Tuesday Randoms

I have a few random things running through my head today so I figured why not just dump them all in one place and either entertain you, or totally confuse you! :)

Have you ever seen a picture of your ex or a person you dated with someone new and the first thing you thought was, "Wow, I feel sorry for her because I know what she's in for"? I've thought it a few times myself in relation to some of the people I've dated. And now that I'm thinking about it, I wonder if ex's of those guys ever thought that when they saw me in pics with those dudes.....

Why isn't pizza better for you? You've got your dairy with the cheese (mmm, cheese!), crust (grain), some meat (if you like, and I do) and some veggies. To me, it seems like this would make the food pyramid happy with its nice balance!

Why isn't every weekend a 3-day weekend? Whichever presidential candidate can make THAT happen will get my vote!

It took everything in me not to bust out laughing yesterday when I went to get one of my Kindergarten students and the first thing she tells me is that her dad did her hair this morning and that she doesn't like it when daddy does her hair cuz he misses a lot of pieces and ends up using a lot of barrettes in it.
Funny addition to this story: I told her teacher about it as I dropped the girl off for lunch (and of course she laughed). Apparently the story prompted the teacher to check the girl's lunchbox and it's a good thing she did because instead of the girl's normally plentiful lunch, a single snack bag of popcorn was there. Dads...gotta love em! :)

My dog Cooper is such a tolerant dog. I stumbled upon these pics that I'd forgotten about from the last time MG and I went up to see his family. His nieces decided to play dress-up with Cooper, who tolerated it quite well:
There may have been a few other outfits where a Buzz Lightyear costume and a Build a Bear skirt were involved. Such a good-natured, tolerant pup I have :)

I hate driving next to buses and trucks. Especially when the truck is carrying port-a-potties. The scenarios that run through my mind of what could happen...well, let's just say they're pretty sh*tty ;)

How was that for random??? :)
Happy Tuesday!


  1. OMG. too funny about the little girl. My dad use to do my hair and my mom would look at him and go "you let her leave the house like that?!" and my dad would respond "she drove half way across the country with her hair looking like that". ah <3 dad!

  2. Haha, poor little Cooper. What a sweetheart to let them dress him up like that! And, how funny is that kindergarten story? The messy little ponytail just did me in! And the popcorn for lunch? Hahahah! Good thing the teacher noticed!

  3. OMG the dog pics are so cute!! I love the little girl's hair do "done by daddy!" too funny!!

  4. Actually, I usually think "THAT'S what he dumped me for?? or "THAT'S what he used to date???" Maybe I'm just a tad more narcissistic... whoops! I can't describe to you the overwhelming joy I felt when someone sent me a photo of my ex from his FB page. It was a wedding photo... let's just say my theory that he dumped me because I'd gained weight while going to college full time and working full time.... WHOLLY inaccurate. Do you ever watch Glee? Remember the female wrestler who moonlighted as a Glee member and Puck's girlfriend for a season? My ex married her clone.

  5. I like the random posts. That story about that student at your school is too funny. The hair is one thing, the bag of popcorn in her lunch. Too cute.

  6. i agree that pizza should be considered a "healthy" food.

    i was also driving next to a truck carrying Johnny on the Spots the other day, and was praying that Johnny wouldn't end up tipping onto my car! LMAO!

    And last, i heard my ex has a gf now and i sure do feel bad for her too!

  7. OMG. That's too funny about the little girl!

  8. Oh my gosh...how adorable is the cute dog?! I am a teacher and I can also agree that it's funny when dads do the hair of their little ones, you can see it a mile away hahah!!!

    Found you through Mingle Monday!I also noticed you live in DC - I love that city! A new follower :-)
    Missy xoxo


  9. Haha "Let's just say they're pretty sh*tty" ;) PS. I definitely got a chuckle out of that poor girl...at least she has a dad that tries!


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