Guest Post: Amber at {Living in the Moment}

As I'm sadly ending my vacation, I have one more treat for you: Amber from Living in the Moment is here to entertain you all!
Amber is a super trendy chick who loves many of the things that I do like reality tv (Bachelor, anyone?), trendy stuff, shopping, bargains, just to name a few! Oh, and she's also absolutely gorgeous! Go check out her blog when you're done here and get to know her!

Hi y'all! I'm Amber and you can find me blogging over at Living in the Moment
where I share my life, style and current obsessions. I'm a twenty-something southern belle who enjoys the little things. Born and raised in the Natural State {Arkansas for those of you wondering} Lover of all things girly. Some might say I am a shopaholic, but I like to think I am helping out the economy. My blog is dedicated to anything and everything my little heart desires on that particular day. You can read more about me here if you would like.
While Jenn is away doing fabulously relaxing and enjoyable things on vacation, she asked me to do a guest post. My hubby and I just made our plans for our 1 year anniversary trip in March - so I've got vacations on my mind. When I hear about a "vacation" my mind typically drifts to summertime, sandy beaches and perfectly bronzed skin.
 One thing I miss in the winter months is my summer tan!

We all want a little color this time of year, right? I used to tan year round but lately I have backed off. Although I do not tan as much, I still want that warm glowing bronzed skin tone.   Fortunately, I am able to somewhat hold a tan fairly well. I just want that extra warmth.
 I recently discovered this little gem. 

  St.Tropaz tanning lotion  
This self bronzer has quickly become my new favorite thing. This gave me an instant glow without being streaky or having that orange oompa loompa look. It really looks like a natural tan without being too dark. This product is a very dark formula straight out of the bottle which was a little intimidating at first but it blends in quickly and makes it very easy to see where you are applying. It is infused with aloe vera and has a far milder scent than most self tanners have. Just make sure and wash your hands well after applying. Also, by exfoliating your skin before applying, it helps the lotion spread on more evenly and last longer.



  1. I always hear such good things about this self-tanner! will have to try it!


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