Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday, party people!! I hope your weeks are off to a fab start! Mine has been pretty good, even though the week has started off stressful at work, BUT I started the day with the knowledge that I have 5 more work days until I am off work for 2 weeks. And with the knowledge that Jamaica's sun, sand, food and drink are waiting for me 7 days from now! Let's say, Jamaica is quite the nice proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel" to have to focus on!
A pic from the hotel we'll be staying at!

But, MG and I have done quite a good job of filling up these past few weekends with really fun activities to help us get through, and this weekend was no different! Friday night we went to our couple friend's place for a St. Patty's day dinner where we had a ton of yummy food, beverage, and we brought those Irish Cream Brownies I mentioned on Friday (recipe here):

The brownies were a total hit....and since there were only 8 of us, there were quite a few leftovers--all of which  are going to MG's coworkers today so that neither one of us goes into a sugar coma and/or gets incredibly obese!

The night went from food and drink to playing Trivial Pursuit, which I can't ever remember playing before, but it was a lot of fun. We split into random teams--my teammate was my girl Jackie--and my team won! It was a really nice time hanging out with good friends, playing games and laughing until past 1am!
But, the weekend wasn't over there! The next day a group of us met up at a local bar near where we all live, grabbed a spot in the outside seating area and enjoyed the amazing weather, good company and celebrated good ol' St. Patrick!
Boys doing shots
Me and my Trivial Pursuit partner/winner!
The day was absolutely perfect--the bar wasn't too crowded (since it wasn't an Irish bar), the weather was beautiful and we didn't get ridiculously stupid! All wins in my book!

Sunday was spent relaxing and MG and I went to see 21 Jump Street with my heart-throb Channing Tatum. The movie was pretty funny, had some over the top stupid parts, but overall was entertaining. And any time I thought it was dumb, I just stared longingly at Channing, and all was ok with the world! The only issue we had was a really loud older couple who commented and laughed insanely loud (like,WAY louder than was necessary) and clapped at weird moments in the movie. They had been loud before the movie even started and everyone moved away from them. Luckily they didn't ruin it all, but after the movie MG and I both commented on how we were surprised that people like that actually exist. But, they do!
Overall, I would say that this weekend was awesome! We did a ton of fun things, hung out with great people, and made the best of the entire weekend and its beautiful weather! Now, just one more weekend to go before travel time!!

I hope you all are starting the week with fond memories from the weekend to get you through the day!


  1. I from Mingle Monday! And I say that a weekend that includes Channing Tatum is a good one in my book! ;)

  2. We're going on vacation this weekend too!

  3. I want to see that movie! might be seeing it next weekend, after i see the Hunger Games, of course.

  4. looks like you had a great weekend! stopping over from mingle monday

  5. Wow I already love your hotel! Definitely gives you something to look forward to! I hear that movie is super funny... may have to check it out!

  6. I really want to see that movie, I love a good laugh....and Channing Tatum ;) Glad you had a good weekend!


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