TV Talk

I've been missing a little this week and I promised you yesterday I'd be back with a real post, so here I am!! And what am I talking about? One of my favorite things ever....
Here are my thoughts on some of the shows I've been watching lately--

Real Housewives:
New York:
-Aviva needs to get over herself. It seems like the only thing she can talk about is how she didn't get welcomed to St. Barth's with a huge party and a parade. Get over it--you're in St. Barth's! Stop whining, go out and enjoy the place you struggled so hard to get to. I don't feel sorry for you. At all.
-Ramona is still crazy. And she's a close-talker. Personal space, please!
-LuAnne needs to keep her legs closed, especially when you're being video taped for a tv show. Probably not the best time to cheat on your boyfriend who you're trying to get pregnant with. That's a K. Stewart rookie mistake.

Like I said last week, I'm giving this season and the new-ish cast a chance before I stop watching, but I can't help but shudder (and yet I can't take my eyes away) every time Elsa is on screen!
MG's face said it all when he walked in from the gym the other day when I was watching it and she was on. The look on his face was pretty priceless. 
This makes me second guess any time I have ever even contemplated getting plastic surgery. Yikes!

New Jersey
-Oh em geeeee I can't wait for the finale this Sunday!!!
-That guy who claims to "know" Melissa is a total creeper. Ew.
-Kim D is a wannabe and a pot-stirrer. Dislike.

Bachelor Pad
Holy Hades, I did NOT see it coming that Nick would take the money! I had heard in spoilers that whiny baby Chris and Sarah had won the money, so I was glad to see that that was false. But, I felt really bad for Rachel for losing Michael's interests (something fishy was up with that whole thing, Stagliano) AND for getting duped out of the money. Definitely a dramatic finale!

Speaking of Bachelor, did you guys hear the rumors that Emily Maynard cheated of Jef? And now there are reports that he's cheating on her??? I was actually excited for them. Now I'm sad that they might be just another reality couple flop. Boo!

Teen Mom
The first group of teen moms is over. Im a little sad to "leave" Maci and Tyler/Catelynn but I'm 100% over Farrah and Amber. Amber needs to get herself together, and Farrah needs to grow up and stop being such a spoiled brat. Nothing has changed with those two over the seasons which is sad. I was glad to hear that Maci and Kyle are, in fact, back together. Not sure if it's totally true, but I hope that they are.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians
-I really like Khloe (and her and Lamar together are adorable). I feel for her going through her fertility problems. Hoping things work out for her.
-Bruce Jenner must be a saint.
-Kourtney is a baller for pulling out BOTH of her kids when she's given birth. Bad. Ass.

And, after that long list, I should probably go do something productive with my life since it's obvious I spend WAY too much time in front of the tv. I can't help it tho--it's my guilty pleasure and I could think of FAR worse things to be occupied with.

Only one more day til the weekend!!


  1. We had the same idea today! haha I wrote a post about TV too - my second love:) Bachelor Pad was insane...I can't stand Nick and I LOVE REAL HOUSEWIVES! How is Miami? I haven't started watching this season yet!

  2. I only watch RHONJ, but that ish CRAY!

  3. i cannot wait to see what happens with melissa and theresa on RHONJ... that was SO awkward. i'm sure there's going to be some huge throwdown even though it legit didn't seem like theresa's fault this time. That kim is such a biatch, you know she instigated the whole thing!

  4. I've never seen Real Housewives, but every time I see Elsa, I also shudder. It seriously makes you wonder why she's ok with looking like that.

    And I agree. I felt so bad for Rachel on the finale. But I'm glad her and Jaclyn made up.

  5. I sometimes watch the Kardashian's and I can agree with everything you said. People talk shit about them, but they always amaze me!


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