Friday Confessions

Oh Em Geeeeee people, I'm SO flippin' excited that it's Friday!!!! 
Which means that it's time for some confessin'!

I confess that....

....I'm pretty tired from our Back to School Night last night. It seems like just 12 hours ago that I was leaving this place. WAS 12 hours ago. I only had two parents come by to meet me, so it hardly seemed worthwhile to be here an extra 4.5-5 hours yesterday. I am glad I got to meet the parents that I did, and that I was able to get home before it was time for me to be in bed (but not by much!)

My precious!!! :)

....when I got home last night, my Coach purse was waiting for me! And, I may or may not have ripped open the box and immediately slung it over my shoulder and pranced around the apartment for ten minutes a little bit with it on. Don't judge me.
 ....despite swearing I wasn't going to do it, I started watching Real Housewives of Miami last night. Given, I fell asleep about 10 minutes in, but it's on DVR and I plan to watch it. I'll reserve judgment for a couple of episodes, but if it's anything like last season, I'll be bored within 3.

.....while hitting the 'record' button for Real Housewives of Miami, I secretly grinned knowing that MG will roll his eyes (and be tortured) whenever I decide to watch it. I'm still determined to get him into my reality shows tho!!! is taking some willpower to resist going to the Teachers Lounge to enjoy  Krispy Kreme donuts courtesy of my principals thanking us for last night. "I don't need it, I don't need it, I don't need it" is my mantra. "But I want it, but I want it, but I want it" is the devil on my shoulder....

....I hope my Skins do well this weekend!! *Fingers Crossed*

....I'm glad it's the weekend. I need some R&R like whoa!

Hope you have a great Friday and an awesome weekend! Catch ya on the flipside!


  1. You deserve the Krispy Kreme! Clearly, I am a bad influence.

  2. Krispy Kremes are the BEST!

    YAY new purse!

  3. haha I have to avoid the Teacher's Lounge ALL THE TIME!!! All of the teachers in our building will bring up dessert or chips and dip or whatever! I'm trying to stick to my healthy eating here people and this temptation is NOT helping! lol!

  4. I'm glad it's the weekend too! WOOHOO!

  5. Yay for your new purse!

    And we turned on Housewives of Miami too last night. My hubs actually loves all those shows! bahahaha.

  6. I could NEVER get Will to watch reality shows...But I don't watch them either, so I guess that doesn't matter. Haha.

  7. new follower here :) so so excited to read more! please come check out my blog and follow along :D


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