Weekend O' Fun!

How was your weekend? Mine was a LOT of fun! I had my girl Genna in town and we had a great time together, as we always did when we lived together.

Friday afternoon, Genna got here and we immediately went to grab lunch at our favorite sushi place in Old Town Alexandria (literally, this place is a hole in the wall, but it's what I compare all other sushi to...and I've yet to find sushi that lives up to it). We did a little shopping at Loft and Target where we found this fabulous dress for $27, that looks WAY more expensive than that (you'll see it later in the post)....and then came back to relax before going out for a Girl's Night to see Magic Mike!

I never thought I'd say this...but I didn't like it. I LOVE me some Channing Tatum and other attractive men, but the story line was really forced (not that I expected a ton), and there was very little of the actual dancing. I would have enjoyed it more if it had more of the dancing (even without "stripping"). But, it was still fun to have a girl's night and to see what all of the hype was about.

Saturday I had a bridal shower to attend for one of MG's friends who is getting married in October. It was in this gorgeous penthouse party room at the top of her apartment building with really amazing views. The food and drinks were fab! I left at the 3 hour mark since Genna was here and I wanted to spend some more time with her, but the party was really nice! And it gave me a reason to wear the dress I'd gotten at Target the day before. (You like?)

MG, Genna and I went to dinner that night at Ray's to the Third since I had raved about how good the food was (and the Mexican place we originally wanted to go to had us waiting for a table that "is almost ready to leave" for over 30 minutes). Since we'd all been out late the night before, we decided to have a night in with some wine and a movie, which was nice cuz it gave us some more quality time.  I was really glad that Genna liked MG....it's always nice to get your girl friend's approval! :)

Sunday, before Genna made her way back home, we had a lunch at Lost Dog Cafe (where a portion of the proceeds go to dogs in animal shelters) with two of our coworkers from our old school. Funny enough, it was me (Jenn), Genna (pronounced "Jenna"), and our two friends, Jenn and Jen. I kid you not.

We had some yummy food, caught up, and got to see our friend Jen's 3 month old cutie pie baby girl!

And then it was time for Genna to go back home. Luckily we've already made plans for our next couple of trips to see one another with our guys so I'm really happy. I love that it's been since October since I've seen Genna (ok I dont love that), but that it feels like I just saw her yesterday. We keep in touch all the time, and I think that helps. She is truly one of my best friends and I loved seeing her, having her see my new home and who I live with, and just having a great time like we did when we lived together.

I hope you had as fun of a weekend as I did and that your Mondays aren't too Monday-like :)


  1. WAAAAAy bummer the movie wasn't that great. Guess I'm waiting till dvd now huh!?!?

    Love the dress!

    I NEED SUSHI with you again!


  2. I also wasn't super impressed with Magic Mike. I'm glad I saw it since I really wanted to, but it certainly wasn't what I expected. Which I shouldn't be surprised considering it is a stripper movie. I just thought there would be more to the plot and have more substance...ya know?

  3. OMG all those "Jen/Jenn/Genna" in one place. too funny! sounds like a nice weekend. sorry i missed the movie/Girls night :(

  4. My name is Sarah, so I'm in your position a lot ("Sarah L, Sara L, Sarah M," etc)! I feel your pain!

    I loved Magic Mike (although lame that they tried to have a plot..should have just been routine after routine), but I did NOT like the hip thrusts. Ew.

  5. Yes the plot line to Magic Mike was awful but oh man I still enjoyed it :)

  6. Sad to hear Magic Mike wasn't great, I had high hopes for it! Your weekend sounds like it was fabulous, hopefully today held lots of joy as well.

  7. Woah busy weekend!
    Ahh that sucks about Magic Mike :( I'm in love with Channing (he has actually just featured in my latest post, he features in many...), but not seen the film yet, I'll definitely go though, even just a few minutes of him dancing seems a dream come true.
    LOL about the similar names. That's pretty funny. I had a friend called Yasmin at school and it got so confusing because people used to pronounce my name with a Y sometimes (for some stupid reason) and life got so complicated in lessons, and generally you couldn't tell whether people said Jazz or Yazz. One embarrassing time - "Jazz your hair looks so nice today!" Me - "Thanks!" .. Girl - "Oh... I was speaking to Yazz, but your hair looks nice too!". Awkward.

  8. Agreed! I didn't like MM either. Too many boobs not enough dancing. The first half of the movie was good but after that eh. Bad marketing I guess :(


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