WILW and Oh How Pinteresting

Another Wednesday is here and I feel like this week is actually moving at a good pace! And you lucky peeps get TWO posts from me today!

I'm linking up with Jamie and Michelle for another round of:

I'm loving that when MG is away on a golf trip with the guys this weekend, that I will be spending my time getting a massage, and having a girl's night with a friend where we will watch girly movies, reality tv re-runs (I'm sure) and drink wine! Whoop!

I'm loving how my body has changed since cutting out English muffins in the mornings for breakfast. Instead I'm having a hard boiled egg and Greek yogurt which is helping me to slim down and stay full in the mornings! (Along with in general watching what I'm eating and making other small changes.)

I'm loving that when I wrote a Happy Mother's Day post to my mom on fb, she responded, and then MG's mom also wrote to my mom, this comment:
"Gotta admit you raised a truly lovely daughter and I feel blessed to have her in my life too!!!! Thanks for sharing her with {MG} and all of my kids and gkids! She is very special to all of us!"
It gave me the warm fuzzies and definitely made me feel loved...

I'm loving that there are only 23 more days left of this school year! And I only have 2 more meetings left to schedule! Whoooop!

I'm loving that in less than one month, my friend/coworker and I will be seeing the Package Tour in DC with BSB, BoyzIIMen and 98 Degrees!
Can't wait to relive my pre-teen and teenage years!

And, as always, I'm loving Pinterest!

This week I've been pinning...

Love it all (minus that I could never wear those heels).
 Need to get a white blazer. Stat.
black bean burgers with guac and salsa
I'm intrigued by these, and may wanna attempt it one day
I want this over-sized chair. I could see many solid naps happening here
Puppy hugs! Is there anything more adorable than this picture?
I don't think so.
The truth. Amen.
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Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. Aw how sweet regarding mg's mom's comment!
    trish @ tales from ...

  2. Black bean burgers look super yummy!

  3. I wanna go to that concert!!!!!


  4. That black bean burger looks delish!

  5. Omg I wanted to buy tickets for the concert so bad but they were all sold out when I went to buy them ): You better take lots of pictures! & That first outfit you pinned super cute! Perfect for the concert ♥

  6. That concert is going to be awesome! Can't wait to hear all about it. And I think I need that chair. Not want, need. It looks like the perfect chair to curl up and relax in with a good book. So comfy!

  7. I love sweet comments from boyfriend's moms! They make my day.

    Oh gosh...all they need in that concert line up is a little Nsync and it's every 90's girl's dream concert! I hope that you have a blast!!

  8. Aww what a sweet comment from MG's mom! Yay for only a few more weeks left til summer!

  9. Awww! Having your MIL respond is so darn cute! I've been trying to make little changes to my diet too.


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