First day of summer school....

....and I already have a "story".

Not only did the day start in complete and utter chaos because several ( a good majority) of kids arrived at this school site without their names on them, or anything that they were carrying with them. Normally, not a problem, but it is when a lot of those kids are non-verbal.

So, that was how my day started....standing in the gym, looking through a 30 page document of kids' names, trying to figure out what class they all belonged in.

After that mayhem, I decided to go around to the different classrooms that I have kids in to put names with faces, meet the kids, and possibly do some therapy if I was able to do so.

Five minutes into one classroom, 2 students out of the 3 that I work with are having tantrums, so I decided to work with the other one. I was asking him various questions about the manipulatives he had on the table, as one of the Instructional Assistants put down a pencil on the table and walked away.

Within a split second this kid had grabbed the pencil, bit off the eraser, flipped the pencil and bit off the lead.

And that was 8:45 am.

So, these next 18 school days (yes, I'm counting) are going to be interesting to say the least.

And with that, I'm off to start another day!!


  1. oh goodness. good luck for the enxt 18 days

  2. Well at least you won't be bored ;)!

    Keep on keepin' on girlie!!!!!

  3. Oh man - have I been there! I worked summer school every summer and this sounds extremely familiar. The good thing is, once you're done with the first week, you only have 3 left. It counts down so quickly! Good luck and call me if you need to vent:) Love you tons lady:) BTW - does that kid have PICA? He must, right??

    1. You are SO right...PICA all the way! I remembered reading about it in one of the kids' files, and when that happened I was like "I know who it is!!" haha

  4. Good luck sweet girl! You can do it. It sounds like they are going to keep things interesting for you:)

  5. Good luck girl! I have faith in you!

  6. The good Lord above never blessed me with the ability to work with children

  7. Oh wow. Sounds like you've got an interesting few weeks ahead!! :)

  8. Summer therapy is always an adventure huh? At least it's only 18 days, I see kids all summer :( You can do it! You're a great therapist!


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