Friday Confessional

The day has finally come! The last day of work for the summer! My office is all packed up, and I'm ready to roll! Too bad I have to wait a few hours :( So, in the meantime, I'll be linking up with Leslie at A Blonde Amibition for Friday Confessions:

I confess that....'s the last day of work and I ain't sad about it. AT. ALL.

....I've been listening to one of my coworkers whistling for the better part of an hour in her classroom. Duct tape is sitting on my desk. I may have drawn a conclusion between the two a few times over already.

....I'm flipping excited as all get out that MG booked an earlier flight home from his work trip so that he could get back here earlier today. Even though that meant being at the airport at 4:30am his time. I think someone loves me...just a smidge :)

...I'm a teensy bit nervous for when MG gets back and sees just how many of my clothes are now in the closet (and how much room they already take up). I've warned him, but it will be interesting to see his reaction. That'll teach him to go away for a week! Muahaha :)

....I signed a petition to support regulation of air pollution the other day when some guy approached me while I was waiting for my shuttle. Now they are calling me at 8am and making extremely awkward conversation on the phone. I'm all for clean air, I signed the petition, why does that mean you need to now call me, too? Especially at 8am! I wish I'd never signed the dang thing...

....I'm trying to break my habit of using the R-word (retarded). It's one of several words that's offensive, and used in a completely inappropriate way, far too often. I work with students with special needs and I need to be SO much better about this. MG and I have been monitoring one another and I'm much more conscious of it. #AdmittingYouHaveAProblemIsTheFirstStep

....I'm breaking the rules and wearing jeans to work on the last day of school. Just call me "rebel without a cause" :)

...I'm not sure what I'm more excited for: Summer Break or Magic Mike. Lucky for me, I don't have to choose!!! 

I'm off to finish up last minute stuff around work and then get on with my Summer!
Happy Friday!


  1. Yay for the last day of work and your hunny coming home early!

    Maybe you could also use the duct tape to tape the pizza box to your roommate when she's sleeping. or to her car. or her bed. Just a thought!

    And yes, i use the "R" word way too much too. its such a hard habit to break :(

  2. You are not alone, I HATE WHISTLING! Oh,a nd very excited for Magic Mike too! Delicious.

  3. So jealous you are done with work!

    Yay MG coming home, I know you've missed him.


  4. Happy last day!'re better than me. The duct tape would already be in use... :) Happy Friday!

  5. Visiting from Confessional Friday!

    You are cracking me up today! I secretly am dying to see Magic Mike - haha! Channing Tatum sans shirt? Umm, yes please!

    Hope your last day of school is great! Happy summer break! :)

    [ LIFE OF MEG ]

  6. Happy summer break!!!! Hope you enjoy your weekend and kick start to summer :)

  7. this post made me LOL today. esp the clean air comment. and instead of the R word (which makes me cringe) you can say Leotarded. Try that.

  8. YAY for Summer! Sounds like a great way to start :)


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