I Must Confess...

It's Friday and what perfect time to reflect on the week and drag out some confessions? Linking up with Leslie at a Blonde Ambition for Friday Confessional:
I confess that....

....I've somehow managed to go to a grocery store EVERY day this week. I think it has something to do with my plan to save money. And the universe's response of "not happening."

....when I went to return a RedBox movie (at the grocery store...see??), I had visual images of strangling a lady there who stood with two kids and literally clicked through EVERY movie before checking out. Apparently the tapping of the red box movie against my arm and my heavy sighs did nothing to speed her along.

....I was irrationally annoyed when I went to Yogiberry this past weekend and they'd changed the flavors. I had my favorite there and then it was no longer. I feel like someone should be severely punished for taking away my Mixed Berry option, because really...HOW DARE THEY! :)
<--And yes, this is the actual scene where this travesty occurred. 
....I wish I had more friends who have off for the summer like I do. Especially when I'm trying to save money since I'm not getting paid for the next two months. There's only so much reality tv a girl can watch. Oh dear, did I really just say that??? This is far worse of a problem than I ever realized!

....I haven't done anything with my SLR camera since last summer (don't worry, I'm slapping my own hand as I type this). And my camera is on some settings that I don't even know how to undo (or frankly what they are even on!). I have a feeling when I take it to Maine, I'm gonna have a bunch of blurry figures in weird colors. I guess when if this happens, I'll just say they're artistic. #funwithphotography 

....the Kashi commercial with the girl going in search of natural ingredients drives me bonkers. I can't stand her voice and something about her mouth bugs me too. Maybe it's because I'm a speech pathologist.  Or because she's just really annoying. I'm not sure. But I do know that I mute it whenever it comes on.
....I wish MG would realize that he could just as easily put on his tie in the bathroom with the lights on instead of turning on the lights in the bedroom at 6:30am while I'm still trying to sleep. Ironically enough, after this he kisses me good-bye and tells me to keep sleeping. Much easier said than done after the assault on my eyes that's just taken place....

....I hope it's cool in Maine in a week. MG and I are heading to his family reunion and apparently the place we're staying doesn't have AC. I'd really love to not have the "overheated sweaty/wet dog" look around his extended family for the entire 5 days.
Hot, right?  No... it's literally HOT....hehe

Happy weekend! Go get into some trouble so you have some things to confess next week! ;)


  1. Oh coopaloop! don't get sweaty!

    Silly boys, they don't get anything without being told. Just say something to him ;)!

    You have an SLR camera and DON'T USE IT!!! Shame ;)!

    We shall play with it soon!


  2. That Kashi girl drives me nuts too. I have determined that it's her mouth. She looks like a vampire. A health-food loving, overly optimistic, high-pitch voiced vampire. No good. Definitely does not make me want to eat their food. Happy Friday!

  3. you're always going somewhere! Lucky Gal! Have fun in Maine!

  4. I hate slow people at the redbox!!

  5. oooh i wish i had off for the summers... though not getting paid is a bummer.

    and i feel your pain about the redbox thing! i hate when that happens. especially when you just want to return the movie and get outta there. LOL

    happy weekend!

  6. Hey sweets, #199
    sent over from Perception is Everything



  7. I agree, grocery stores are very bad when you are trying to save money!


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