Confessions Friday

It's been a long while since I've done a confessions post, and I figured it's about time for a good 'fess sesh!
I confess that....

....I jokingly told MG the other day that I erased everything on the DVR while he's been gone except for all the episodes of The Bachelor. He did not find this nearly as funny as I did.

.....while MG's been away, my eating habits have gone down the tubes. Usually we plan our weeknight meals, and attempt to make some healthy dishes. But, being out of town two weekends in a row has thrown me for a loop. Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to get my act together a little better and stop making boxed pasta and other random stuff for dinner.

.....I'm thinking of working during the summer, with my current county (I applied yesterday). The days will be 4 hour days (I'd be done by noon) and it's only for a month. I could use the extra dough, that's for sure, just not sure I'm fully ready to not be a lazy lump all summer. Feel bad for me?? I didn't think so... ex got engaged and it really ticked me off. Good, happy stuff isn't supposed to happen to jerks and cheaters. And definitely not before that good/happy stuff happens to me! What gives, karma? I'm over it now, but the initial shock, and anger, really took me off guard. That's ok, right?

....I'm getting a massage this weekend and I can't wait. Neither can my shoulders, neck and back. I've got Knot-City developing over here...apparently the rent is low, since they just keep moving in!

....I forgot to put on my watch yesterday before I left for work and it drove me crazy ALL DAY! Luckily I still had wall clocks, my phone etc, but it just feels weird not having it on my wrist. (And I never realized how often I look at my watch a day until it wasn't there)

....I'm getting excited for my birthday that's coming up in 2 weeks!

Hope your weekends are awesome and relaxing! Catch ya next week :)


  1. Its normal to get upset when good things happen to Crappy people!

  2. It's totally okay to feel that way about your ex getting engaged! I remember feeling the EXACT same way when my ex got engaged before I did - to one of my former best friends, no less!!! It may sound really petty, but I have to say that I was secretly happy that their engagement ended up falling through. Now the girl has moved on and gotten married. And my ex is still running a bar in a college town. Most likely dating freshmen - since wiser women know to stay away from a man who is well into his 30's and has obvious commitment issues!!! Karma will catch up to yours too, I promise!:)

  3. I totally understand getting upset over the engagement. I can relate. But, just think how better off you are. :)

  4. It's totally okay to get upset when good stuff happens to crappy people, just don't let it wear on you ;) You will be sporting a ring soon, I feel it!

  5. I wish I didn't work over the summer because think of all the relaxing I could do?! But then I think "what would I do with all that time?" sure I'd relax and stuff but I have to face the music: for where we are right now it's better for me to be earning money during the summer. I'd LOVE if over the summer I could do a month of work with only 4 hour days. That's awesome! Last year my office did 4 day weeks with Fridays off which I really enjoyed but I'm not sure if that will be happening this year. I'm praying it will :)

  6. The ex getting engaged thing is a rough deal, I recently faced something similar. Don't feel bad, people that suck shouldn't beat you to the cool things in life. Thats just that.

    Happy Friday!

  7. Exes getting engaged, married having can all be hard. As long as you just accept it for what it is at the moment and let it go, it's perfectly normal.

  8. oooh a massage.... lucky ducky. i need one BAD!

    and like we said, that girl your ex got engaged for is in for a huge wake up call when she sees his true colors. You're with an amazing guy that treats you like gold and i just KNOW your bling is coming! :)

  9. I feel you on the watch business! Mine has had a dead battery for months and I haven't fixed it obviously (I'm not judging you for not wanting that summer job since I'm lazy too) and my wrist feels so naked without it!


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