WILW and Oh How Pinteresting!

Happy Wednesday, folks! I'm excited for some of my favorite link-ups of the week, so let's hop right on into them!

I'm loving that today is the LAST day with kiddos, and that there are only two more days of work after today. Basically all of the end of the year tidy up and packing things away stuff. I can't wait to be done!!!

I'm loving that I was able to move most of my clothes over to the condo this Monday while MG is away. Now it's starting to feel more like my place since I have all of my clothes readily accessible to me, rather than in a suitcase or overnight bag. Woop!

I'm loving that your good vibes helped me out on Monday. More on that soon, hopefully :)

I'm loving that it is now officially less than a month that I have to deal with stupid roommate. I came home Monday to find ANOTHER pizza box in the place of the other one (that is now stealthily hidden within the apartment, hehe), AND to find (and get scared like crap by) her hamster IN MY BATHROOM hiding behind the toilet (gross), running around free. Pooping on my floor. Did I mention that I despise her? Ugh!

I'm loving that I made another delicious meal from Pinterest this weekend. Read about it here! I now have TONS of leftovers, despite giving some of it away to my buddy who helped cook it with me.

Speaking of Pinterest, I love the heck out of that site!

Here's are some of the things that I've been pinning lately....
Love. Everything about this=love!

Yes please, I'll take this, too :)

Jalapeno Kettle Chip Crusted Chicken with Jalapeno Ranch Dip
Can you say "yummy"? :)

So cute :)

Beach pup!

A truer statement may never have been spoken before in the history of ever! :)
What have YOU been pinning?
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  1. WOOOHOO for moving!!!!

    and the puppers are super super cute!


  2. The pin of the little boy and dog is so cute and funny!

  3. Aww the dog and the little boy are so cute!

  4. Those pins are SO funny. I especially love the last one :) YAY for it almost being your summer! And I'm sorry about your awful roommate :( Happy for you it's almost over!!

  5. What a disgusting roommate! But in happier news, thanks for sharing that chicken recipe. Looks delicious!

  6. It sounds like you have an awful roommate sweet girl! I for one feel very very bad for you! I hope things get better for you once you no longer have to live with her!

  7. love the going to pee outside pin.
    don't get me started on Hammy the Hampster situation. Crazy


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