I confess...

Shall we bust out some confessions this Friday? I think we shall...

I confess that...

....after some talks with friends, and putting on my big girl panties (and some liquid courage), I had a much needed conversation that ended up on a really positive note.

....I'm wearing my school's spirit t-shirt today because I really did not feel like planning what outfit to wear today. T-shirt and jeans is a-okay with me for a Friday!

.....whenever someone finds out I'm 30 and then gets a look of surprise, and tells me I don't look at all like I'm 30, it makes me INCREDIBLY happy. And then I tell them they are my best friend hahah

....I have already started a countdown for how many days there are left of school. 51, in case you were wondering! :)

.....this week has felt SUPER long. Somehow the week in Puerto Rico flew by, but this week back at work is going by at a snail's pace. And, despite that, for some reason, I decided to sign a contract to work a month during the summer. Extra money, yes, but I'm really not sure how I put pen to paper on that this week!

.....I can hear a lot of conversations that happen in the workroom in my building because my office is right next to it and the walls are thin. And, I totally eavesdrop. Sometimes unintentionally, but sometimes when I hear something good, I make sure to be extra quiet in my office :)

....sometimes you just need a girl's night to dish and make you feel sane. My girl P!nky was a saving grace this week for me.

....I am SO happy it's Friday. So so so so so happy!

Have a good weekend! I'll try and get my crap together and get my pictures from PR uploaded so I can recap for ya!



    And hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooray liquid courage! Sometimes, that's all you need to get things done!

    SO SUPER HAPPY!!!!!!!


    ps.com are you going to finish that sangria? NO, here's a shot!

  2. It's totally okay to eavesdrop - hey, it's not your fault the walls are thin, lol!:) And you are SO right. This week has just crawled by. Unbearably slowly. SO glad it's Friday. Happy weekend friend!

    PS: You would be welcome to come to my preggo pool any time, lol!!!

  3. Hey - I loved working summers! Done at noon, no stress, and you still have a month to chill with nothing to do. Good for you for having courage! I love you tons and always read your posts:)


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