WILW and Oh How Pinteresting

It's the middle of the week--what whatttt! And you know what that means it's time for.....

I'm loving that the weather has felt more Spring-like this week, and not Middle-of-the-Summer-Oh-My-Goodness-I'm-Sweating-To-Death Hot!

I'm loving that I was able to go to my Speech end of the year luncheon on Monday, show off my ring-bling, and spend some time with my awesome Speech friends! 

I'm loving that we are finally in the single digits for how many school days are left. 9, people...NINE! Wooohooo (and yet, SO much to do in the meantime!)

I'm loving that I have a guy who is willing to stand up for me (and for us), even when it's not the most fun situation or easy thing to do.

I'm loving also, that I have a guy who probably did about 75% of the research for wedding venues (maybe even more), AND spearheaded making our guest list--all of which was all on his own! I have a winner, I tell you :)

As always, I'm loving Pinterest for all of its inspiration.

This week I've been pinning....

Love the colors, looks cute and comfy, I want it!

Creamy Tomato Crockpot Chicken
Me and my carb-loving self are salivating right now
For serious. Reality strikes when you realize how much $$$ this ish costs!
And then you realize why people have destination weddings haha
They ALWAYS know!
I'm the luckiest girl in the world to have found the guy who is my kind of crazy
and my girls who are DEFINITELY my kind of crazy....SO incredibly lucky

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Happy Wednesday! Hope it's extra hump-tastic!


  1. 9 days left?!?!? WHAT!??! Lucky duck!

    Pinterest weddings and real life weddings....oh vey!


  2. Horray for school almost being over and for MG being all over it!

  3. The fact that he was willing to do so much of the wedding planning shows you have a GREAT guy! :)
    Ugh, I can totally relate to the Pinterest wedding vs real wedding thing - allll my Pinterest plans are way more awesome than I can afford! Haha!

  4. a wedding-planning groom? i'd say you're lucky for sure!

  5. Girl you are winning in the future hubs department!

  6. is it bad to admit that I have never been on Pintrest?!?

  7. Gah-- I wish I was going on vacay in 9 days!!

  8. You are so lucky that you are on a school schedule. Very jealous! :)


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