got to come to work on time today? And, boy, could I tell the govt was opening late since there was no one on the metro this morning! No one! Luckily today is relatively easy, and I think I'll be going home to an empty apartment (I think roommate has class tonight)...thank goodness!

And, in closing, I'll leave you with 3 things I learned over the past few days:

1) UGG's are heavy and really hard to walk in when you're trying to walk fast (aka, how I walk every day when I'm commuting). Altho super comfy and toasty, seriously, they are heavy (at least the knit ones I have). I still love them, I can now just claim them as ankle weights and add this to my commute "workout" :)

2) When you try not to spend money, and make a conscious effort not to, you spend more than you would otherwise. At least, that's the way that the law of spending seems to play out for me. And, I still have nothing fun to show for it all. Yay new windshield wipers, and expensive @$$ birth control prescription (went from $21 for 3 months worth to $70....ouch). My credit card was sweating this weekend with its workout on "essentials"

3) It's nice when boys do things like scrape the snow/ice off your car, or fill up your gas tank so you dont have to get out of the car when it's cold out. And when they make you breakfast? Even better! And, it's important to thank them so that they know you appreciate it...it's the little things, right?  (I already knew this one, but reminded myself of the importance this weekend when MG did all of these things)

Ok, after a long post, that hopefully wasn't too boring, I'm back to doing real work! Boo!!
Hope you have a good Monday!


  1. "Blate" LOL that's tooo cute.

  2. Hard Times is hands down one of my fave places....and their wings are the best!

  3. i switched from the pill to the ring and its $25 fricking dollars PER MONTH. But I love not having to take a pill every day so I guess it's worth it. Still- you have no idea how many bricks were shat when I saw the cost.

  4. So glad you had a fun Blate!! Ugh, we got a ton of snow here too...nuts! You've got a great guy on your hands there ;)


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