It's OK...

It's Thursday and I think I'll do an It's OK post for funzies!

Its Ok Thursdays
It's OK that....
....Thanksgiving is next week. How in the heck is it already that time of year??? Are we really in MID-November? I'm not sure how this is even possible.
.....Channing Tatum is the "Sexiest Man Alive" for 2012....yeah, I'm TOTALLY ok with this.
Hubba hubba!
(Go ahead, take a second to wipe off the drool that is inevitably on your computer screen/keyboard now)

......Twilight is coming out this weekend (tonight, even) and I didn't realize it until yesterday. Guess it's time to find a buddy to go with!

.....I'm a teeeeensy bit nervous (mixed with excited) about the Thanksgiving plans with my parents, MG's parents and he and I. I'm sure everything will go fine, it's just a little nerve-wracking having the parents meet for the first time. Again, I say EEEEEP!

.....MG and I have 4 different kinds of coffee creamers in our fridge at the moment. We may have gone slightly overboard. 
Just slightly.

.....thanks to my friend, Trish, I'm now hooked on The Sims Free Play on my iPhone. If you play, let me know so we can be neighbors.

.....I felt like a total loser saying the last sentence above.

......I miss the 77 degree weather we had on Monday. And that it reminds me that this time last year I was in sunny San Diego for a conference, contemplating never leaving :) I like seasons, but I also like warmth and sunshine!

That's it for me today. Catch you tomorrow which is, thankfully, FRIDAY!!!! :)


  1. I can't believe how fast November is flying by! You can also never have too many different kinds of coffee never know what flavor you might be in the mood for.

    Monday's weather was such a treat! I'm hoping we get another day or two before it gets cold for good.

  2. I remember when my parents met my hubby's parents for the first time- it was overwhelming, but in a very good way! It was so much fun, and I know that it will go well for you guys! :)

    Please stop by and say hi sometime!

    Have a fabulous day!

  3. EEK the parents meeting for the first time? That's always stressful! I'm sure it will go great!! :)

  4. I'm totally okay with Channing Tatum... haha :)

  5. oooh meet the parents! im sure it will be great!

    i wish we lived in the same town - i'd be your twilight buddy!

    and i'm gonna dl the sims thing! i used to love that game! :)


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