It's OK....

It's Thursday and my brain is all stuffy from being sick, so I dont have much brain power to be creative today. Since I haven't done an It's Ok, link up for a bit, I thought, why not today? Less thinking, more blogging!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK.... enjoy the super early Spring weather we are having here in DC, but be annoyed that my body and brain are now totally thrown off because now it feels like school/work should be out in a few weeks rather than in a few months! be sick with the sniffles and coughs and just want it to GO AWAY! Especially so I can enjoy the lovely weather outside. see a picture of your ex and literally feel sick. Not because you miss them, but because you wonder what the heck you were thinking! be a little nervous that my cold won't go away in time for my trip to Jamaica (11 days!!!) with MG. Fingers crossed the cough and everything clears up by then! resort to immature levels and "put away" (hide) some things in your apartment that your roommate refuses to take care of that are yours. I'm sorry but if you don't know how to put Tupperware away out of the dishwasher, and you don't know how to clean pots and pans after you use them, then you DON'T get to use them. Funny how the same principles I use with the kids I work with, apply to this "adult" I live with. be contemplating staying at a job that I hate, because they are talking about a 10-15% salary increase for next school year (~$5-8K). Happiness is important (and I definitely don't have it here), but so is getting paaaaaaaid. What to do, what to do... be wearing a skirt and flip flops on March 15th, because it's supposed to be in the HIGH 80's today. And to remember that this time, 2 years ago, we were still looking at piles and piles of snow from our 2 insane-o blizzards. Craziness! be totally surprised when MG's mom sent me a birthday package to his apartment this past weekend. I did not expect a gift from his parents, and it was SO sweet of her to do. She sent me all kinds of things to get ready for our trip to Jamaica including sunglasses, SPF, a bracelet and a cover-up. I absolutely adore his parents. hate hate hate captchas!!! Especially since now you have to decipher  TWO words to enter. People, check your blog settings and change it away from this--I think some people have it set on this and don't even know it. It actually discourages people from commenting on your blog. hope that people don't get mad at me for saying that I hate captchas! (Don't hate me! ) :) be totally, 100% ready for the weekend!


  1. i hate those captchas too! so annoying.

    anyhoo - 10-15% increase is HUGE. i've been at my job 6 years and the only raise i got (one time) was 1%. whomp whomp. you do need to be happy at work tho. it's very important. you could use the extra money to invest in weekly massages and massive amounts of alcohol!

  2. How nice of your man's mom to send you that bday package:) That's awesome! I hope your cold goes away soon...its better to have it now though then to have it in Jamaica!!

  3. YAY for Jamaica in 11 days!! I hope you get better soon :) Captchas suck. And that's soo sweet of MG's mom!!

  4. I hate captchas too. I'm guessing a lot of people don't know that it's the default, and don't know they have it on their blog.
    I also get sick when I think of my exes - for the same reason.
    This early nice weather is nice, but it's made my allergies act up super early. Maybe you have allergies too?

  5. Jamaica sounds nice right now even though it is almost 80 in Chicago. I'm sure you'll be better soon. It is tough to pass up a good raise but don't forget that happiness is priceless!! Glad to find your blog.

  6. Fingers crossed your cold goes away before jamaica. Have fun. Please follow when you can


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