Weekend Recap

Two posts for one day? Can you handle it??

This weekend was a fun one, but not too crazy. Just the way I like it!

Friday night I stayed in--MG was still out of town and I took advantage of having a night of ME-time. I watched the documentary Queen of Versailles--did anyone see this? Anyone else as stunned as I was at it?

Saturday I had a massage scheduled at Massage Envy. I've got some CRAZY knots in my shoulders/back and the moment I shook my massage therapists hand, I knew she was going to break me. In a good way. She asked me at one point how the pressure was and I told her it was good, but that I might cry at some point. She responded with, "I have tissues." No. Joke.
Let's just say, she got in there, and I may have "eek"ed a few times (no tears!), but I feel like she broke some of it up. Thank goodness!

When I got home, MG was back from his work trip, and we had to fix a clog in the kitchen sink (EVERYTHING breaks when he is gone...I swear!), so we went to get stuff for that, did some errands and got lunch together, which ended up being more like lunch/dinner since we got home at 4. Whoops! Props to us for getting Cafe Rio in honor of Cinco De Mayo weekend....maybe it was a coincidence, but maybe I'm ok with it. :)
Me and the bday girl
Saturday night a friend of ours was having her 30th birthday party at a bowling alley. It might sound a little lame, but it was actually a lot of fun. Plus, the bday girl is preggers, so going out to a bar wouldn't really have been too fun for her. 
We had such a good time with the group who came. My bowling skills stunk, but at least I had fun! :)

Love these girls!
Our group may have been having so much fun that we stayed for Cosmic Bowling. We also may have been the only people in the place. 
It was one of those nights where you left and said, "That was a really awesome night." Love that.

Sunday was laziness and supposed to be book club, but I had a bad sinus headache and didn't wanna be the lame party pooper in the group, so I stayed home and rested. Stupid allergies. All in all, my actual cinco de mayo was pretty lame haha.

That was my little ol' weekend. Hope yours was fun, too!
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  1. Looks like a fun weekend, yay bowling!

  2. Ah I haven't been bowling in forever (well since the christmas hols, so I guess that's not too long) stopping by via mingle monday! Glad to see you had a great weekend!

  3. I started that Queen of Versailles documentary, and was so shocked by the completely unnecessary amenities that they were putting in their new house (hello ice skating rink???), I honestly didn't watch much after that. Now, I'm wishing I had, as I've heard it was pretty interesting. Don't they lose everything or something? Will have to give it another go!

    And girl, I am SO with you on the whole 'everything happens when the man isn't home' thing. Every time my hubby goes on call, it's like the world decides to fall apart. Our kitchen sink cabinet collapsed one night while he was gone. I had my first contractions on another night. And today, my check engine light came on in my car. And of course, the hubby is gone until tomorrow. Sigh. Gotta love how life does these things to you. Happy Monday!

  4. New follower...I haven't bowled in forever..but so want to....hope you follow back... http://lilibudsgarden.blogspot.com


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