No, I don't mean Avengers who go around painting baseballs hehe. That's just the main synopsis of my weekend activities!

On Saturday, MG and I went with a bunch of friends to go see the Nats and the Orioles play. We should have thought ahead and realized how crowded the game would be since it's our area's two baseball teams, and they are both doing pretty well so far. But, we didn't. Luckily we did buy tickets ahead of time (smarty pants, we are!) and decided to meet up with everyone at the Bullpen which is an outdoor bar area outside of the stadium. It used to look like this:

Well, we walked in and the little small area we knew as the Bullpen has now turned into a MASSIVE space with food vendors, tailgate games like cornhole, a stage with live bands/music. And, of course, booze. The area looked like it had increased about 10 fold, and was more like an outdoor concert area. 
This pic is one I found online and the area STILL goes on, in both directions! 

After we pulled ourselves away from the Bullpen area (which we easily could have stayed in and had a great time if we hadn't had tickets), we went inside to the game, but never did actually sit in our seats. Instead we stayed near the bar, watched the Nats lose to the O's, but had a great time with our friends! I even ran into a girl I went to HS with who happened to be right in front of me in the line for the bathroom (small world). Getting home after the game proved to be challenging, but we made it back safely....and with my wallet! :)

Sunday MG and I decided to tackle the beginning of painting the condo. We initially had decided on a light brown color to put on the walls in the dining room area so we got to work taping things off and painting. Once we painted the walls we wanted, we realized that the paint color we chose was not that far off from what was already on there, so off to Home Depot we went, again, to pick up a darker shade of paint.  

After putting on the first coat of the darker paint, we were immediately much happier with it. We still have to do another coat to clean up some of the areas (which is why tape is still up in these pics), but we are incredibly happy with it. It makes the condo feel so much homier than it did before!
We also held up the paintings that MG had on the walls before, just to see how they'd look with the new wall color and they look awesome! Can't wait til we're done with that wall (and the rest of the painting!) The place is definitely feeling more like it's "ours" :)  

After a long morning/afternoon of painting and Home Depot runs, MG and I decided to see The Avengers, which we had both been hearing awesome things about and really wanted to see. It was reeeeeeeally good! I loved how all of the super hero characters were brought together and all of their story lines fit with the plot. I also loved that there were a lot of really funny/sarcastic parts. The graphics were cool, the actors were great, and we just loved it. I don't have enough good things to say about it. We didn't see this in 3D but we both agreed that it would definitely be one that would probably be worth seeing in 3D (we figured we'd spent enough money on paint and other painting products that we didn't need to spend more money than necessary on the movie tickets haha).

On the way home, the sun and the clouds were doing some crazy cool stuff in the sky, which may have been due to the solar eclipse. We couldn't really see the eclipse from our vantage point, but what we did see looked like the sky was on fire :

The pictures don't even do it justice!

All in all it was a busy, but really fun and productive weekend. Just counting down the work days til Memorial Day weekend!!
I hope you had a great weekend, too!


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Can't wait to see the dining room when it's finished.

  2. sounds like a great weekend. there's some painting at my house you and mg can come over and do...

  3. I saw that movie too and LOOOVED it!!! And I'm soo jealous you got to go to that game, I need to see both of those team's stadiums!!

  4. I've been dying to visit the Bullpen since they redid it. It looks amazing and sounds like it was a ton of fun!

    I'm glad you liked The I'm counting down until Batman!

  5. I would KILL to paint our house, but out of spite for our Landlord I refuse. They patched all the old holes, but didn't paint over them, so I just put up more pictures. I'm glad you said The Avengers was good...I might just talk myself into going to see it by myself.


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