Snow Snow Snow

I had no idea when I woke up this morning that it had snowed last night. And had NO idea that I'd get a 2 hour delay to the start of school today. Woohoo!

In fact, I only realized it once my alarm went off, I got bundled up to take Coop out and we opened to door to a sea of white!

I think it's been so long since Cooper's been in snow that he didn't know what to do when his paws got in it. He lifted his paw and then hopped around outside. After trying to get him to walk around in it to get his business done, he just plopped his butt down in the snow and looked up at me with the look of "help!"

We went back inside and had some cuddle time on the couch:

Maybe this is just what he needed because he managed to get the job done when we went out later.

I find it really funny because when Coop was a puppy, he would run wild in the snow. When we had the winter of blizzards and the walls of snow were taller than Cooper himself, he would run head-first into the snow banks!

It's funny how animals react to weather.

I can't believe that a week ago I was headed to Mexico, and now there's at least 1-2 inches out there. 4 days ago I was in a bikini and flip flops, and this morning I was in snow boots, winter coat, hat and glittens.

My how quickly things can change!

Hope it's warm where you are! I'm off to enjoy some more of the Today show before I have to make my way to work.

P.S. I wish there was some kind of an app that would turn off my alarm when school was delayed or cancelled. Someone get on that please :)


  1. Pretty picture! And ugh I know what you mean. I love going on vacations in the winter time, but I dislike coming back to the cold weather.

  2. we've had some great snow here too :) i love it! little coop is so adorable x

  3. I forgot about the snow too! Thankfully I picked my phone up almost immediately and saw a text from a friend saying it snowed. But I'm a little upset it didn't amount to enough to get us out of work too! Fingers crossed the additional snow tomorrow will do something!

  4. lol good idea on the app thing! let's quit our jobs now and get it going.
    sidebar: i wish i could GET a 2 hour delay!

  5. Ugh. Mexico sounds pretty perfect right about now.

  6. I WISH it would snow here. At least it would make the cold temps worth it! Although, I guess I shouldn't complain as it's going to be almost 60 here in GA today - which is much better than the 40's we've been having! Enjoy it while it lasts!!!

  7. Lucky duck! There is a chance we might have a delay tomorrow, but it never happens when you are expecting it!

  8. Hi Jen! I saw you linked up at the Grow Your Blog link party. I am looking forward to looking around on your blog!

    I am now following you on facebook and I invite you to follow me back (looks like we're both new to facebook for our blogs!)
    Beth @ The First Year Blog


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