Is the Universe speaking to me thru Pinterest?

So, you know how I told you all in a recent post how I was struggling with my decision about whether to stay at my job for more money or to move on to someplace I would be happier at? And then I went on Pinterest and saw this:

It was a pin I'd never seen before!

Well, recently I have been worrying about another topic (seriously, I am SO good at worrying that if it was a career, I would probably be the CEO), and just had a mini break down about it at work (luckily in the privacy of my own office). And, as usual, I pulled up Pinterest to distract me, and the FIRST pin I see is this one:

So, I am wondering, is the universe speaking to me thru quotes on pinterest?? Perhaps I need to start listening (reading), more carefully, and taking the advice of these pins. They are good words to live by.

And, if the universe IS speaking to me thru Pinterest, do all of the pins of cocktails mean I should start drinking more?? Just wondering....:) teehee

P.S. I ordered my Mother's Day flowers for my mommy this morning. Don't forget that lovely lady who gave birth to you! Mine should be getting these pretties on May 11th!:
Be good kids! She pushed you out of her. She deserves some lovin!

Happy Monday!


  1. That second quote is SO GOOD!! I've been worrying a lot more recently than usual, so that was great to read.

  2. i love those quotes! (and most quotes on pinterest, haha)

  3. I need to order some flowers for mine. Where did you order them from. And yes, the universe is speaking to you! The first quote is one of my favorites ever in the history of ever. That's why I should just get paid to blog!

  4. Isn't it funny how some things just really speak to you?

  5. Gotta love Pinspiration ;) I'm making fancy Mother's Day cards for moms and grandmas (yes plural on both). I would only want to send Momma flowers, but don't want to make anyone jealous, so they ALL get cards!! Haha.


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