WILW and Oh How Pinteresting! (plus a big YAY!)

Happy Wednesday! It feels like it should be at LEAST Thursday, but alas, it's not.  I'm gonna try and focus on the good things, though, to help me get thru the rest of this week! So, it's the perfect time for the WILW and Oh How Pinteresting link ups!

I'm loving that I finally have my countdown to roommate move out correct. (NOT loving that it's 78 days, but I suppose I'll survive... because....

I'm loving that MG and I are MOVING IN TOGETHER!!!!!!!! :)
(and I'm  loving what a difference a year can make....)  :) :) :)

I'm loving friends that are there to give you good advice, and kick you in the pants when you need it. Sometimes it's scary to do something, but having good friends who put things into perspective for you is awesome. I'm a lucky girl to have such good peeps in my life!

I'm loving that while I'm hanging out with one of my students who has Autism every morning this week while others are testing, while he is doing work, he has been randomly humming the same tune that Katniss whistles in the Hunger Games. It surprised me the first time that he did it, and now it makes me laugh....and think some imminent danger is coming haha

I'm loving that I was finally able to get my car cleaned out after the "break in." As of now, it doesn't smell like cigarettes and has been wiped down inside and out so I no longer feel like I'm touching the same stuff the icky mutants who got inside did. Yay for clean!

I'm loving that tomorrow will be the second installment of Thirsty Thursday, Trish and my virtual happy hour link up! Stop by tomorrow and link up about anything and everything that you want to talk about. We have some yummy drink recipes for you and some good convo!

And, as always, I'm loving Pinterest and all of the cool things I find on there!

This week I've been pinning....

I want this, in silver!

I also want this kitchen...or some version of it!

Black Bean and Mushroom Enchiladas, courtesy of
my girl Shari at The Daily Dish
It looks so good I NEED to try this soon!

I can think of at least ONE person that this totally applies towards!
I bet you know who that person is, too! ;)

Inter-species love! :)

This is SO my dog Cooper, not only in terms of looks, but in terms of all of this!
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What have YOU been pinning this week? Lemme seeeee!!
Happy Wednesday!


  1. LOL @ that last pin!
    yay for you and MG! can't wait to hear the story!

  2. AHHHH YAY for you and MG! So happy everything is working out!


    sparkle sparkle shine!

  3. Exciting news!!! Happy for you and MG! Also, did I miss the "break in" story, or did you not post about it? Either way, sounds like no fun at all - but glad you have your car back to being clean!

  4. awwww yay! that's so exciting that you guys are taking the next step! is he moving to you, you to him, or are you getting a new place all together? FUN!

  5. That actually super cute that your student can sing that tune. I think it's really cute and catchy.

  6. Your puppy is too cute! Love all of the little captions that you added:) That kitchen looks absolutely beautiful! I would love to have something like this!!!

  7. WOOO :-D YAY for moving in together!!!! How exciting for you both!!!!

    I must have missed your car getting broken into...ugh sorry that happened but I'm glad you got it cleaned up!

  8. Ahh! So happy you guys are moving in together!!!! What fun times!

  9. Thanks for the shoutout lady! So excited for you and M moving in together. Be prepared for the crazy, happy, best times of your life. :)

  10. yay for no more roommate and yay for you and mg!

  11. That kitchen looks fabulous! I'd love to cook, eat, and live in a place like that. :) Congratulations on the roommate countdown! You can do it!

  12. Ba-hi! So I want to support your link-up thing tomorrow but I'm not sure I even know what a link up is/how to actually do it... I just sometimes see references to one accompanied by a pretty picture and subject specific post. Well you ba-teach me how to link up so I can be a Thirsty Thursdayer?

  13. I love that bracelet, and the picture of the kitten and the dog!
    Dropping by from WILW. :)


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