Weekend Review

Happy Monday! Did you all survive the crazy weather this weekend (if you were in the way of it)? Friday night hit us with a HUGE crazy storm....it was worse than any hurricane storm we've ever had here, and all we heard from the weather people was "scattered storms." Uh, let me tell you, there was NOTHING scattered about this storm....other than the tree limbs after it was over. Our power was going off and on but we never lost it (thankfully!) and were one of seemingly few people who had power and AC during the 100+ temps.

But, we woke up to this:

See that car completely covered by the tree? That's where I normally park, and since that guy was there,  I parked right behind him instead. Thankfully! I still ended up with some damage to my car that I'm going in tomorrow to get assessed, but not nearly the amount that happened to the guy in front of me.

There were telephone polls that had split in the middle of the pole, trees ripped out by their roots....insanity. We walked by the complex's pool and there was a chair that made it over the pool gate and several pool chairs IN the pool. 

So much for scattered storms, right? I just hope everyone without power gets it back soon if they haven't already.

MG and I had a winery trip planned with a bunch of friends on Saturday. We had a party bus reserved for 13 of us for 5 hours and somehow, despite all of the lack of electricity, road blockages, etc we made it! We hit two wineries in Virginia and they were both great!

The first one we went to was Winery at Bull Run. It's an up and coming, new winery, but our wine guy was great and the wines were really good.
Part of our group at the first winery tasting

MG and I on the grounds of the first winery
We enjoyed some great wine, and hung out on the grounds for a bit at the first winery where we enjoyed some cheese and delish sangria (even the guys had the sangria!) We went to the second winery, Paradise Springs Winery. I liked this place a little bit better because it had an outdoor deck with live music outside. We got a glass with our tasting and MG and I bought a bottle of the 2010 Viognier:  

Sunday was spent trying to stay cool and get some errands done. And today I'm back to continuing to pack up my apartment (fingers crossed I can get a lot done today so I can be done with this nonsense!)

I hope you all had great weekends!

Come back tomorrow for my announcement!! :)


  1. that storm was so CRAZY, especially the lightning!!
    have you been to bluemont vineyard? best views in the area...and some really good summer-y wines (peach wine, strawberry wine).

  2. We had some crazy storms Friday night too! Our new patio set almost blew away - thankfully we were watching out the back windows and were able to grab it and pull the umbrella off before it flew away! Thankfully our power stayed on, but a neighbor told us Saturday morning that almost the entire rest of the town was out. We had another storm blow through yesterday, but I think other areas had it way worse than us because I heard some crazy stories this morning!
    Glad you're ok!

  3. Definitely a crazy storm!! Since Spring started this year, it seems like the meteorologists have been dead wrong when it's come to storms. When it's suppose to, it doesn't. When it's not suppose to, it really does.

    However, I wish they were very wrong about this non-stop heat. haha


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