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Leanna is another one of my DC blog buddies--she's always doing super fun things in the city, and when I read about her adventures I always wonder why the heck I've never done any of them! Basically, she's a cool chick who does cool stuff, so you need to check her out in her post below, and over at her blog!


Hey Everyone!  I'm Leanna and I blog over at OMG I'm Back in DC.  I blog about a little bit of adventures in the District, new recipes I'm trying, beauty products I love, and just being a twenty-something. 

Jenn is one of my favorite DC area bloggers and I was thrilled when she asked me to guest post for her.  I've always enjoyed reading Jenn's book reviews so I thought featuring my favorite vacation reads would be the perfect guest post while she's on her trip.

I don't know about you, but I have three basic criteria for chosing books to bring on vacation.  They have to a) be an escape (I like reading educational books but not while I'm lying on a beach), b) make me laugh, and c) be quick to get through.  These five books definitely fit those criteria.

1. A Total Waste of Makeup
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A Total Waste of Makeup follows Charlie Edwards, a personal assistant to a famous movie star, as she prepares to be maid of honor in her younger sister's wedding.  All while her meddling boss and parents try to set her up with a variety of different men.  Charlie and her friends are all characters you can relate to and the over the top antics and whims of her boss had me cracking up from start to finish.

2. Cocktails for Three

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If you're looking for a quick feel good read, I recommend Cocktails for Three.  It  follows the lives of three best friends as one enters motherhood, one has an affair with a married man, and the third introduces a new friend to the mix.  I felt for the characters as they struggled to figure out how their friendship would work as their lives began to change and appreciated how the book didn't shy away from bringing up their insecurities.  While there are a few sad parts, I promise it has a happy ending...because who wants to be depressed on their vacation?

3. White Girl Problems
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If you're going to read one trashy beach read this summer, you should make it Babe Walker's White Girl Problems.  This book was absolutely hilarious!  Babe's collection of white girl problems are completely over the top...from having Marilyn Manson give a disasterous performance at her 13th birthday party, to spending a quarter of a million dollars at Barney's in one day, to snacking on "splenda bites" since she's so afraid of gaining weight...this girl is a hot mess.  Even though her problems are ridiculous, it's hard not to start rooting for her.

4. Bitter is the New Black
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Do you have a sarcastic sense of humor?  Then Bitter is the New Black is the vacation read for you.  After the dot com bubble burst, Jen Lancaster lost her high powered job and had to go from living in luxury to living on a budget.  Homegirl is brutally honest about the experience and isn't afraid to get snarky about how it impacted her.  This is one of those books that has you laughing to the point where strangers give you funny looks.  I highly highly recommend it.

5. I'm with the Band

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I'm with the Band is a slightly more serious read but it's still a great escape.  It's the memoir of Pamela Des Barres who was a groupie in the 60s and 70s.  She recounts her crazy adventures with everyone from the Rolling Stones to Led Zepplin to Frank Zappa.  I definitely found it to be a page turner.

What are your favorite vacation reads?


  1. These all sound like great books! Can't wait to read some of them!

  2. I love good books, thanks for posting


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