Thirsty Thursday!

Happy Thursday, party people! Are you excited for the first ever Thirsty Thursday link up??? I am!

Myself and Trish are SO psyched to be hosting this link-up! We thought it would be the perfect way to keep in touch with old friends, and provide a great opportunity to meet new friends--just like at a REAL happy hour!


The rules are simple: there really are no rules! Write about whatever you want--something you would share normally, just like you would over drinks with your friends!

 And now, to the fun stuff!

My happy hour drink for you this week is:
Strawberry Mint Spritzer

1 bottle of sake,
1 bottle champagne,
1 pint strawberries,
6 meyer lemons,
3-4 sprigs of mint,
Vanilla Stevia
Slice your strawberries into vertical slivers, tear mint leaves roughly, and add both to a large pitcher. Squeeze the juice of 6 meyer lemons and gently mash the ingredients using a wooden spoon. Add equal parts sake & champagne, and lots of ice.  Squeeze a dropper full of vanilla stevia into each glass before serving. Drink!

I dunno about you, but this looks like the perfect refreshing drink to beat the Spring-time heat. So, now that we have our drink, let's get to the happy hour'ing!
*You don't need to post a drink recipe in order to link up*

What's on your mind today?
I am SO glad that it's Thursday--I'm very much looking forward to the weekend, and now that it's Thursday, the weekend is SO close!!! The only real plan that I have is having dinner with couple friends of mine and MG's, Emily and her hubby (you know, the ones who got married and I took MG to the wedding with me?) It's been a while since we've gone on a double date with them so I'm looking forward to that a lot.

As of now, MG is back in town after being gone for work for a few days, so I'm happy to have him back (and to have my middle of the week place to escape from my stupid roommate).  He brought me back 3 seashells from the beach, too :) The kids at work started our state testing this week, so work has been a breeze--kinda slow and boring, but I'll take a break from the chaos! 

If we were at happy hour, and a few drinks in, I would probably tell you about the new idea I had for a sitcom featuring my roommate. You know the new show 'Don't Trust the B in Apt 23"? Well MY idea for a show featuring all of the insanity that is my living situation would be "Don't Trust the Wh*re in Apt 34" (teehee). 
Not only has she done all of the things I ranted about  vented about here, she has also decided to take the junk mail that she always leaves strewn on the dining room table, and put it into my mailbox in the apartment. So, you're TOO LAZY to pick it up to throw it away, but not too lazy to pick it up and put it in MY box? Gee, thanks for that. I am also not sure why her hamster cage (with hamster in it) has been on the dining room table, the kitchen counter, and now (as of yesterday morning), on the end table in the living room. 
See those little "scraps"? Thats the hamster shavings....sadly she had
moved the hamster back into her room by the time I went to take a picture.
After coming home Monday after work (having left a note on the dishwasher saying I didn't have time to empty it that morning but I'd do it after work), to find that  she had taken out all of HER plates, and HER glasses, but left all of my things in there, I guess nothing should surprise me anymore. It's kind of funny to me how she is pulling these things, but as soon as I texted her with:
"Why did you empty out only your things from of the dishwasher? I said I would empty the whole thing when I got home. I don't understand why you did that?" 
She didn't respond. Shocker.

I guess passive-aggressive is the new "black"  this season.

I might also share with you my hilarious plan for addressing/dealing with the situation, but without being destructive....Stay tuned :)   (54 more days....)

In more fun news, I wanted to share two of my most recent online purchases!
This super cute coral shirt that I saw on J's Everyday Fashion (and snatched up the last Small muahahaha):
It's from Amour Boutique and I think it's super cute. I can't wait to wear it!!

I also purchased another workout DVD:

It was only $7.99 and had some really great reviews on it. I saw her on Access Hollywood Live while I was on spring break, and the moves looked not so bad. Plus, I figured she's got a rockin bod...why not try it out? Well I did yesterday and it is GREAT! I'll do a review on it later but I will definitely be rotating it in with my Jillian Michaels videos and the treadmill and I think I'll be good to go! I totally recommend getting this!

I've had fun on this happy hour and I hope you have, too! I can't wait to meet up again next week and dish some more!
(On a random note, if this is my second happy hour of the week {this one being virtual, the other one being in real life}, does that make me a virtual lush? Or a real life one? :)

Hope you have a great Thursday!


  1. LOL @ this is your second happy hour of the week. I haven't had a REAL happy hour in a long time...

    the hamster shavings on your dining room table looks so gross! ehg. your roommate is so inconsiderate.

  2. it's 10am and i would like to make that drink recipe right now. but it's thursday, so it's ok?

  3. ha your roomie. WHY DOES SHE EVEN HAVE A HAMSTER????

  4. Lindsey beat me to it, but I was going to say - why would ANYONE (aside from a 3rd grader or younder) have a pet hamster??? Can't wait to read about what you are planning to address the situation and how that goes over. If we were actually at happy hour I'd buy you a drink for dealing with the W- in apt 34.

  5. HAHA when I watched "Dont trust the B in Apartment 23", I thought of you!! That is so funny. I'm not gonna lie, I'm sad that you have to deal with her stress, but it makes for funny blogging material!!


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