Friday, May 24, 2013

Blog Every Day in May {Day 24}

Day 24, Friday: Your top 3 worst traits

1. I'm a worrier. I worry too much about things. Sometimes it wakes me up in the morning, or won't let me fall asleep at night. I try not to, but I worry.

2. I get very comfortable in routines/am not super open to change
Sometimes routines are a good thing--it's what helps get you through the day-to-day. But, being able to embrace change is something that's important. And I just don't accept it well, right off the bat. I feel like sometimes my initial reaction to a change is to totally dislike it. I wish I was more open to changes.

3. I care too much.
About what someone else thinks about me. About work things. About people that could give two craps about me.  Lots of things! (....and then I probably spend too much time "worrying" about it...Trait #1)
Caring is a good thing, but caring too much, especially in situations where people really don't deserve it, is a problem of mine. 
I've been told, on many occasions, to "let it go" or "stop thinking about them"...and it's just not that easy for me to cut off my caring.
Does that even make sense?


  1. You're dead on w #3. I know I've told you to "f that b" about a few ppl that you were worrying about. I mean why work yourself up when we know the other person isn't worrying about you!

  2. AMEN to #3 (and the Tina Fey picture). I also really like this, when I get really wound up about something -- it both reminds me to take a step back and makes me laugh:

  3. I do all three of these things. Especially #3.

  4. I know it's hard to not worry, but I think you are getting better :)!

    I agree with Trish efff that beeee! It's important to be kind and care, but not at the extent of your happiness!


  5. I'm with you on change, I am uncomfortable with it too! I feel like my whole day is all upside down if my routine is changed! :)

  6. Worriers, unite! It's so easy for people to go "just relax," but it's not that simple.

  7. Oh number 3, num-ber three. Why must you be around all of us so dang much? And I think you handily go right along with number one, which just makes it all suck more.

  8. You sound a lot like me! I worry and become complacent too much these days. This blogging challenge is like therapy!

  9. haha! I love that pic of tina fey. Too funny. I'm a worrier too. Seems to be a very common trait. I'm your newest follower stopping in from the challenge link up :)

  10. Number one. Number one. Number one. Wish, wish, wish I wasn't, but you know me well - and I too am a worrier of the worst variety! Let's both work on that. Sound good? Maybe by encouraging each other, we can teach ourselves to worry less!!!

  11. I also am uncomfortable with change and worry too much!

  12. I also am uncomfortable with change and worry too much!


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